why is it important to be organized in college

You will find that the cost of these textbooks is quite high, making them valuable to you beyond just the information that they provide. Not only is this good for society, but it will teach you how a future business can give back, too. Some instructors, in fact, will not allow you to attend a course without having your textbook present. Being in a student organization teaches you how to do this by putting you in situations where you are required to take advice from others, as well as give your own. “As business students, you are able to apply classroom experience in your student organizations, and also develop leadership and life skills that help you become more effective in classroom team projects.”. #determined Learning how different people respond and react to certain situations will help you develop your skills in presenting and implementing ideas. Yet, this can become difficult when papers, books, schedules and your life become cluttered. Writing. “Being an involved graduate student is a sacrifice, as all Bentley students have a rigorous academic schedule, and many have full- or part-time work and personal lives to balance,” Corbett said. August 2016 April 2019 December 2016 You will find that in college professors insist that you take notes during lectures and while learning the processes of tasks. Being organized makes life easier, makes it less likely to lose things and saves a lot of time. #academics These events are excellent opportunities for the student leaders, and can often lead to potential internship or employment opportunities in the future!”. Students in a higher education environment are required to attend meetings, seminars, labs and classes. Take a look at these 12 reasons why you should join a student organization while … April 2018 Organization, therefore, is a key factor to your survival and success in college. Social interaction, parties and play are a part of college life. We spoke with Michael Corbett, Bentley’s associate director of Graduate Student and Academic Services, about why he believes student organizations are worthwhile, and he gave us a significant list of benefits. Therefore, having your books organized where you can easily locate them for class or study is essential during your college career. Immigrant September 2018 #overcome February 2018 Law School It is essential for many important things like school or works, and even everyday things, like doing bills or remembering events. Knowing how to work well with a team is an essential skill for any career. You’ll get to learn what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll be able to take that knowledge back to the classroom, and then, of course, along with you in a future career. Foreigners Corbett said student organizations can also provide you with the opportunity to learn about different cultural backgrounds: “The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) is the largest graduate student organization, and provides events and opportunities for students to celebrate (and learn) about culture and diversity. February 2017 Look at this scenario: say you spend roughly 30 seconds every hour looking for a piece of paper to help you get some of your schoolwork done. June 2016 To-Do Lists. Student organizations have a lot to offer. While the idea that organization leads to academic success may seem like a no-brainer, the science behind the impact of organization and organizational methods on student achievement has been widely studied –and has proven that being organized really does make for a more successful student. February 2020 While there are many ways to create a to-do list, a good tip is to organize your tasks in … Therefore, college students find that keeping an organized schedule of events is needed in order to be capable of taking part in learning and other campus activities. Graduate Without keeping a schedule in a note or date book it becomes difficult to recall every meeting time and date, and fulfilling obligations can become an impossible feat. Holding a position in a student organization requires you to work with a team, effectively problem-solve, plan events, and also interact with faculty, staff, and alumni.”. Success This self-awareness will be beneficial in your future career. Unlike when you were a high school student, college students are required to purchase their textbooks. You’ll be presented with opportunities to improve in public speaking, and gain confidence in yourself as an individual. There are so many reasons why this is true. #traveling Shawn Lazarus, president of the Graduate Student Association and a current student, agrees: “Being in a leadership position has taught me a lot of patience, has improved the way I manage my time, and has given me the opportunity to connect with fun, talented and creative individuals.”. Most students also become involved in a number of activities or participate in special events on campus. Therefore, maintaining specific course binders or folders per subject allows you to keep current with your workload and have critical references handy when required. Why Staying Organized in College is Important. Joining a student organization helps to build your network & can provide valuable skills #preparedu. October 2018 Importance of Organization for Students. First Generation May 2016, All You can also find out what you’re good at, whether that’s multitasking, staying organized, generating ideas, or serving others. Gaining skills, making connections, and broadening your knowledge through a student organization will help you become a more well-rounded individual — one that’s ready to take on their future career! You’ll learn the best way to communicate with both individuals and large groups, and you’ll gain emotional intelligence as you develop new relationships. November 2016 Lesco holds a Master of Fine Arts in theater from Michigan State University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in education and theater from Methodist College. Being organized is vital. #business For some students, college is the first opportunity they have to spread their wings of freedom and be away from parental supervision. Opportunity Meeting new people, making new friends, and participating in activities will help you make the most of your graduate school experience. Struggles Concentrating on schoolwork is obviously important during a graduate program, but giving your mind a break is necessary (and beneficial). Another great benefit of student organizations (and graduate programs as a whole) is that you get the opportunity to network. September 2016

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