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The one person that made every breath mattered. Goodbye. Below are some of the heartbroken messages and broken heart … 35: Did we suddenly throw away the roadmap to our vision together? When you have a break up from your lover you would want to convey your feelings. I didn’t expect us to end. My vision for the future, along with my hopes and dreams, have not changed… The only modification is that you will no longer be a part of them. The one person who gave you the confidence to defeat the forces of the world. It never gets old, weary, and weak. 26. 32: It takes patience and fortitude to work out a plan to tackle the future headlong. The tears, smiles, pain, and happiness we shared have all gone down the drain. The heart is the softest part of the human body. I’m so heartbroken. I am sure that both of us aren’t the best for living out purpose. Falling in love with you made my once-broken heart believe in true love and soulmates again. Although this is a crushing reality, it is one I will survive. 22: Don’t worry about my well-being for I will be fine. You taught me to believe in who I am and you pushed me to be the best possible version of myself. May you find happiness in your future endeavors. Hence, we’ve been blessed with a gift to be strong in situations that get the heart torn apart for we either win in love or lose in love. I don’t know if the day will ever come where I get to stop thinking about you. But the only hindrance to the success of expectations and desire is the discontinuity of consent. What may warrant saying goodbye, could be a painful reason, or for a necessary movement into another phase of life. 12. I wish you would have given me the chance to be that person, but I understand that you are not ready for a relationship right now. 18: Just a goodbye, and the tears from my eyes are running down my cheeks uncontrollably. I loved you, and I will never forget the memories we created and the lessons you have taught me. 31: I cry, not because I am helpless on what to do with my life. Someday, I will like to share in your joy. 15. I was 24-years-old and recently wounded from a very devastating breakup. We were the envy of all by means of the spark that stems from our union. I wish you nothing but the absolute best and I hope that you are able to fall madly in love with someone one day, like I did with you. You have helped shape me into a better woman and for that, I am eternally grateful. 25. Someday, you’ll take a walk through memory lane to recall all the beautiful and engraving moments we did have. My nostrils aren’t left out in the cry from the heart broken. I weep, not because I am the most broken among us. May thoughts of me ring loud bells in your heart. 38: It will be wrong of me to persuade you to stay back when you’ve already finalized on your plans to walk away. Falling in love with you made my once-broken heart believe in true love and soulmates again. If we do not love with caution, we get stroked by such a disease. You did all these and more. I prayed and bled, asking God for a sign that all will be well. 14: My eyes have been in the streets, waiting for your return. It as though the earth had crumbled underneath my feet. It was nice meeting you, and an exceptional honor to share my life with you. Goodbye, sweetest. 5. You promised to fly with me. I loved and sacrificed my life for you. The barriers and obstacles become invisible when the heart has chosen who it wants. You broke my heart without cognitive reasons for why you did what you did. Pains come in diverse ways and forms that can’t be handled nor controlled on all occasions. 20. Goodbye; hurry home as soon as possible. Don’t ever feel burdened concerning the state of my heart, for I will get on ahead, gradually. But the pains emanating from a heart that is broken can last millions of years. You let humanity to put asunder in what we have. That you’ve taken a leap to the other side of life without me being at your side. I still love you and am hopeful that we get back together someday. Please, don’t forget me like a boring song. Most people go through a lot of pain because of failure to express themselves, which leads to depression and slower wound healing. You may unsubscribe at any time. When you read through this following collection of broken heart quotes, you will realize that many people found themselves in similar situations. I was fragile and naïve, and I truly thought I found the love of my life in you. But that wouldn’t stop me from loving you. I have struggled over the past few weeks to express how I am feeling to you. But love is the strongest pill one can never quit on. 1. I cannot possibly put into words how it feels to have you shatter those hopes and dreams and rip my heart into pieces. The older we grow, the happier we become. I can’t stand the bickering and contempt between us. Emotional Goodbye Messages For Him Or Her. Each second am alone, I’m reminded of what we’ve become through the blasting of songs that depict heartbreak. 28: You’ll never be in my past. Darkness has enveloped me and left me in utter despair. Just yesterday, we were the happiest couple. These messages are sad and for broken hearted lovers. You hastily forgot about all we went through for a few negative things you were told. Hopefully, we will meet on a stronger platform tomorrow. Goodbye, dear friend. I was always striving to make you proud. 27: Forgive me for wronging you beyond description. I offered you my heart and you bombarded me with heartaches and pains. 5: I prayed for more time. But it seems the end is come for us; it is a goodbye, then. I did love and care. Don’t wail when darkness falls on the earth and linger longer than it should. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is completely natural to be passionate for a cause. I don’t want this separation to be longer than anticipated. Goodbyes are never said with smiles on the faces. 20: I may not know about the future, but I can say with all assurance, that I am presently in a miserable state. But once broken, it can never be stitched. 27. What did I give out in return? You never did me wrong but loved me as a true lover should. Your email address will not be published. You held me, looked into my eyes, and promised you were going to be different and to be the best. 10: Memories of you will keep haunting me for a long time to come. We were an alliance in defeating the challenges that were constantly being dished out to us by the caprices of life. I’m beyond broken like a broken chord of a guitar. It’s fine that we met in our lifetime. Nonetheless, I will always love you till eternity. 19: If parting ways will bring you immense joy and freedom, then it will be selfish of me to stay back. Now, it’s a whole new season with different episodes. It appeared those feelings were well received and reciprocated. 21. You said you were leaving but I didn’t know you were leaving with my heart and my soul. I made you a priority because you mattered most. 75 Heart Touching Broken Heart Quotes. 25: I thought that dreams do come true to those who believe, because I had dreams of a bright future with you. 4: It is not just about the words; deep from my heart, I wish you happiness and peace as we go our separate ways. 21: Did you envision this day?

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