revolution and counter revolution

Thus, a moralist who affirms a liberal maxim would always be moved by a liberal tendency. As a result, its mass base began to ebb away. Whether the right-wing will accept this probable defeat is another question. This culture includes not only the learning, that is, the possession of the information needed for such an elaboration, but also the analysis and coordination of this information according to Catholic doctrine. God, Who imprinted a hierarchical mark on all visible and invisible creation, did the same on the human soul. With the passing of time, the general picture of this apogee became even clearer, whether on account of the geographical and populational expansion of communist domination, the worldwide diffusion of Red propaganda and the weight of the communist parties in the Western world, or the penetration of communist tendencies into national cultures. The counter-revolutionaty should also observe, analyze, and foresee the new steps of the process in order to erect as soon as possible every obstacle against the supreme form of tendential revolution and of revolutionary psychological warfare: the aborning Fourth Revolution. In reality, who can guarantee that this outcome will not take place within ten years, five years, or even less? There would be a curious similarity of effects between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the building of this bridge: Both would open the European continent to invasions analogous to those Charlemagne victoriously repelled, namely, the barbarian or semi-barbarian hordes from the East and the Mohammedan hordes from regions south of the European continent. j. Ambiences may favor good or bad customs. His Holiness John Paul II also painted a somber picture of the Church’s situation. One may answer the question in two ways: The actual counter-revolutionary is one who: Of course this attitude of soul does not require higher education. Such an idea is an illusion. The leaking of his tax returns, the declaration by hundreds of retired generals in support of Biden, and the attacks on him in the media are all indications of this. “The world political situation as a whole is chiefly characterized by a historical crisis of the leadership of the proletariat,” wrote Leon Trotsky in 1938. The more the crisis has intensified, the further to the right the “left” leaders have moved to accommodate and manage capitalism and buckled to the pressure of calling for ‘national unity’. The most powerful driving force of the Revolution is in the disordered tendencies. This terrible enemy has a name: It is called the Revolution. In him, the reaction against the Revolution is more pertinacious, more lively. These depths, in a way, are echeloned. The first is the decline of the persuasive power of communist proselytism. The regime then rested on the effects and consequences of the victory of the fascists on political consciousness, and the fear of the repressive apparatus. For the sake of brevity, adhering to the usage of various authors on spiritual matters, whenever we speak of the passions as promoters of the Revolution, we are referring to disordered passions. A police officer stands amid smoke and debris as buildings continue to burn in the aftermath of a night of protests and violence following the death of George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minn., on May 29, 2020. The centrifugal tendency for some of the states in the US to act in opposition to Washington is likely to increase should Trump hunker down and remain in the White House. In some countries, this has allowed the populist right and far-right to partially step in, along with increasingly authoritarian measures being introduced by numerous governments, which pose a serious threat to the oppressed. And why is the advocate of divorce regarded as modem while the defender of indissoluble marriage is considered outdated? In May 1968, I was in London, excited as any of my contemporaries by the “events” of that month. We limit ourselves to using these words as relatively precise labels to indicate certain realities. Perestroika and Glasnost: Dismantling the Third Revolution And there are two passions that most serve it: pride and sensuality. Besides largely explaining the success of the Revolution, this provides an important indication for the soldiers of the Counter-Revolution. Whence the existence and influence, among all civilized peoples, of aristocratic institutions, aristocratic in the highest sense of the word, like certain academies of widespread and well-deserved fame. This is the egalitarian aspect of the Revolution. In reality, he would destroy the impetus of the reaction without stopping the enemy. We are more concerned with providing a sound idea of these realities than with debating terminology. Thus, this crisis is like a queen whom all the forces of chaos serve as efficient and docile vassals. It was intended as a government of “consensus”. As a general rule, the sinner who truly amends has a greater horror for sin than he had in the best years before his fall. And, all the while, in great and small alike, there was a fading of the will of yore to keep the royal power within its proper bounds as in the days of Saint Louis of France and Saint Ferdinand of Castile. Contemporary man is no longer anchored in certainties and thus has lost sight of who he is, where he comes from and where he is going. A selective process, not yet determined, would place the direction of the economy in the hands of the most capable, without resulting in the formation of classes. Rather, Horne demonstrates how the Revolution reinvigorated the slave trade and subsequently bore a counter-revolution of slavery. This culture is not restricted to the theological, philosophical, or scientific field, but encompasses the breadth of human knowledge; it is reflected in the arts and implies the affirmation of values that permeate all aspects of life. Indeed, of what use are books, thinkers, or remnants of civilization in a tribal world beset by the hurricanes of the disordered human passions and the deliria of structuralist-tribalist “mysticism” — what a tragic situation, in which nobody would be anything in the empire of Nothingness. Of course, this affirmation does not refer to principles but to accidents. Undoubtedly, these activities are highly relevant and can only be looked upon with approval.

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