where do sperm whales live

In some cases a male sperm whale may choose to form a bond with another male whale and form a small pod, however the length of time that the relationship/pod lasts can vary from one male to the next. Unlike other cetacea however female sperm whales do not appear to show a preference for maintaining relationships with pod members within their family. If they had a longer or shorter gestation period they may end up giving birth in a location that is less suitable for them and their children. This formation is said to be used as a form of defense as the flukes are powerful enough to immobilize or even kill a predator if they are struck hard enough. They also have one of the longest gestation lengths of any cetacean with pregnancies lasting anywhere from 15 – 17 months. Female sperm whales on the other hand measure 1/2 to 1/3 the size of their male counterparts. During these trips humpback whales will completely forgo eating and focus primarily on traveling to their mating grounds. killer whale – The killer whale can be seen traveling throughout the worlds major oceans, but they typically prefer cooler climates compared to the tropical climates found near the equator. The gestation period for the bowhead whale is estimated to last 13 – 14 months. Often they can be found off the coast of West Africa and Japan. Sperm whales perform the deepest dives among mammals. Sperm Whale – Sperm whales can be found in all of the worlds major oceans. Don’t forget to check out our inforgraphic on where whales live. Sperm whales (particularly adult males) can be found in all of the major oceans of the world from the warm tropical climates in and around the equator to the northern and southern polar hemispheres. In fact some male sperm whales can travel throughout all of the worlds major oceans over the course of their 70 year lifespan, allowing them to travel the world before they die. Humpback whales on the other hand travel thousands of miles from the colder polar regions they inhibit to warmer tropical climates during migration periods to find a mate and bear offspring. Young sperm whales generally stay close to their mothers until they reach maturity and then they will go and venture out on their own. Since the stones are not destroyed by gastric juice, they are apparently needed by sperm whales to mechanically grind food in the stomach. Once fully grown a male sperm whale is largely protected by its size alone which is likely to deter most would be predators. For example killer whales (part of the dolphin family) can be found in all of the major oceans of the world, but are more concerned with migrating to where their food supply goes than where they mate, therefore their prey plays a large role in where the killer whale lives. Sperm whale migrations are not as predictable or well understood as migrations of most baleen whales. Sperm whales perform the deepest dives among mammals. Non migratory whales or those that do not make large migration trips tend to have more sporadic gestation period lengths which can vary from 10 – 17 months. Although the reason for their solitary lifestyle is unknown it is possible that they do not need to rely on large groups in order to survive or protect themselves since they are fairly large and robust in size. Female sperm whales and their young prefer to stay in near tropical waters all year-long while the males can be seen traveling back and forth from the colder climates to the warmer climates during mating periods. Whales can be found inhabiting all of the worlds major oceans from the Arctic and Antarctic oceans to the tropical waters in and around the center of the equator. Male sperm whales are also known to be solitary animals often traveling alone or in small groups where they may form a loose bond with another male. Excited sperm whales completely jump out of the water, falling with a deafening splash, loudly clapping on the water with tail blades. Sperm whales are found in many open oceans, both in tropical and cool waters. Minke Whale – There are two known species of minke whales currently in existence, the common or north Atlantic minke whale (which inhibits the north Atlantic waters) and the Antarctic or southern minke whale (which lives in the Antarctic region south of the equator). They can often be seen swimming in the colder regions during feeding season and will migrate towards tropical waters when mating season comes around. Unlike adult male sperm whales the female sperm whales and their calf’s tend to prefer staying in warm climates in and around the equator throughout the year, while the adult male sperm whales travel to the colder climates during off-season and return back to the warmer climates during mating season, which occurs during the colder winter months. Their distribution is dependent on their food source and suitable conditions for breeding, and varies with the sex and age composition of the group. Sperm whales are named after the spermaceti pulled from their bodies. However, in tropical and temperate areas, there appears to be no obvio… This makes the use of echolocation absolutely essential for their survival and their ability to obtain adequate food for their diet. During the first few years of birth the baby whales are nurtured and cared for by being fed milk which can last for 1 1/2 – 4 years or more depending on the emotional bond they have with their mother. When the whale prepares to dive deeply, it high-lifts the tail blades and leaves almost vertically into the water. Beluga Whale – Beluga whales are generally found swimming in shallow coastal water in and around Arctic waters. Young sperm whales generally stay close to their mothers until they reach maturity and then they will go and venture out on their own. The feeding sperm whale is able to stay under water for up to 1.5 hours, which is promoted by the high content of myoglobin in its muscles and the reduced sensitivity of the respiratory center to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood. Island chains such as the Azores and Galapagos are also home to sperm whales, though overall numbers are just a fragment of an original population decimated by centuries of whaling. Often they can be found off the coast of West Africa and Japan. Sperm whales attain sexual maturity at 7 to 13 years of age and physical maturity at 25 to 45 years and have been recorded to live as long as 62 years. When the young male whales reach the ages 4 – 21 they choose to leave their pod and go off on their own while the young female whales continue to maintain relationships with their local pods and upon sexual maturity may begin mating and reproducing offspring of their own. where do sperm whales live 21 กันยายน 2020. Sperm whales are found throughout the world’s oceans, preferring deep water. In order to sink underwater for 1 hour, the sperm whale should be able to ventilate the lungs for 10 minutes and saturate the blood with oxygen. At full maturity the male sperm whale can reach lengths in excess of 65 ft. long and weigh as much as 45 tons when fully matured. Where do sperm whales live? If the sperm whale, diving, does not show the tail, then it sinks shallowly. Although these marine mammals can be found in many different oceans they aren’t known for taking long migration trips. Bowhead whales are also known to have gestation periods that last longer than a year. In some cases the female whales may also form an over watch position where their flukes are pointed in towards the child and their heads are facing the outside of the circle. Occasionally they collect from the bottom of crabs, crabs, sponges and even stones. Sperm whales (particularly adult males) can be found in all of the major oceans of the world from the warm tropical climates in and around the equator to the northern and southern polar hemispheres. The white whale in Moby Dick was based on two real-life sperm whales: a whale that rammed and sank the ship Essex and an albino adult male named Mocha Dick. In pursuit of prey they dive to a depth of 1.2 km. Sperm whales feed primarily on squid but also octopus, a diverse range of fish and the mega-mouth shark. That’s a difference of over 20 ft. long! Bowhead Whale – Unlike other species of whale bowhead whales are generally found traveling in the Arctic/sub Arctic ocean year round and aren’t known for making long migration trips. While this may not always be the case it appears that whales that migrate from cold to tropical environments between feeding and mating periods tend to have seasonal reproductive cycles and gestation periods. Disclosure Policy | Privacy Policy | Copyright © 2020 WhaleFacts.org. The speed of the grazing sperm whale is 5-6, the sailing – 9-13, the pursued or wounded – 16-30 km / h. The fountain of the sperm whale is wide, tilted forward and to the left, up to 2-3 m high. Narwhal Whale – Narwhal whales can be found living in or near the Canadian Arctic and Greenlandic waters throughout the year. Depending on the area and environment the whale is in some beluga whales will make seasonal migration trips while others will only travel within a small localized area. During deep dives sperm whales can dive to depths in excess of 3,000 ft. to look for giant squid and octopus to eat. From our research we can assume that some migratory whales tend to follow a 10 – 12 months gestation period which allows them to mate and reproduce in their warmer tropical/sub tropical mating environments.

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