vegan carrot cake recipe

Regards . I’m happy it worked! I made this recipe into cupcakes and they were amazing! Any recommendations on how to make it gluten free? Definitely a keeper. I’ve made this cake multiple times with the cup measurements and it’s been absolutely perfect but I tried the same recipe but use the gram measurements (I’m from the UK) and it was an absolute fail so I think there might be something off about the conversion? The classic (non-vegan) carrot cakes that I’m used to are based on the “cream method” (i.e. I like to add protein powder to my cake because it helps to create more structure. You cannot even tell it’s vegan–even my roommates couldn’t believe it. This one looks beautiful with the layers and frosting! It’s soooo simple (assuming you can get apples! In a large bowl, whisk the oil, sugar and vanilla for a few minutes until the sugar starts to dissolve, then stir in the milk. I don’t know if this is a result of the flour, the carrots being fresh and not pre-cooked, or the batter being quite thick (I probably should have added more fluids). Add the vegetable oil, water, vinegar, and vanilla to the food processor and pulse in quick bursts to combine.

Is that normal? Carrot cake is my fave!

Thank you!! I am so grateful to be able to share your creative work of art with my family. You made my day! Maybe a vegan carrot cake using the cream method with Earth Balance would be better? Thanks so much this is an absolute winner of a recipe:)). I’d try the coconut whip link that I pasted above, or regular cream cheese icing – both would work with a hand mixer. It's got that classic moist texture and unmistakable carrot cake taste, but it's vegan. i’ve been wanting to try some vegan recipes, this one sounds like it might be my first one on the list. This last time I made it, I wanted to get rid of the sugar entirely so I added 1/4 cup of date slurry(made by processing 1/4 dates with 1/4 cup boiling water) instead of the 1/4 cup sugar and the cake came out fabulous. Classic carrot cake goes vegan in this easy recipe, and gets covered with coconut whipped cream to replace the traditional cream cheese frosting. I didn’t have any crushed walnuts, but I will add them next time. Also, can I use almonds instead of macadamia nuts for the frosting? I am trying to cut back on oil as well. Oh my gosh, this sounds amazing! Not a fan of walnuts? Be careful to not open until you really think its done, then do so carefully and slowly not letting too much heat out at once, this way you can check your cake is ready.

Yes, I would reduce the baking time and just check with a toothpick before you take them out of the oven. Or do you have another suggestion as I really want to make this but my son is allergic (anaphylactic) to cashew, pistachios, walnut, pecan & sesame. You will love this cake for its moist, rich, wholesome flavor and gorgeous color. Check it out! My two cents: Spray two round cake pans with vegetable spray. Hi Tara. I made it with just all-purpose flour – any reason spelt would improve the flavor? This cake was a huge hit, soooooo good!! If so, how many do you think I’d get from this recipe?

I also mixed white and brown sugar. Just making a cup of tea and then its gone. But I promise you, this one is super easy. A few tweak and voila….amazing cake . I thought it was delicious too and it came out really well even in an old gas oven!

Thanks! Yay, so glad you and your non-vegan friends loved it!!

I created this alternative vegan cream cheese frosting that holds up better. It was actually delicious. I wanted to make a carrot cake for my family for easter and this recipe sounds delicious, but I was thinking of a traditional round, layered cake. Bake this layered cake complete with chopped walnuts, cinnamon spice, and the ultimate tangy cream cheese carrot cake frosting today! I'm obviously a huge fan of a good vegetable cake, so I adore carrot cake. The last time I tried it with Spelt flour, and it turned out perfect as well. Yes, absolutely. Set aside. Are there any comments by those who actually made this? I prefer the ones that aren’t loaded with sweeteners, even though I understand why they do that for flavor purposes. I love this cake, I’m always tempted to try a vegan recipe but something always stops me – this looks so delicious though, I think ill have to try it! Just wrap the cake layers well. I generally don’t comment until after I’ve tried the recipes. I made a couple of changes to the recipe… I used only half of cup of cane sugar, I added a little of orange zest and some of the orange juice. I want to make this cake tomorrow. Colleagues couldn’t believe it’s vegan (dunno what they expected!) However, there are a few crossover veggies that have found their way into desserts, including carrots, zucchini, and sweet potatoes.

Not too sweet obviously, and it was still very moist aside from the top looking dry. It’s a favorite of mine too and I love making it for birthdays! I will definitely be making it again! I was hoping this cake wouldn’t be as dense and moist as other recipes I’ve tried, and it wasn’t! Hello I’m just wondering if you altered the cooking time or temperature of the oven to turn these into muffins? ), pour it into pans and bake. I made it for my partners birthday party and there was not a crumb left!! Thanks again…. Possibly an acquired taste. It came out really tasty however i founf the cake to be really moist almost fudgy, could i have done something wrong or is it suppose to be like that? Moist, rich vegan carrot cake with a wholesome flavor and gorgeous color. Thank you so much for the recipe, Marly! Start by making the icing first. I was having a hard time getting it to form some consistency, but then I realized I was doing it wrong. So easy and turned out perfectly. Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I typically use vanilla protein powder, but if you don’t have protein powder, you can sub peanut butter powder. Grease 2 x 20cm cake tins with a little of the melted coconut oil and line the bases with baking parchment. Next time I will use a hand immersion blender and see if that will work better. It’s a favorite of ours and we have Birthday season coming up so I’m sure I’ll be making it again soo too! Hi Sammy, I’m so glad you enjoyed the cake! I MADE THIS!! (with another frosting) It was superb! This is the bomb! – and used agave instead of maple syrup. Cake is absolutely amazing.

Hi Sofia, the recipe calls for half all purpose and half spelt, so I’d recommend using that combination instead of almond flour. – Used half the amount of oil and added an additional 1/4 cup of applesauce Since I had no vegan cream cheese, I made a vegan buttercream frosting, which was yummy. If you want to make this cake for 9-inch cake pans then I would suggest increasing the recipe by half. yay, I’m so glad you all loved it! I loved this recipe sooooo much. I made it for friends who are hard to convince to try anything vegan… but are now convinced this is the best carrot cake that exists. He will be enjoying it for the rest of the week! I’m so glad you liked it – thanks for sharing your gluten free mix! xoxo, This was excellent.

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