romans 12:2 sermon

If now transformed from the world to God, hereafter you shall be transformed from misery to happiness.(Bp. Davies, D.D. Am I, or am I not "transformed in the renewing of my mind"? What becomes of Christian profession when Christians are as sordid, gay, and unscrupulous as other men?3. "The path of the just is as the shining light, etc. Now, I suppose that in my text the word "mind" is not so much employed in the widest sense, including all the affections and will, and the other faculties of our nature, as in the narrower sense of the perceptive power, or that faculty in our nature by which we recognise, and make our own, certain truths. From new principles. H. Etchers, M.A. Have not there been other faces besides Moses' that shone as men came down from the Mount of Communion with God? Pray (Psalm 51:10).5. Note the reasons for this examination.1. What ruined Simon Magus? How is the commandment to be obeyed? (3)Joy and grief (Psalm 42:1, 2). The fact that God's Spirit is given to us is not a reason for our indolence, but for our work, because it gives us the power by which we can do the thing we desire. But He proved it, and in the proving of it He found it to be "good and acceptable and perfect." It is only a little spark that has to kindle a great heap of green wood, and to turn it into its own ruddy likeness. Now not to enlarge upon the evils connected with the stage, to which you give your countenance and aid by attendance and payment for admission: we will admit that these are not essential to the stage, though somehow they are always found connected with it. Note: —I. You must say, with renewed minds, entering into His mind, "I come to do Thy will, O my God." To understand a spiritual precept you must be spiritual yourself.6. Nay, you stand aloof, and start objections and difficulties. Hear it preached.3. But that you cannot do if you yield a forced submission. Rutherford. We ask whether one renewed in the image of God would find himself a welcome guest there? We are separated from the world to God (1 Peter 2:9-12).2. 3. Our characters are largely made by our estimates of what is good or bad, desirable or undesirable. Look to your heads (2 Corinthians 13:5); your hearts (Proverbs 4:23); your lives (Matthew 12:33). If you get into the habit of using religious language without knowing what you mean by it, you will increasingly become an empty shell. The old Christian virtue of chivalry still lingers amongst us — the leaning to the weaker side because it is weaker, the desire to protect the weak and repress the strong, etc., may run to excess, but even Quixotism is refreshing. (3)In your company. Christ in us, if we are true to Him, will make us mere ourselves, and yet new creatures in Christ Jesus. The proving of the will of God, then, with your whole nature changed into the image of the heavenly, what a joyous exercise of liberty and love will it be!4. Verse 1 says that we should present our bodies — that is, our whole active life — as a living sacrifice which is our spiritual service of worship. (2)Desire and abhorrence. — the world. — the world. Many of the plans for the social and moral renovation of the world are as superficial as a doctor's treatment would be, who would direct all his attention to curing pimples when the patient is dying of consumption.2. But give it a full and fair trial; and you will soon find that in the very "keeping of God's commandments there is great reward." The inner man must be dealt with first, and then the outward will come right in due time. And He comes in, bearing in His hands a germ of life which will mould and shape our "mind" after His own blessed pattern.4. Self-love.4. )Nonconformity to the worldBp. In our judgment concerning —(1)God (Matthew 19:17). The world, perhaps, now, at least the world of the upper classes of society, is not quite so rough, but more polished in its sinfulness; but its scenes of amusement, its theatres, its luxurious tastes and habits, its nightly revels, and too lavish entertainments, partake as essentially of the elements of worldliness as the less advanced indulgences of a ruder age. To a new end (1 Corinthians 10:31; Matthew 5:16).V. To some, this world means profligacy and sin; to others, great luxury; to others, certain fashionable amusements, or dress; to others, the use of secular music, or the reading of light literature.

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