what did moses wait 40 years for

And where they had their own belief system of being the rightful owners of the land. One thing I DO know is this: contrary to how it may have seemed, it all had a purpose. I was wondering if I was really impacting anyone’s life. It was very clear that the current dwellers would not just give the land to them and move on. Either way, as a mother, she is training the next generation of spiritual warriors for God’s kingdom. Bible Reading Made Easy App: Read the Bible Anytime and Walk With the Lord.

More at home psychologically with a paint brush and a chisel then with a sword. ~Jessica, Your email address will not be published. If there’s any doubt on this point, one only needs to study what the Bible says about women and their role, and men and their role. But, if it’s what God wants, are we really going to whine about it? Site crafted with by The Heavenly Hearth. Through such trials and refinements, Moses saw the hand and deeds of God, and thus developed true faith in Him, and had the courage to accept the commission of God and face the powerful army of the Pharaoh. These signs indicate that the great disasters of the last days foretold in the Bible are about to begin. I agree! What a blessed calling! It would have taken him perhaps just a few years to create a credible force, so why did he wait 40 years?

No wonder his people to this day are leaders in every conceivable field of life; thanks to the foundations that he laid in the Sanai desert! Before leading the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses, after killing an Egyptian, fled to the wilderness, where he shepherded sheep for forty years;  God then called him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt (See Exodus 2:11-15). We know that when the Lord returns during the last days He will reward good and punish evil and determine people’s ends.

If we have faith in the Lord, and continue to pray, read the Bible, and gather together, disaster shall not befall us. I have read and agree to the privacy policy. However, once trials come upon us, we become negative, lose faith and even blame God. I hope you have a Happy New Year, too! I don’t have children to raise yet. nurturing biblical virtue from the heart of the home. He could see that even though he had strong and brave men he must have realized that there was no fire in their belly to do the required necessary work of wars. If God had a purpose behind Moses shepherding sheep for 40 years, surely He has a purpose behind my shepherding the children He’s given me. I am not doing anything “big” for the kingdom of God right now. Disasters are happening frequently all over the world, and they are growing in scale, heralding the arrival of the last days. However, if there were some small thing I could do for someone else to help them, and I had the time, I would try to do it.

But, while we’re working on those things, let’s just not forget — ever — that these years in the desert caring for our children are extremely valuable. One is about the Israelites wandering around nomadically as a consequence for their lacking faith in God.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Moses knew exactly what he was doing and what he had to do before he could proceed to the Promised Land. He knew the time would come when God would send missionaries to the ends of the earth with the good news of salvation for all people. And to do this he needed to change the mentality of his people. Didn’t God know that the Israelites were suffering? Before, Moses always relied on his hot blood and temperament to do things; seeing his compatriot being oppressed, he didn’t rely on God or look unto Him, but depended on his hot blood and stoned an Egyptian to death.

During this time the King of Egypt died – Exodus 2:23. It was not just transforming a whole people used to living as docile slaves into an independent spirited entrepreneurs in all the required fields of statehood. It stands to reason that the Lord has returned—so why have we yet to welcome His arrival? I am so small, but so lucky to follow God and experience His work in this life, which is indeed God’s exceptional exaltation and grace for me. I love serving my family. For some reason, God didn’t officially call the 40-year-old Moses, or the 50-year-old Moses, or the 60- or 70-year-old Moses to His service.

The lack of these older, full-time homekeepers in our society makes me very sad. Perhaps more to the point: Would they do it? Now, I love my home dearly.

I truly appreciated that the sufferings and refinements set by God were all my need, which contained His kind intention. But during His earthly ministry, His goal was very specific and did not include going outside the borders of his country, though He helped Gentiles and Samaritans who crossed His path. Setting up social outreach projects is their calling. The pastors often tell us that although disaster after disaster rains down, we must not be afraid, for the Bible tells us: “A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you” (Psm 91:7). So, this topic of what is my calling right now has really been on my mind a lot lately. He knew His mission and He didn’t let anything distract Him from it. Moses lived in the wilderness for neither several days nor a couple of years, but for as long as 40 years. They all read the Bible, prayed, and served the Lord, so why did God not protect them? Simple, kinda like, “take care of sheep in the desert until I tell you it’s time to do otherwise.”. After 40 years, the naturalness of Moses, which was not fit for God’s use, was ground out of him; he truly saw God’s faithfulness, almightiness and sovereignty, and that nothing is impossible for God.

His spies must have reported to him that relative to these people’s armies their own forces were non existent. He also made sure Joshua’s military leadership training as well as his over all leadership training was complete; and above all when his people had added a new generation who were brought up tasting full freedom as owners and leaders; with no unconscious memories of slavery, did Moses decide to move on to the Promised Land. It seems, however, that God had other plans for our ancestors. There was no way Moses could persuade these people to move on and there was no way these people could be defeated by force.

The foundations he created for the statehood of his people were so solid that his people became a nation ever since. Yes, one hundred times.

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