what is the best record deal to sign

These are the things that have to be right before you even attempt getting in touch with a record label. The whole point of a 360 deal is that the record label gets a cut of most, if not all, of a musician's revenue streams. This allows you to either self release or team up with another record label in these Many dedicated music lovers work on the major label side of the music industry . A key man clause gives you an out if the point person you were working with at the record label ceases to be involved, but such bargaining power is against you when you sign a major label deal. A record label recognized your talent and offered you what seems like the deal of a lifetime. But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you actually understand what you're signing so your dreams of fame and fortune don't Usually the label will ask to have right of assignment to subsidiaries, which is OK, if the label guarantees to uphold the terms of the record deal and maintain the best interests of artist. We offer fair, artist-friendly distribution deals with no obligation to sign with us. However, push to get down to the specifics of what exactly that means. This may have worked before, but with the changing shape . Before you do anything, we have to sort out the basics. The deal should also restrict the rights of assignment, which means the ability for each of the parties to transfer the rights granted in the record deal to another party. The best case scenario is a situation where the artist builds their popularity in the marketplace over a period of two or three albums, completes the first contract and is then in a position to do another record deal while their career is Hammer out a specific list of what income The Best Way To Get Signed To A Record Label As I mentioned before, you won’t get signed by simply sending your demo to a record label and them liking your music. At Amuse, an independent record label, we're always looking for new artists. If you sign a worldwide record deal, try to ensure that if the label fails to release your music in certain territories, those rights revert back to you.

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