The Bunker

The Tripping Up Trump campaign acquired some land right at the heart of Donald Trump’s planned private housing and leisure development. The reason TUT has done this is to help protect the families who have forced eviction (by means of Compulsory Purchase Orders) hanging over their heads. The families of Menie have again and again stated they do not wish to leave but still Trump and Aberdeenshire Council won’t withdraw the threat of using CPOs if the families don’t agree to sell ‘voluntarily’.

Worse still, the families have been harassed and lied to from day one. Donald Trump received outline planning permission claiming he had all the land he needed. Once his planning permission was granted, he suddenly changed his mind and approached Aberdeenshire Council for help with his bid to take possesion of his neighbours’ land and homes.

Tripping Up Trump has 60 new landowners and is offering anyone who wants to help defend the Menie families the opportunity to join us and become ‘One of Menie’. You will eventually be added to the deeds of The Bunker, helping to make the option of Compulsory Purchase Orders close to impossible for Aberdeenshire Council and the Trump Organisation.

Who’s in the bunker

We have over 10,000 people who signed up to the Bunker, here’s 30 of them and their reason for joining:

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