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Skateboarding and surfing goes hand and hand. Obviously in the 70’s, there was an era of empty pools because of the water shortage. He also enjoyed singing to his friends, who didn’t fail to comment on his voice. The best part is the terrain. Out of all the hard-charging Z-Boys, who all went separate ways after the Zephyr team disbanded in 1976, it was Alva who would ultimately take skateboarding into rock star territory. And while Alva already knew how to roll, he learned how to rock with best of them from jet-setting millionaire and surfer, Bunker Spreckels (RIP). (General Fucking Principle) with seasoned punk rock musicians Tom Paul Davis from DFL, Greg Hetson from Circle Jerks and Bad Religion, and Amery Smith from Suicidal Tendencies. Ground-breaking stuff. The financial fallout from Alva Clothing also marked the death of Alva Skateboards, a high price to pay for Alva at the time. Alva's style was revolutionary and stood in stark contrast with the contrived traditional style of the era, which was still based around tricks formulated in the 1960s. At the height of its popularity, Alva Clothing was available at upscale department stores such as Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, next to designer fashions of the time. He also played the role of Tony Bluetile in the 1978 film, Skateboard: The Movie. There’s so much more stuff to ride now than there ever was. Tony Alva also loves music and In the 80’s he played as the guitarist for a band named “Skoundrelz”. In the pre-Alva days, professional skateboarders were clean-cut surfers with sun-bleached hair, gymnasts performing choreographed routines, and “real” athletes representing their “sport” on national television with proper gentlemanly demeanor. The surfer, street, low-rider style went to a full-on hardcore rock’n roll punk rock style. At high-profile skateboarding events, Alva would show up in competition suits covered in decorative rhinestones, custom-made by celebrity tailor Nudie Cohn. He’s constantly being of service to other people. In 2012 he appeared on an episode of the A&E reality series, Storage Wars to appraise a skateboard. They have collected enormous wealth for themselves, and they... Tony Alva Net Worth 2020: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Kids, Bio-Wiki. In 2013, Tony started playing for a rock band “His Eyes Have Fangs”. He was able to do this because he is always pushing the limits on what he is capable of. focused on skateboarding and the emerging punk rock movement. – changed all that, injecting skateboarding with attitude, swagger, and a rock star wardrobe. I have helped over 5,000 people…READ MORE. I’m a jacket junkie so I have too many jackets, about 20 jackets.” Asked about his his favorite brands and designers, Alva listed “vintage pieces from the ‘70s and ‘80s, like Paul Smith or jackets by Yves Saint Laurent, old vintage Lacoste jackets, Marni sunglasses.”. This site uses cookies. Tony Alva is one of the forefathers of skateboarding, joining the Z-Boys skate crew in the ’70s, which helped popularize the sport. Please do your own research before making any online purchase. In 2013, Tony started playing for a rock band “His Eyes Have Fangs”. Coming from money, Spreckels stylized himself into a larger-than-life surfing super star, known as The Player, dressed in leather jackets and fur coats, surrounded by a never-ending maelstrom of parties and chicks and weed and coke and orgies. If you are the site owner, please renew your premium subscription or contact support. Much like his idol Torger Johnson, Alva evolved into an all-terrain skateboarder – riding freestyle, slalom, banks, pools – and strived to be the best at everything, with the swagger to back it up, always surrounded by autograph-seeking admirers and a claque of fan boys. Because of this he became one of the top skateboarders. Published book author and journalist specialized in boardsports, sneakers, streetwear, and design. There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. How has skateboarding changed for you, and what keeps you going? “If you want to know the truth, I thought it was a mistake. Alva:  “I listen to a lot of Jazz. It’s really exciting nowadays to be a skateboarder.”. The ninth annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert will honor Chester Bennington, lead vocalist of two-time GRAMMY-winning band Linkin Park, and Tony Alva, skateboarder, surfer, musician, and original member of the skateboarding team Dogtown Z-Boys at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on May 30. He is seen on the cover of the album The Action is Go by Orange County-based stoner rock band Fu Manchu. Alva was featured in the video game, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. It was part of the evolution of skate fashion where it was influenced by punk rock and art and New Wave. is known for. “On the far West Side, Venice had a lot of Chicano influence because there were a lot of Mexican kids that grew up there. Alva was also featured in some of the Tony Hawk video games. [6], In 1977, at the age of 19, Alva shunned the major skate companies to form his own company, entitled Alva Skates. In 2012 he appeared on an episode of th… While he was ten years old, he loved skating and mostly escaped to join his friends. Mick is one of Chicago's most talented guitarists. In the fashion department, the style icon nowadays likes to “keep it clean, not too soiled. He has loved skateboarding since he was a kid. Influenced by the new, aggressive surfing style happening on the Hawaiian Islands, Alva brought a radical new and powerful free form surf style to skateboarding.

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