texstudio package not found

\usepackage{mystyle}, the editor mark mystyle as "Package not found" which txs assumes that sty-files are part of the installation and hence are place in one of the texmf-directories, hence the answer by Thiago. It should also work with your original ini. The bug no longer happens if I rename my texstudio.ini and then restart TXS (I'd say it works even better because I don't need to run a compilation to have highlight syntax on my packages). My tex maker version is Texmaker 1.9.9 and my Mik Tex version is 2.8. Could you try this? You can do a backup of [format] part in texstudio.ini in order to avoid losing your highlight syntax (if you changed it). Once in the previous versions there were such problems. a minute depending on your system). Try to load the package dstroke ;-) Regards, Guillaume Le 10/08/2014 11:50, Haggai Katriel a écrit : > > Hi, > > I need to use a latex file containing: > \usepackage{dsfont}, > but TexStudio says: dsfont.sty not found. When the run is complete, highlighting is automatically added. Does the package scanning work? Start texstudio.exe (Strg+R in Qt Creator) If I change it to \input{mystyle.sty} things seem to be working, but I have to collaberate with others and it isn't always appropriated for me to change that. hg 4344 (6efae8aa6ad9) ensures proper quoting of the commands if they contain spaces. http://sourceforge.net/projects/texstudio/files/texstudio/TeXstudio%20SVN/texstudio271_snapshot_2014-03-26_win.exe/download. Hi. TeXstudio 2.12.7 (hg 6796+:f3bbcf5cf122+) The latest version mess it all. Shutting down TXS and removing the ini file resolved this. Afterwards the packageCache.dat should be updated (you can check the timestamp). Once in the previous versions there were such problems. Texdoc not found not found again! C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\bin to the PATH and only specifying latex.exe and pdflatex.exe in the respective commands. Using Qt Version 5.9.1, compiled with Qt 5.9.1 R In previous stable version in "Additional search path" was %TeXDistr% and all was ok. Why is this broken now? I saved my personal package in Also, we store the information so that it's directly available at the next start (this is in packageCache.dat next to texstudio.ini). If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: © 2020 Slashdot Media. ), Please check if the following is activated on your first computer: Regards. D:\TeXLive\bin\win32\ it is all right with texdoc. I agree with @sirixlancelot on the fact that it is not only a problem of "how long TXS is open". This functionality should be implemented. EDIT: I just restored the old ini file and retried. Build texstudio. The latest development source works fine on linux ... at least it is similar, as shown by the joined image. I'm not quite sure, that this is within TeXstudio, because as far as I can see there are no changes related to this since 2.12.6. The graphicx package pulls in a package called mptopdf which isn't installed, so a Package Installation is run to install it. Are the settings for it in the default-constructed and in your renamed ini the same? Sorry, I overread this. You can do what I did. So at least for the latter, it seems the restart was sufficient. Though, I currently don't understand how it can be empty and still the miktex pdflatex is found. Through experimentation, I believe this package manager is actually a part of MikTex, not texStudio. Please report back, if this helped. I had a similar problem but with \label and \ref. Texdoc not found not found again! Now again. This is a development version. (before, it said "no documentation available"). Otherwise, forget what I said above. If you install it from install-tl you might get issues when installing TexStudio as a package. To find it, we infere the path from the pdflatex command set in the options. It is annoying, but works. Or am I misunderstanding the issue? That may indeed the problem. various shorthand symbols. Unfortunately, I can not say for sure whether a simple restart would have been sufficient because I am not sure if/how often I restarted TXS since upgrading to 2.7 three days ago. I add that: I can open the package documentation and the file packageCache.dat is created but empty (except fot the first line). The line is empty after the where pdflatex. > Where do I download this package and how do I install it? The most convenient way to get the distribution is the MiKTeX Net Installer. Essentially, TexStudio used to start the LanguageTool server and use the HTTP API correctly until something has broken and the LT instance does not starts anymore. there a way to fix this? How do I install packages to TeXstudio? Until it's completed the packages are not highlighted (ok, the 'Package not found' tooltip may be a bit misleading and 'Package background scan in progress' would be better). !?! Options -> Editor -> Inline Checking -> Package. Then where pdflatex should show an answer and after a restart, the package scanner should work correctly and produce both miktexPackageNames.dat and packageCache.dat (maybe with the first-time startup delay). https://sourceforge.net/p/texstudio/discussion/907839/, https://sourceforge.net/auth/subscriptions/. It seems, that the whole scanning process does not work in your case. Is there a way to fix this? I tried compiling a tex file and TeXstudio is not finding placeins.sty, sectsty.sty, etc. It used to work but not anymore and that's a pity because the Packages Help function is a great tool! If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: © 2020 Slashdot Media. Thanks for the suggestion! Perhaps the best thing to do is sending you my .ini by email? The same is true for broken access to package documentation. Then you can proceed to a new texstudio.ini creation. I have downloaded the package everyshi manually but it is difficult for me to install. Hi ! The problem is when I just put in the the same directory as the main .tex itself, which can be in any random directory. Bug #933. All Rights Reserved. Let me first say that I'm fairly new to LaTeX. The user-level documentation is found in the User Guide, amsldoc.pdf, which is found in the same directory folder. I only commented on this ticket since the solution worked for my problem as well. This was not the case with TXS 2.6.6 (the name was colored in green when recognized after a compilation). Content Management System (CMS) Task Management Project Portfolio Management Time Tracking PDF Education If you have "Package present" then the package scanning itself works fine and your documentation issue a different thing. Then I hit F1 and indeed the asymptote graphics was missing and the log showed a warning "file `test-1.pdf' not found". Change in texstudio.pro "LIBS += -lzlib \" to "LIBS += C:\yourPath\libzlib1.dll \" Start. If not, you can send the ini to me (thoffmann@texstudio.org). Well, almost all... :) And to have it remember the correct filename to associate with a particular package? This is performed at startup. Sent from sourceforge.net because you indicated interest in I assume the first line is just the comment (% detected .sty and .cls filenames). For your issue the following additional information may be relevant: Sorry, I cannot reproduce this anymore, since after removing/resetting the ini file it worked fine (but as I said, maybe it was just another restart of TXS). I just looked into the source code again. The packages in \usepackage are not highlighted, but documentation access works fine. We are not using the pdflatex command but the latex command in the options to infere the bin path of miktex. In fact, it showed "Package present" for me, but as I said, was not able to find the documentation for any package. Texstudio is currently running continuously, so there shouldn't be an issue with interruption of the indexing process. everything compile successfully. You seem to have CSS turned off. Both files are in the same directory and everything compile successfully. Apparently something is changed between the two uses. I'm working with Windows 10 Home http://sourceforge.net/projects/texstudio/files/texstudio/TeXstudio%20SVN/texstudio271_snapshot_2014-03-26_win.exe/download, First computer (windows XP with MiKTeX) with the upgrade from 2.6.6 to 2.7: TXS stayed open several hours and what I described in the bug report remains. If you hard code the path Removing the ini file fixed this. Both files are in the same directory and It seems that paths containing whitespace are not correctly handled in all cases. 2014-08-31 0:11 GMT-03:00, Rungpana Panyachot hypernova@users.sf.net: The problem I have is when I have say note.tex and mystyle.sty containing (Sorry, I thought I posted it earlier.) Project Management. This functionality should be implemented. Then it works as you (@Tim) described. I have two cases: (So the first case is consistent with the EDIT of @sirixlancelot 11h ago and there is no bug in the second one.

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