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Body Parts in Spanish: Vocabulary, Grammar and More! Here are some more examples of definite articles paired with Spanish words: The same gender and number rules also apply when it comes to indefinite articles. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. We discuss the differences between definite and indefinite articles in Spanish and special uses of the articles UN, UNA, UNOS, UNAS. Kirsten has been fascinated by foreign languages since childhood and has made it her mission to inspire others with her passion for Spanish. When to Use Spanish Definite and Indefinite Articles, When to Drop Spanish Definite and Indefinite Articles. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Spanish Direct Object Pronouns Explained In Simple Language! “Some” is used in English for both the plural indefinite article and for uncountable nouns, while in Spanish unos/unas is only for the plural indefinite article. When saying the month and the day of the week. Also, subscribe to Debbie's monthly newsletter, filled with tips on teaching & learning Spanish. ONLINE SPANISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: ARTICLES/Indefinite articles 1 | level: Beginner Choose the proper definite article ("un" or "una") to complete each sentence. “A” and “an” are also in the top most used words in English and are indefinite articles. Below are some examples of these situations. 1, Definite articles in noun phrases (el de, la de, etc.) Welcome to our Spanish grammar practice section. In Spanish, an article is not used when talking about an unspecified quantity or when the noun is uncountable. This rule is also valid for nationalities as well. Both definite and indefinite articles in Spanish are very useful to talk about different topics in the language. The short articles and everyday conversations are designed by experienced teachers to help beginning students feel challenged and successful. 4, Which definite article (el, la, las, los)? When talking about an unspecified quantity. For example, “it’s 12” is son las doce. app and remember, when in doubt use the article. In the sentence “La cocina está sucia” (The kitchen is dirty), LA COCINA refers to an object previously known by both speakers. To demonstrate, the word “chair” by itself can mean any chair, or even the concept of chairs as things we sit on, whereas “the chair” refers to a specific chair. As the heading says, drop the Spanish article with months and when saying today’s day of the week. On the other hand, if we said “Un perro azul” using one of the indefinite articles in Spanish, then it could be any “blue dog” from any place or group, not one in specific. These Spanish grammar lessons and notes have been prepared by our professional Spanish tutors. Rara Academic by Rara Theme. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. First, this worksheet includes a list of very important nouns to talk about travel plans in Spanish such as “passport, plane, etc.” In the first exercise, students should write an indefinite article plus the noun name in the boxes under each object , for example: “un boleto” (a ticket). 2, Which article - definite or indefinite? Possessive Pronouns in Spanish — A Complete Guide with Examples, 15 Irregular Verbs in Spanish: Cheat Sheets Included. Sometimes, instead of using “unos” we can say “algunos” and that sounds much better. Also, vocabulary lists and dictionaries will often list the gender of the word, or even include the definite article, so you won’t have to guess! You have not finished your quiz. Please read our, Which indefinite article (un, una, unas, unos)? Learn the difference between Spanish articles and when to use them correctly with Lingolia’s grammar rules.

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