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Sting. Like the former's namesake, both are odes to deja vu, the latter predicting the fate of modern times to that of prehistory's. Every Breath You Take ist ein Lied der Band The Police aus dem Jahr 1983, das von Sting geschrieben wurde. The comparisons don't end there. Liner Notes. Basically, it sounds like a frog farting. The single, 'Every Breath You Take', is a very sad song and it makes me sad, but it's a wonderful sadness. Sting was also exerting more control, taking less input from his bandmates when it came time to record his songs. And so that was the end of the Police because I realised that I couldn't involve this kind of personal work in a democratic process, at least not about the issues. Every Breath You Take: The Singles reached No. Only half as comic as 'Be My Girl', his cockney ode to a rubber dolly on 'Outlandos d'Amour', Andy Summers' 'Mother' is a blast of pure primal scream in 7/4 time, the sarcastic cut of his Freudian recitation intensified by a brute rhythm attack recalling Robert Fripp's experiments with spoken words and white rock noise on 'Exposure'. Sting is a King Of Pain. "Don't Stand So Close to Me '86" made it into the UK Top 25. The Police were joined by Stefani, Steven Tyler (who inducted AC/DC), and John Mayer, who had recently won a Grammy for his song ", Sting started off with the refrain "Every breath you take," then worked back. Die ursprüngliche Demoversion wurde mit einer Hammond-Orgel gespielt. 'Wrapped Around Your Finger' takes a longer, colder view of the institution of marriage. Cain talks about the divine inspirations for "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Faithfully.". I feel connected to maybe less people but at a deeper level. Then, the Police's audience was highly balanced on the punk side and getting up and dancing along with the likes of 'Roxanne' was a regular occurrence. Really, this Sting is some moody guy. Verdict: limp but catchy (as opposed to catchy but limp) and grossly overrated. I felt the songs I wrote were different, so the playing had to be different. 'Tea In The Sahara', 'Synchronicity's' moodiest, most tantalising song, is an aural mirage that brings back the birdcalls and jungle sounds of earlier songs as whispering, ghostly instrumental voices. I'm in a strange situation. But at the time, at the height of the Police's popularity we were connected to a mass conciousness if you like, a feeling - you can't intellectualise it - it's just a feeling and it reflects in record sales and stuff. While Summers picks out a muted chord progression distantly related to 'Invisible Sun', the dusky romantic caring in the song is quietly vitalised by the desolate pluck of a piano, the pastel wash of Summer's guitar synth and a distant chorus of Sting's in quiet radiant harmony. '"In The Studio" Radio Show, On the choice of title..."It coincides with my reading at the moment. The Police frontman Sting wrote it after separating from his first wife, Frances Tomelty. "Musician, 6/83, "The title of the album refers to coincidence and things being connected without there being a logical link. For a band rumoured to dislike each other, to be past their peak and on the verge of breaking up, The Police aren't doing too badly. Based on the idea that "every girl I go out with becomes my mother in the end," it's a part-spoof, part-manic track that shows The Police shouldn't be written off quite yet. This is a long overdue greatest hits collection from what must be one of the most successful (and one of the richest) groups in the world. George Harrison's 1971 song "Bangla Desh" was the first major charity single. Not only is 'Synchronicity' The Police's best album, but it is probably one of the most socially relevant records in recent years. Every Breath You Take appears on the following album releases: Cover art Album title Release date Release country Synchronicity: 1983-06-01: USA Message In A Box: The Complete Recordings: 1993-MM-DD: UK Singles CD Singles. Without being overly sentimental or indulgent. Der Gitarrist präsentiert ein dieses Stück charakterisierendes Gitarrenriff. And you feel that, you feel your connection with it and therefore what you do, very naturally, is connect with it through your music and so you keep writing while you have your finger on this pulse. It is also nearly inscrutable. I write from experience, but it's not one that'll ring bells anywhere else. Some people even used it as their wedding song. With 'Synchronicity', they have boldly redefined and revitalised their sound and vision. "Rolling Stone, 9/83, On what his 'strip' on the cover of the album says about him..."I don't know. Hopefully, it'll be synchronistic. It was also covered by Chris Wabich, Nora & Will, Scott & Ben, Milverton Legacy Band and other artists. Message In A Box – The Complete Recordings. That really helped me. I think it's my function to vanish behind the handiwork, in a sense, and just let it stand on its own. ""Lyrics", 10/07, "There was a book published called "Synchronicity" which is about the meaningfulness of apparent coincidences - is there any meaning in coincidence. We hated each others guts, and we had no respect for each other. Not there's very much wrong with it. I could play drums on a song whether I agreed with the lyric or not, it wasn't a big hassle for me. And Sting and I have very, very different views of the world - very different politics, very different values.

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