psalm 30 lesson

Or “thou hast brought up my soul from hell”. The power of God has come upon him with such joy that it has overwhelmed David in the Spirit of God. When we allow Jesus to be Lord of our life as well as our Savior, we do it His way and it works. We should not plan to dance before the Lord. I have said before that I refuse to go to a church where the presence of God is not evident. You cannot have it both ways! Or on account of afflictions. If David was arguing with the Lord here he drops it to seek God’s “mercy” and help. Lord Jesus, take up your abode in me. This is the very condition of all of us. 5:11), or the dedication of the threshing floor of Araunah (or Ornan), the site of the future temple (2 Sam. We have so much to praise God for. Psalm 30: The words “house of David” in the superscription are intended to record the occasion of the psalm’s writing, but may point to either the dedication of David’s palace (2 Sam. Man cannot live a successful life without God. I will declare to all who you are and your truth. Psalm 30. What does the author believe is the most beautiful example of God’s forgiveness in the Bible? The Jews put on sackcloth when they were mourning and poured ashes over their head. When that on which he so confidently relied was swept away, he was agitated, troubled, and anxious. We deserve to die for the sin in our life, but Jesus became our _____________. And some degree of faith in him, by looking again towards his holy temple, and waiting upon him until he returned. But he cried after a departing God, which showed love to him. This Psalm of David or song was at the dedication of what? He was not stupid and unaffected with it; nor did he turn his back upon God, and seek to others. Where is the only place to go in time of trouble? 21:18-30). We know that David, like us, made mistakes and was punished for those mistakes. Psalm 30:8 “I cried to thee, O LORD; and unto the LORD I made supplication.”. 32:25; Jer. The greatest rejoicing is when we were guilty of sin and are now forgiven. 4. To “hide the face” is synonymous in the sacred writings with the withdrawing of favor. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever. “And unto the Lord I made supplication”: In the humblest manner; entreating his grace and mercy, and that he would again show him his face and favor. Just as in the verse above David believed that God saved him, we must believe that Jesus saved us. “My glory”: Now with renewed perspective (verse 6), he recognizes that all he is and has is due to God’s unmerited grace (contrast verse 7a). Where does the Christian grow with God the most? It may have been the strength of his own fortifications or it may have been the number and discipline of his army. Let the Holy Spirit be my teacher and my Guide. In this case, the healing possibly was of a broken heart. “And give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness”: Which is essential to him, and in which he is glorious. But this mourning is exchanged for joy and gladness when the Lord discovers his pardoning love. Really this is a vain statement by David, but a statement that all too many of us make as well. “Thou didst hide thy face”: That is, at the time when I was so confident, and when I thought my mountain stood so strong, and that I was so secure. 38:20). Sometimes they are mourning by reason of sin, their own and others. To die in sin would mean that the person would wind up in hell. Suddenly any of these may be swept away. What was the one thing David really dreaded? For all that I had so confidently relied on, all that I thought was so firm, was suddenly swept away. David promises God in this verse, that He will praise Him forever. A psalm of David. This, with what follows, expresses the success he had in seeking the Lord by prayer and supplication. The first psalm is a part of the holiday liturgy of Hanukkah. In this psalm, David praises God for hearing him and healing him (6:2; 30:8-10; 86:13; Isa. The one thing that David dreaded was dying before God forgave him of the sin he had committed. God lifted the pestilence, because of the prayers of David. When David numbered the people without God’s permission, God punished David severely. Just one touch of the Lord, and the mourning is gone.

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