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As mentioned, SNOO Sacks come with the SNOO Sleeper. I also love that the Snoo bills itself as the world’s safest bassinet: there has never been a single death or injury reported in a Snoo and babies have spent a combined 75 million hours sleeping in them. Absolutely. “There is no less touching. I couldn’t wait to get Claire home to her Snoo bassinet, because I suspected it would be a game changer for both of us. Once you have set up an account, the app will log your baby's sleep and alert you if baby needs more attention i.e. It was our biggest fear. These are the best baby monitors to give you peace of mind, the latest car seat safety results are in and they are full of surprises, and CHOICE reveal 18 products that failed pram and stroller test. I also found myself regularly checking the Happiest Baby blog for advice and tips. Please log in again. Also, the SNOO is heavy. I love stroking Claire’s head and watching her as she sleeps in it – she looks so blissed out. It's 30% off over Father's Day so maybe worth getting it now if you're considering it? Now at almost 6 months, that’s down to around 14 hours – still a huge portion of her day. It is, after all, a never-before-seen responsive baby cot that operates on its own, boosting baby's sleep and automatically responding to cries like your very own personal helper, 24/7! It works out to be about the cost of a cup of coffee per day – and I daresay with a Snoo you won’t need the extra shot of caffeine to get you through the day. The Snoo is also a big ticket item, at almost AUD$2,000 (I’ve owned cars worth less than this bassinet!). Baby not sleeping? For more stories like this, visit whimn.com.au. If I haven’t already taken her out of the Snoo by the time two minutes is up, it turns itself off and I get a notification on my phone telling me that ‘Claire needs my care.’. Do we think it is worth the investment though? Also, it has been featured in over 200 plus publications over the world including the likes of CNN, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal etc. ), 5 of the best white noise machines for your baby’s nursery, “I’ve had 8 babies and here’s how I got them to sleep …”, 9 ways to create the perfect sleep environment for your baby, 6 ways to keep babies cool on hot summer nights. We recommend getting the app because you get to view your baby’s sleep patterns (track daily, weekly, monthly press) via the SNOO Sleep Logs. Dads, we need you too! and respond to it automatically by gradually increasing the strength of white noise and motion to find the best level to calm the fussing. Again, that new parent anxiety catastrophised how terribly the change would go, but true to her resilience, Olive hardly noticed, continuing her same sleep habits. We're not exaggerating when we say the SNOO Smart Sleeper is the world's most awarded baby bed. A baby will only last six months in a Snoo before they outgrow it and need to move into a cot – so it is a lot of money for a short duration. It’s not a magician though. They’re also currently part of a research program into preventing post-natal depression at Melbourne’s Monash University. As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, laying on their back is the safest sleeping positioning for babies. Its in-built swaddle reminded me of a straightjacket, with a thick Velcro strap across her arms, which are down by her sides inside the Snoo sack. By quickly developing healthy sleeping habit with the SNOO at the newborn stage, it reduces the need for sleep training down the road. This time around, I never anxiously wonder during the day what the night has in store for us. It doesn't stop at just tangible accessories. One of which is the prevention of risky rolling. We tried Lovekins baby skin care range and love, love, love it! It’s like your older sister moved in with you.” How? You see, Snoo is only available via US company Happiest Baby in US dollars. I also know from experience that in the blink of an eye, my gorgeous, snuffly newborn will become a rambunctious toddler.

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