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They breed three to four times each year. She hops when she is happy. But I had a huge soft spot for animals, so when my mom got me a pet bunny, I …, My Rescuer Not rated yetI was living in a house in the winter no heat, I had a black rabbit Mr. Nibbles. I didn't have the time to cater to a puppy with school and work, but he …, The Story Of My Rabbits It was April foul's day when I got my first rabbit, she was so cute! oh so cute i love you shradha and your bunny

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Story submission guidelines: Story should be related to pet rabbit. Their playful nature makes them all the more adorable. Your email address will not be published. So we went. …, My Best Friend's Pet Rabbit Not rated yetMy best friend once had a pet rabbit.

Don’t have any idea to write your story? Cats, Cats & Dogs, Dogs, Horses, Horse with Bunny Rabbit, Rooster & Hen, Bunny Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Pet Mice's Stories! Imagine my surprise when this "older female" would... My Pet Rabbit Zoe 7 April 2009I have a pet-rabbit named Zoe. I'm Janet and I live in Adelaide Australia. When i put shavings in the bottom and toys and small books he could tear up i always noticed …, Petra Not rated yetI love my rabbit Petra a lot. During the day, they graze on the grass and hop on the ground. She is going to have babies (kits). Most of their species are found in South America.

All the neighbor kids loved Bree the rabbit. We thank you for your interest in If you have questions, comments, concerns, well-wishes or commercial inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Together let’s make it better. Great!

It must be a real-life story, not a fiction. She runs very fast and wins. Burrows which are present inside the ground are their favourite hideout spot.

Let us know about it! I hope not :) Well, if you much prefer to just “show” your bunny photos, it’s also fine. speckled brown ones with white tales, Jessie, Lucy and Tooty.

When he saw me you could tell he was a bit scared and …, My Rabbit Zoey Not rated yetI got my pet bunny about 1 month ago and now she's turning 1 on December first. She is a Californian - New Zealand mix.

She was from a nearby city and belonged to a lady who loved her but didn't have much time to spend with her. Small rabbits can be as little as 20 centimetres in length. Her fave food is apple I got her a toy.

Zoey is a very smart bunny, i taught her to dance on command, to jump on …, The New Run Not rated yetOur mum is the greatest, she gives us carrots, pets us, plays with us and tucks us in at night. She is a Californian - New Zealand mix.

Her name is Bunny.

Theses pet stories about dogs, cats, horses, bunny rabbits, guinea pigs, pet mice's, wild animal and other animals will touch your heart and make you laugh and are written by other pet lovers like yourself.

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For months and months we have seen …, Smokey Is Cute  Well i have a rabbit and he is called Smokey. My mom thought I was nuts!

I love seeing her run up to the cage when I walk into a room and touching her soft fur.

25 August 2009Bugsy, a rabbit-Santa-Claus for all the rabbits out there. They will ensure your workout is taken care of. I even mad …, The Lovely and Beautiful HOSSENFEFFER: I had a very lovely rabbit named Hossenfeffer.

He did …, Great Escape Not rated yetA cold night i tossed about in bed just waiting for something to go wrong until my dad shouted up to me saying that oreo was not in his cage anymore.

She loves to eat carrots. My Bunny Ginger... Not rated yetWhen I was seven years old, I begged my parents for a Bunny.


She races around the flower patch.

Adopt a Bunny by Accident … Her Name is Spazzy 2 November 2009 So my brother calls me up one day and tells me he is moving back to Calgary, Alberta.

I love my pet rabbit very much. We play running race. Dad would take Dany in room alone to play. “The best therapist has fur and four legs” ~Anonymous. He is hiding among the Christmas decoration bin:). She plays with me. The noticeably long ears, short tail, and beautiful eyes also make them stand out in the crowd. Luna is a furball who loves to eat carrots. Sister named him Dany like full house.

They were given to me by my next door neighbour Joe. My rabbits are both lop eared and very …, Alice and the Wild Ones Not rated yetI once raised 6 wild baby Bunnies when I was younger after I found them during a storm. Baby rabbits are known as kittens or kits.

I want to ask that can we use he or she and her or his for animals ? He is so funny …, So Very Sad . And she is my favourite pet in this entire world. When we got there she just stopped eating and drinking so we took her to …. But it is funny when he poop on the carpet.

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