un number for paraffin

0000002732 00000 n This page can be viewed in our mobile app, would you like to check it out? 64 0 obj <>stream %PDF-1.4 %���� Un-dyed, unscented paraffin candles are odorless and bluish-white. Description of first aidmeasures General information Remove affected person from source of contamination. However, sediments remaining in the tank that meet the definition for a hazardous material are subject to the applicable regulations of this subchapter. H�|�M��0���sL��z��+��4�C�!���͊&�����i7*e%�d浟�7�v�Q��Ŧ�5 ԝ@�:����4���D�OB������ߢ���.���@�A���\��%����Pέ�� //in case the css didnt load, load it here 36 0 obj <> endobj Laurel Paraffin 1 SAFETY DATA SHEET Revision Date : 23.11.2015 1. Little Pro on 2016-01-07 Views: Update:2019-11-16. h�bbd```b``����������˦"�Y��kɴ�^ &'�E��0��2��"�`�* �+D������@�#+H�L�g�;�@� �^V no longer in use), This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 21:58. We noticed that you're enjoying our website - great! UN 1201 to UN 1300. Keep away from heat and sources of ignition.Use explosion-proof equipment. x�b```���,���ce`a���40\�%����Fa������IYf1�d⚐D+t��.��N;����)u4Z�x�mI���Bl����n� 2�Qؼl*;�bG���4�q ��p+�20�[ ���X,������5����L Ǚ x��DY�^�v2`�������5;��8�~��H3�-�(F^��� ��LW 0000004332 00000 n EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you must explicitly agree to the use of cookies. 14.1. UN number Comments Not dangerous goods in the meaning of ADR/RID, ADNR, IMDG-Code, ICAO/IATA-DGR 14.2. }����@�oH��3jA/Z�1^��0�s_A�%g���.�[�p�x�ъB8�q���,�SڸJe���;�%{�S���J���&Y�I˭W��#�d����=D��j�����Unkg7�fع�fy�i���( �H@J�g6��5�o�!��0�C|����ӴG���_��>d�`%ꬍ��߶��ѢZ�^�F�E�am������M�1��'�=f�)#���I1�cɖ]��uN����@u�[$I�/1n�J�����0���Y������{�����*���DՔn��9#1�y�-�N��9q!���9�'8���wҪ� ����3�h ��g!��ɥ�uX�6��n�}�=�)K��9�4�!�I�%�|ˁ��z ��4!^�i�e��Q��s��\{]�`�Rs"޳�\����(S�X�u��L�~�-�'@����� \��j2^�n�qrw��=�4v�K�T��ؿ�����2�K@k4��yH�p�@�+�m�6���]v 2 0 obj<< The UN numbers from UN1201 to UN1300 as assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Scan the QR code using the Swish app in your phone or tablet. Special precautions for user 14.7. >> endobj The unit of amount depends on the substance: Portable tank and bulk container instructions, Portable tank and bulk container special provisions, Special provisions for carriage: Packages, Special provisions for carriage: Loading and unloading, Special provisions for carriage: Operation, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Solids, liquefied gases, refrigerated liquefied gases and dissolved gases: Net mass in kilograms, Compressed gases, adsorbed gases and chemicals under pressure: Capacity of the container in litres. UN 1201 to UN 1300. Don't have a Premium subscription yet? xڵX]s7�s��:eZ�V���KCf(�$L�)}0�vl;!��=�J�^;�v����]���s%}��*l���gEism{�X^J�KU��Z崓��J]��X^�_�����N+勞J偪u����K�_���5tP��A��+�u�v��.SY夭r�[��-P��8./��xgU��L�652+Te{ u�S����@z?L_)��y�|?P�����A� �1��C-��i!�����x��z�D��Yo3����y�^�y�8�F"�]��!N��H��U/PSAS���W�c���Sާ�PI�+�t���qi��m���G?� �*�x�;�e5�B�]5�m�f�lQ��콹��$��ZY�P�sn��� Wikipedia. The UN numbers from UN1201 to UN1300 as assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. ������~J3. Packing group 14.5. (UN No. endstream endobj 50 0 obj <> endobj 51 0 obj <> endobj 52 0 obj <>stream no longer in use) petroleum fuel, generally used in Australia where mixed refined petroleum products are carried in the same tanker i.e. no longer in use), (UN No. Environmental hazards 14.6. Petroleum distillates, n.o.s. a. 0000002926 00000 n Requirements for storage areas and containers Keep containers tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Proper shipping name is the standard technical name to describe the hazard properties and the composition of dangerous goods.You need to choose a UN number (usually, 4 digits) and a proper shipping name from Dangerous Goods List that can most accurately describe your … ���-���f�F�1�ə���X��?������'�����{y|�jt �r��x(b(��\�=�)���w�Ԃ�,J���.�ܚ��r%�o�}c �׃ 1410 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4EBC2DDEEC0BCE42851F349E00F026E9><3318EBF89EC8B3459440E7C7FC3FF940>]/Index[1389 38]/Info 1388 0 R/Length 102/Prev 265737/Root 1390 0 R/Size 1427/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream ��/r%��ŧ�W?r�=SK�>+wK|���+�B�T� l��. Load, transport, storage together is allowed under restrictions. no longer in use), (UN No. Information contained in this Data Sheet is to the best of JMLs knowledge correct at the time of publication. >>stream no longer in use), (UN No. "Chapter I: Research and Special Administration", "Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia Entry on Gasoline, Casinghead (Natural Gasoline)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_UN_numbers_1201_to_1300&oldid=981533151, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, (UN No. 0000025185 00000 n // $('').appendTo("head"); %%EOF This website uses cookies in order to provide the best user experience. 0000002971 00000 n Advice on common storage. $('').appendTo("head"); no longer in use) Casinghead gasoline (natural gasoline) (UN No. III (6) Labels (7) Special Provisions (§172.102) In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you must explicitly agree to the use of cookies. Identification number. no longer in use) Cigarette lighter or Lighter fluid or Lighter fuels or Lighters (UN No. C1 Kerosene/Premium Paraffin CAS number 91770-15-9 EC number 294-799-5 Composition comments UVCB Substance 4.1. 3 0 obj<< Other uses. /Pages 1 0 R 0000002261 00000 n h��Wmo�8�+�x�г�%À$�� It is widely used as a fuel in aviation as well as households. If the material has a flash point at or above 38 °C (100 °F) and below 93 °C (200 °F), then the bulk packaging requirements of §173.241 of this subchapter are applicable. if (!$("link[href='/ecosuite/css/company_style.css']").length) no longer in use) petroleum spirit (UN No. 0000001283 00000 n 0000001202 00000 n %PDF-1.5 %���� #ôՊ�Gǣ�0]g�����p��Y�x ��5���h8��.W7� ���G�N*ɻ� Q2`��{%�t� TY4�y�E�~��"-�h�Һ�m���K���e�� ��h�����W��JF�d��H�8�ӫ5�x�(����#�@� .H:No��ϿF��mz�E'�?�F����p9�$aR��bv����3�yt\��l���g�GI�ݜ��. UN Markings Guide How to Read and Identify UN Packaging Codes. %%EOF if (!$("link[href='/ecosuite/css/eco_sk_common.css']").length) Illuminating Paraffin Version 2.01 Revision Date21.01.2019 Print Date 21.01.2019 100000006279 6/13 Advice on protection against fire and explosion . 36 29 endstream endobj startxref 0000003205 00000 n 0000025695 00000 n ���2�QCE��!͑�>iȽ��c�.��$6'���Hwf����t�식�}@�!�L��B�[�m�TJ%N�b�qN�bWzi����Ģk�?�m�v��v��k��3�� O�a����褝���.+���y3z8��Na�d�����_�0���(Mr�����d��3�����S?4S?�Cs�lb�F]�sϻh��)S��d����[��aʘ���ž��;Α��e��V�����a��VZ���+?׈ UN Number Class Proper Shipping Name UN 1201: 3: Fusel oil: UN 1202: 3: Gas oil or diesel fuel or heating oil, light UN 1203: 3: 0000006319 00000 n read more. Move affected person to fresh air and keep warm and at rest in a position comfortable for breathing. xref The maximum degree of filling must not exceed the degree of filling determined by the following: May not be loaded, transported, or stored together in the same transport vehicle or storage facility.

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