series 7 top off tips

2 Do not over highlight (you have no idea what is important or not), 3 Do not read the book only once (if you are following 1 and 2 it won’t be so bad), 4 Do not just do Q’s (the ones giving that advice probably would have passed, no matter how they studied, 6 Do not stay up late the night before cramming (it won’t help), 7 Do not blow off customer accounts(easy ones to get if you keep going over it), 8 Do not worry about getting questions wrong or feel like you are guessing (everyone feels that way and you WILL get 30–40 wrong and can get up to 70 wrong and still pass), 9 Do not feel bad if your studying goes longer than you expect and do NOT let people pressure you into picking a test date. Prepare a study schedule. Give yourself a time budget for how many hours you plan on studying … Contact: in the first instance. Series 7 candidates most likely will not ever be required to compute property taxes, however, they may be required to know the following basic property tax computation formula: EV * AR(%) = AV * MR (1 Mill) = TDwhere:EV = Estimated market (sale) valueAR(%) = Assessment rateMR = Millage rate1 Mill = $0.001 or 1/10th of a centTD = Taxes due\begin{aligned} &\text{EV * AR(\%) = AV * MR (1 Mill) = TD}\\ &\textbf{where:}\\ &\text{EV = Estimated market (sale) value}\\ &\text{AR(\%) = Assessment rate}\\ &\text{MR = Millage rate}\\ &\text{1 Mill = \$0.001 or 1/10th of a cent}\\ &\text{TD = Taxes due}\\ \end{aligned}​EV * AR(%) = AV * MR (1 Mill) = TDwhere:EV = Estimated market (sale) valueAR(%) = Assessment rateMR = Millage rate1 Mill = $0.001 or 1/10th of a centTD = Taxes due​, General Obligation Revenue Major Factors and Tools. Be certain to know the difference in the types of syndicates. Trust indentures, which are legally binding contracts between bond issuers and trustees that represent bondholder interests, are present with revenue bonds, but not with GO bonds. If you're struggling with a math question, try drawing diagrams. - Net revenue pledge: Debt service is paid second from the net revenues. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. There’s a major trend toward the suitability of investments on the examination. Recall that GO bonds are backed by the taxing power of the issuer. Series 7 is for entry-level, registered representatives. This section is all about the actual actions that must occur when a security is bought or sold. Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram also available. We are seeing a wide variety of topics on the top off. The Series 7 exam is three-hours and 45 minutes. There’s a trend towards testing practical knowledge to ensure that people are well equipped to meet clients’ investment needs. The main focal point of this section is suitability, which involves making proper investment recommendations to customers. The general consensus is that the Series 7 is less comprehensive, and therefore slightly easier to pass, than the CFA exams, but only 65% successfully make it through the Series 7 on their first time, so the pressure is on. Prior to issuing any municipal bond, issuers commission attorneys known as “bond counsels” to render legal opinions. Is it reasonable to expect that a proposed facility can pay for itself? I don’t see how you can fit grandma’s (retail customer) needs, fears, and expectations into a T-chart. Orders for the purchase of municipal bonds are filled in a priority sequence specified in the syndicate's priority allocation provisions, which is specified in the underwriting agreement and is provided to all syndicate members. It is suggested that all students taking Series 7 classes spend a minimum of 90 hours with their materials and score consistently in the mid-80's on practice exams before attempting to sit for the exam. Series 7 Exam Details. A general obligation (GO) bond is backed by the credit and "taxing power" of the issuing jurisdiction rather than the revenue from a given project. The FINRA ® Series revised 7, General Securities Representative Qualification "Top-off" Exam, is required of individuals soliciting the purchase or sale of corporate, municipal and U.S. government securities, options, direct participation programs, investment company products, and variable contracts.. Don’t worry – while this exam is a step up in difficulty, you can easily tackle it by building on what you’ve learned so far. 1. Achievable's Series 7 course includes our easy-to-read online textbook, 1,700+ review questions, and 25+ full-length practice exams. Shorten your study time with content delivery based on performance — moving on from concepts you’ve mastered and going deeper into ones you haven’t. When the bonds are delivered to buyers and a settlement is made, the buyer receives a final confirmation and a copy of the official statement, if it has been completed. Establishing a Strong Study Routine for the Series 7 Exam Get into a consistent study routine on a daily basis; never separate yourself from your textbooks for more than one day. Have a confidential story, tip, or comment you’d like to share? If the bonds themselves are not ready for delivery, the customer will receive a temporary confirmation known as a "when issued" confirm. The Series 7 is the most widely administered of FINRA’s regulatory exams, with more than 43,000 Series 7 exams administered annually. When you’re planning out your last couple weeks before test day, be sure to spend a bit of time with each section before planning – and do a couple practice questions from each one. 10 of the questions are considered “experimental” and do not count towards your grade. Study Tips for the Series 7 Top-Off Which Students Use to Pass Map Out Your Ti​​​​​​​meline - Effective students map out when they plan to (or have to) take the exam. In controlled studies, most students see a drop-off after studying for more than three hours in a row, but with just an hour break they can study another three hours with similar success. FINRA. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 227 | Alpharetta, GA 30022 | 770-410-9375 |, Series 7 Top-Off Review Package - Live Classroom Course, Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam - Live Classroom Course, Series 7 Top-Off - Live Webinar With OnDemand Playback, Find a Series 7 Exam Prep Class that suits your individual needs as a student studying for Series 7 Licensing. eFinancialCareers is a DHI service U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Make sure your study material is up-to-date. The authority to borrow, demonstrating the legality for this entity to borrow money via municipal bonds under state and federal laws. 4. Sometimes these humans might be asleep, or away from their desks, so it may take a while for your comment to appear. All rights reserved ©2016 - 2020 Achievable, Inc. Seeks Business for the Broker-Dealer from Customers and Potential Customers, Opens Accounts after Obtaining and Evaluating Customers’ Financial Profile and Investment Objectives, Provides Customers with Information about Investments, Makes Suitable Recommendations, Transfers Assets and Maintains Appropriate Records, Obtains and Verifies Customers’ Purchase and Sales Instructions and Agreements; Processes, Completes, and Confirms Transactions, Equity securities (common and preferred stock), Investment Companies (for example: mutual funds), How to understand a customer’s financial situation, Supervisory requirements for discussions with customers, The Series 7 Top-Off exam that you take will have 135 questions, with 10 of those questions being “experimental” questions that don’t count on the final exam. The processes of bringing new bonds to market widely differ, between GO bonds and revenue bonds. Yes, 73% of this exam will come from this section. Check the Matrix. - Amount and type of bonds to be sold and their purpose. Think of it as a really hard, really long driving test that’s there to stop people in investment banking from crashing the market.

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