tell me something about yourself for fresher

This is to check your commitment towards the job. Keep the answer to just about 3-4 sentences and not more than that. Ideally, a carefully enthusiastic response towards being occasionally willing to do so, is a good way to go. Who Can Opt... Start with your professional persona and move on to how you stand out vis a vis others with the same qualification. And team skills remain core to these employability skills. Top 10 companies offering internships in Canada. Introduction. Would you be a negative influence on the team? I am reasonably certain I’ll learn lots of new stuff proper right here! They ask this question. However, if you go into this without any preparation, then all those years won’t count for much. My weakness is my soft nature. Making up an imaginary work situation on the spot can be difficult. Hence, I have decided to join diploma courses for nursing. My father works for the Indian Navy, and my mother is a teacher. Keep in mind that you don’t ask questions related to off-work activities like party and vacations. Here are some examples of different streams. Just think about where this position can actually take you and how that is in line with your broader career goals. As a fresher, this job is a golden opportunity for me to showcase my abilities. You can be honest and still answer them what they expect to hear from you. Ltd, After making your way through the shortlisting process, your way ahead is dependant on your performance in this crucial round – the interview. I am interested in working as a mainframe web developer. During my graduation, I have done three mainframe projects and completed a training course on the mainframe. How to improve your Interview, Salary Negotiation, Communication & Presentation Skills. Neither would you want to commit to a small number and put yourself in a corner. During my time at college, I have done many mainframe projects. Afterall, you were shortlisted and did beat so many applicants to sit on the hot seat and that means something. I may face interview by day after tomorrow, and I felt this really helpful. Thanks amcat team for such a nice and unique article. Give a brief of your education background (up to plus two is fine, your family and location, any of your hobbies etc. They are experienced enough to handle all type of interviewees so the first question is normally to make the person comfortable. Your answer to this question shows your degree of awareness of the industry. It is beautiful articles stating about blog on top 20 fresher interview questions with best answers. To know more about creating your work goals, we recommend this read. I have completed several mobile application development projects, and have also done certification courses on Android Application Development and Programming, App Development tools, and Device Security. Ensure that you don’t speak out the gathered facts to the interviewer. A good idea is to focus more on skills and not the designation. Thanku so much for this question and I request you to kindly share us more questions about job and I would like to say that I learn something different and new so once again thanku and keep doing……. Tough HR Interview Question, “I am very well today sir, just that the traffic here is bit of a hassle. Whatever you say, be prepared for follow-up questions. But depending on workload, companies do need flexible candidates who can handle the pressure at the workplace and work late when required. What are your pain points? My goal is to get excellent opportunities on the same profile in your company. You can begin by saying – “I have strong ethics while at work. this is very useful for all freshers candidates. I’ll bookmark your blog and take a look at once more right here regularly. I did my B.Tech in electronics and communication from Rameswara College of engineering, which is under Bangalore University. Tell me about yourself.Click here to find Interview questions,Interview preparation ,Interview puzzles etc updated on Nov 2020 ... is the No.1 Jobsite for Freshers in India with over 1 Crore+ resumes and 60K+ recruiters hiring through us. Would you leave an organisation if you don’t find your ideal environment there? Yes, it is an easy question, but that is the whole point of it. With this one question the recruiter asks you: While answering this question, emphasize on your willingness to work with the company. you were shortlisted and did beat so many applicants to sit on the hot seat and that means something. You can also mention one of your major achievements, if it fits the circumstance. Focus more on the core values and show them how you can be an asset to the company. During my graduation, I have done three mainframe projects and completed a training course on the mainframe. Prepare a list of questions that you want to be answered. Knowing a bit about the profile you are being interviewed helps as well. Tell me about yourself. I spoken english every morning from now on.. What It Means? A quick as soon as possible means you need this job straight up – maybe you’re between jobs and gives them an upper hand in the negotiation process. It is better to go to the company’s website in order to have a better understanding of the same. Summarising the points given above, here are the real questions nestled within a broader ‘What are your weaknesses’. As it is one of the last questions of your interview, it leaves you with a final opportunity to leave your mark on the interviewer. It is an unsaid rule that companies look for employees who can gel in well with their teams. From the interviewer’s perspective, this question is an obvious filter – whether the candidate would realistically fit the company’s budget or not. Unlike the other articles, this one has some crucial points to think about while answering interview questions. However, for a fresher, it may still be a daunting task. Very Useful for all the Freshers. It is also an insight into your soft skills – confidence, problem-solving, initiative, self-management and adherence to tasks. To answer this question, you need to do a research about the chief rivals of the company. Remember that there are no correct or incorrect answers to these questions in an interview. This may seem to be a simple question, but it isn’t! Should we invest in you and bring you in as an asset to us? Moving to a new city can be an exciting idea, but when a recruiting manager asks you this question, he is looking for something different than what you are thinking. Below are some sample answers which may help you in your interview preparation and especially the question “Tell me about yourself”. I am sure many people will come to read this in future. All you have is a right way of answering, but the answer in itself depends on the candidate. About your education and qualification: I have completed my engineering in computer science from Anna University, Tamil Nadu, in 2012. While answering this question, avoid sounding too desperate (even if you want to start it right at the moment! A basic, open-ended question this allows the interviewer to understand the candidate beyond scripted answers and the brief on their resume. While answering this question, make sure that you are honest and your hobbies are genuine. They wish to know whether you’ve done the comprehensive company research, which would make you an essential hire. Focus on your qualifications and skills and how they can help the company. Mention positives – things that contribute to you (health, education, learning), Mention positives with community good – volunteering, green initiatives, helping others, Include your passions and be prepared for follow-ups, Factor in your current commitments – for a fresher these could be the time you graduate, any upcoming plans, Ask about the company’s needs and requirements, Your willingness to continue with the brand, Do these idyllic aspirations match our work environment, Would you fit into the current role/organisation. It’s a self-analysis to check your suitability for the position being offered. Dealing with personal interviews becomes easier once you’ve faced a few rounds. I am also good with object-oriented programming, Core Java, C++, Android framework. While I was in my college…”, You can read up more on how to answer this particularly tricky job interview question by clicking on How to answer “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”. She believes fondly in “the arts of words” because the words have the power to induce change personally and globally. However, I will prove myself once I get the opportunity. Interviewers ask this question to know if you care enough to do research about the role and the company before coming to attend the interview. They also want to know how self-aware you are and whether you’re doing anything to overcome them. They wish to analyse you in a larger sense,  beyond the scope of standard interview questions and the resume. You can also read 7 ways to adjust to a new workplace. Would you hinder or hamper operations? And that’s why, in this blog, we aim to help you with this by taking up 20 fresher interview questions and answers for freshers. But make sure you express it in a positive note. It includes other similar questions like your strength, weakness, why should we hire you, your hobbies and interests, how you handle a challenging situation, etc.

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