what to pack when studying abroad in europe

Ireland’s capital is a fashionable city, and residents have mastered the art of dressing for its unpredictable weather. Stick to neutral and dark colors such as black, navy, and gray. Toiletries to pack for study abroad Travel-size shampoo + conditioner + body wash (buy more when you arrive. Packing List for Going Abroad The Study Abroad Packing List. FAQs about studying abroad. The locals don’t shy away from bright colors or bold prints as long as the entire outfit looks well put together. Lisbon is known as ‘the city of the seven hills’, so there will be plenty of walking, both on slopes and cobbled streets, so comfortable shoes, such as strappy sandals and sneakers, are a must. From Paris to London and Madrid to Prague, this list has got you covered -- literally! Maxi skirts and long jumpsuits are also great for the warm weather. You never know where you are going to get stuck, and being able to charge a dead phone is a big plus! Complete these 5 steps and you’ll be a packing expert, ready to take on a semester abroad! Save yourself the hassle and buy a big bottle on Amazon to keep in case you need to alleviate those awful period cramps or an annoying headache. Step One: Select the correct luggage Often we see people with this combination, 1 large checked luggage, 1 carry-on luggage, 1 personal bag. London is a stylish city, so you’ll want to pack an elegant bag and accessories to dress up plainer outfits. It’s no secret that dressing like a slob in Italy will do no good for your confidence; after all, you're studying abroad in one of the most fashionable countries in the world. It’s cold and rainy during the winter in Europe. What to Pack for Study Abroad – A Study Abroad Packing List. Get out a pen and paper because there are so many things that you will need to pack if you’re studying abroad in Europe! Pack tops, shirts, and dresses in pastel and neutral shades, along with feminine dresses and skirts. For summer, add a couple of light, floral printed dresses and a pair of shorts for warm afternoons. Although there is nothing wrong with that, you might want to consider instead of bringing a travel backpacking system instead of a carry-on luggage and 1 personal bag. Save them for those days you are missing home! The first step for a successful semester studying abroad is to pack smart. There’s a lot of what to packs out there already. You need to use a backpack for all your future abroad adventures. These are probably the most important on the study abroad packing list, because without them you won’t be able to use many things you normally would use in the US. You cannot carry aluminum on a plane). All rights reserved. Coming from someone who has had plenty of experiences overpacking, the 5 steps below will keep your bag in check. Check out our Tripadvisor, App Store & Facebook travel love below. Sweater | Pants | Coat | Hat | Scarf | Boots. (Picture: A young and inexperienced me bringing way too much with me the first time I went over to Ireland.). 1. You’re going to do a lot of walking in Europe. Tea/coffee. Print off pictures that you can hang up in your room, bring along a favorite t-shirt from your home university or even a stuffed animal from home (I am still a kid at heart!). Ibuprofen is hard to find in Europe at the pharmacies. Instead, bring tailored dark jeans that work both for day and night. If you know you will be traveling to countries with climates different to your study abroad country, you can always buy cheap clothes once you arrive and know where you’re traveling to. Download Whatsapp and/or Skype before you leave and connect with family and friends so you can text and video call for free. You can keep your American ID, money and SIM card in there until you return to the States. Only when we discover it for ourselves. Boots are practical considering the weather and can work perfectly in both casual and dressy occasions. All opinions are my own. You should definitely invest in a nice camera for your travels. For winter, you’ll need a warm winter coat, woolen sweaters and jerseys, thermal underwear, warm bottoms, thick socks, gloves, and warm boots. If you can, buy a small adapter pack that you can use in different countries/continents. She plans on double majoring in public relations & advertising and minoring in journalism at Marist College. Make sure you have any adapters or converters you may need for your laptop, camera, phone, or other technological device. We are lucky enough to live in a day and age where technology can keep us connected with home while we are abroad. To help you out, we partnered with the team at Travel Fashion Girl to gather the best tips on what to wear while studying abroad in Europe. Pack shirts, dresses, tops, sweaters, jeans, and leggings in neutral and pastel colors that can be layered to create different looks. Use promo code GALWAYGIRL to receive up to Є30 off your bookings. In addition, pack shirts, tops, trousers, and dresses in pastels, neutrals, and solid dark shades like navy and gray. They are hard to find in Europe. To stay dry at all times, pack an umbrella and waterproof parka. What to wear while studying abroad: What NOT to bring while studying abroad. I am currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! Research data providers in your study abroad country and compare their cost to your cell phone provider at home – it may be cheaper to buy a new SIM card once you arrive abroad than to pay for an international data plan. You Will Crave Peanut Butter More Than You Think. Emma LeMay is an avid journaler, aspiring world traveler, and loyal Earl Grey drinker. The Umbra Institute provides the following suggestions to help you pack the essentials and leave the extra items at home — you know, the ones that sit in the corner of your room gathering dust all semester while you ask yourself why you didn’t bring an extra pair of socks instead. It’s best to find something waterproof or carry an extra pair that will keep you warm and dry during rainy weather. ADVICE: We all know the girl with the Hunter rain boots (Hi, that’s me!). Unlike in a lot of other European cities, there’s no need to conform yourself to a neutral or black wardrobe in Lisbon, and you can feel comfortable bringing the more colorful pieces in your closet. But, if you wear them in Ireland… you look like a silly American who wants to work in the bogs. I cannot stress this enough! There will be times when you are missing home while studying abroad and there is no better way to combat homesickness before it happens than to keep reminders of home with you on your study abroad. You can buy adapters in Europe, but it’s smart to have one with you as you travel to Europe. How to Pack Less: Minimalist Travel Packing List, How to Choose Travel Clothing: The Best Fabrics for Travel, 13 Super Comfortable Dresses That Are Perfect to Travel In, Behind The Bag: The Kosan Travel Pack System, The Art Of Packing: The Ultimate Packing Guide for Any Destination.

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