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She is portrayed by guest star Rose McIver. Enemies Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Tinker Bell The spell works and the the heroes get the curse scroll after Rumple sacrifices himself to kill Pan. Tinker Bell was a fairy among the ranks of the Blue Fairy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Magic powersFlightSize Reduction Während ihrer Arbeit als Fee lernt Tinker Bell Regina kennen, die zur Zeit sehr unglücklich mit ihrem Leben ist. However, the Blue Fairy detested the relationship and forbid Tinker Bell continue to see Regina. Daraufhin erklärt Regina ihr, dass sie damals nicht bereit war, sich auf eine neue Liebe einzulassen, und Tinker Bell sieht ein, dass es sie genau so grausam wie die Böse Königin machen würde, wenn sie Regina jetzt tötet. Fairy When Regina awakens, Tinker Bell demands answers about why she did it. No information Sneak Peek your first look @ actress Rose McIver as the fairy 'Tinker Bell' in the ABC series "Once Upon a Time", debuting in the third episode, as the sidekick to 'Peter Pan', plus watch footage of Walt Disney with the original animated 'Tinker Bell'. While being working under the Blue Fairy's supervision in the Enchanted Forest, Tinker Bell mischievously sneaks out against her superior's orders.

When Mr. Gold breaks open the vault, it is discovered Pan took the scroll for the Dark Curse. She then asks what would be in it for her, and Mary Margaret says that the fairy can have a home with them. She is portrayed by Rose McIver. Sie jagt sie aus ihrem Palast.

See also Tinker Bell at the Once Upon a Time Wiki. The fairy gets Regina to admit that she never met with the man with the lion tattoo, and, realizing that when the Queen chose revenge over hope and love, it lost her everything, so Tink decides not to crush the heart, giving it back to Regina. Tinker Bell is based on the character with the same name from the story. Tinker Bell macht die frühere König für ihr verpfuschtes Leben verantwortlich und bedroht sie.

Whilst Emma, Bae, Regina and Rumple make their way to Skull Rock, and Snow and Charming head up Dead Man's Peak in search of magic water to help the latter, Tinker Bell is asked to stay behind at Pan's camp with Hook in order to guard the unconscious Lost Boys. Tiana | Tinker Bell believes it's too late to backtrack, but Regina promises it won't be if she doesn't crush the heart. Mother Superior stiffly refuses to take orders from Regina, though the mayor mentions Tinker Bell can make pixie dust work. When Regina is in Neverland looking to save her adoptive son Henry, Tinker Bell sees her and later kidnaps her. He points out that that wouldn't be very fairy-like, but she explains that she's not a fairy anymore, having lost her wings a long time ago. Tink is then approached by the rest of the people who are searching for Henry Mills, Regina's adopted son, all of whom aim their weapons at her, wanting to know where the Queen is. To prove a point about how dangerous Pan can be, Tinker Bell shows them a watch that came from the people who brought Henry to Neverland, proving Greg and Tamara were killed by him. Origin Blond Regina approaches to reassure them that Tinker Bell hasn't harmed her, though she won't be helping to infiltrate Pan's camp. Tinker Bell, also known as Tink and Green, is a recurring character on ABC's Once Upon a Time she makes her first appearance in the third episode of Season 3 "Quite a Common Fairy". In defense, Regina claims Tinker Bell was the one who wrongly interfered in her life. When the very unhappily married Queen Regina falls from her balcony, she is rescued by a fairy named Tinker Bell, who takes the Queen out for a drink. Regina convinces her it isn't if she doesn't crush the heart, to which Tinker Bell hands it back, but refuses to help find Henry. Will Scarlet | She tells Tinker Bell that, since she foiled her second chance, she no longer believes in her, and this causes Tink to lose both her wings and her magic, leaving her stranded and powerless with a vendetta to settle with the Queen.

Species: The group is shocked to discover that Tink took the watch from Tamara's dead body, and shocked still to learn that she was unable to salvage anything from Greg because there wasn't enough left of him. Status: Through much discussion, Mary Margaret convinces Tinker Bell to help them in exchange for passage to Storybrooke. Sleepy | That night, Tinker Bell is present along with the other citizens of Storybrooke, and witnesses the fight between Regina and Zelena. Goals

Tink continues to try helping Regina, by convincing her father Prince Henry to lead her to Cupid's arrow, but this adventure only leads Regina to learn that she hates herself. "Quite a Common Fairy"

Gender: Regina replies she never did, which prompts Tinker Bell to say her actions were selfish. Rose McIver When asked for a demonstration, Tinker Bell is not able to will the dust into glowing as it did prior. Alice | Once she is alone, Tinker Bell emerges from the brush to confront Regina about their "complicated history". TinkGreen Tinker Bell | Kurz darauf stellt die Blaue Fee Tinke Bell zur Rede, weil sie nicht gehorcht und Elfenstaub gestohlen hat, um ihr zu helfen. ("Save Henry"), Tinker Bell, along with everyone else aboard the Jolly Roger, arrives in Storybrooke, a small town in Maine, and goes on to celebrate in Granny's Diner. Hook doesn't buy this, recognizing Tink as a fairy, and she in turn recognizes him as a pirate, wondering why she shouldn't slit his throat. Though Emma is curious about what is her relationship with Tinker Bell, Regina would rather not go into details about the complicated history. Tink points out that killing him looks like the pirate's happy ending, and Hook, stating that the only two things he'd risk his life for are love and revenge, says that if he dies for his vengeance, that's satisfaction enough for him, having already lost the love of his life. Diese ist gemeinsam mit Hook, Emma und dem Ehepaar Charming nach Neverland gekommen, um nach Henry zu suchen, der von Peter Pan entführt wurde.

("New York City Serenade") Tink is later thought of by Regina when she meets the man with the lion tattoo - Robin Hood - in Storybrooke. Am Boden zerstört fliegt Tinker Bell nach Hause, wo eine weitere böse Überraschung auf sie wartet. Tink is shocked by the death of her former mentor, and is later under threat when Pan, who's disguised as Henry Mills, steals a new Dark Curse that will be able to wipe the minds of all those in Storybrooke all over again. Tinker Bell jedoch hält Regina für einen guten Menschen und wiedersetzt sich der Anweisung der Blauen Fee, Regina keinen Pixiestaub zu geben. Reginas Herz wurde von Macht und Korruption verdunkelt und sie ist eine der wenigen, die… Regina then uses her magic to knock out all the Lost Boys, but when they storm the camp, Pan and Henry are no where to be found. Es gelingt ihnen, Henry aus Peter Pans Klauen zu befreien und nach Storybrooke zurückzukehren. Female

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