presto fry daddy uk

I love it. The oil residue that become "caked on" through repeated use is very difficult to remove, I have filled it with hot water and Dawn, let it soak then used a nylon scrub pad with a lot of elbow grease but it still won't satisfactorily clean. In my opinion I would use coconut oil as the smoke point for coconut oil is 450 degrees f. and this fryer does not get hotter than 400 degrees. The quantity of wings a typical person makes will like require you to make them in batches. Deep Fryers for Home, Single Cylinder Electric Fryer with Stainless Steel Removable... Galaga Electric Fryer Deep Fryer - 12.7QT/12L Deep Fryer Double Cylinder Electric C... PureMate 4.2L Air Fryer with Digital Display & Recipes Book, Healthy Oil Free 1400W... CalmDo Air Fryer, 12 Liters Tower Low Fat Oven, 18 Preset Programmes Oil Free Fryin... Muzili Air Fryer, Digital Mini Air Fryer 6-in-1 Oil Free Healthy Fryer Family-Size ... Cooks Professional Air Fryer Halogen Oven Rotisserie with Digital LCD Display, Heal... Royal Catering RCEF 08D-EGO Electric Deep Fryer Double Commercial Fat Fryer (2 x 8 ... Aigostar Deep Fryer 2200W, 3L, 304 Stainless Steel, with Viewing Window, Temperatur... 304 Stainless Steel Wing Nut Set M5 Butterfly Nut Hand Twist Fasteners Hardware 20PCS. Get the truth from people who own a Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep, including the fact that it won't... You can keep the oil in the container and use it 3-4 times depending on what your frying. I have not deep fried pork chops in this, but don't see why it wouldn't work. Presto Fry Daddy 4-Cup Electric Deep Fryer. Main reason we purchased item was to batter fry Halibut. A few months ago my old "black" Fry Daddy finally died after years of repeated use and when I went to replace it I bought a Fry Daddy Elite - the stainless steel caught my eye and it looked pretty. She says it is totally easy to clean and she just loves it. Gets it to the right temp and fast. DOESN'T IT SHORT OR DAMAGE THE ELECTRONICS? You would want to either bake your pork chop in the oven or bread it and pan fry it in a frying pan. If large (like breast) only a couple, maybe three, wings, legs etc. Two larger pork chops would be too close together for even cooking, particularly on the sides that faced each other. They will continue to cook to perfection. Presto 05470 Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer, Silver. I haven't used the Elite. I have never actually used it, never needed to. Ideal for a family. Very easy...sponge and Brillo pads, Very easy to clean! The inside is difficult to clean as well. I'd agree with the others that six would be OK. I've had one since they came out and used it often. Just take the lid off, add oil to the designated line, let it get to temp., and add your food to fry. It will immediately start to get hot. as long as you can fit the pieces into the fryer then add about a minute or two for them to cook in there. enjoy. Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. Compact Size of this deep Fryer favours for secure storage. I say no more than a couple times. But the 05420 Fry Daddy is great! there is no basket. Have not cleaned it yet. I haven't timed it. All these people saying you can only use the oil 2-3 times is because they leave all the food and crumbs in the oil which burn each time you use the oil. I mean, read the sentence. It is a very small unit a and a scoop is supplied with the unit. depends on how many you want to fry at one time. yes, I fry 3 times before new batch of oil, Yes you can but it is similar to any deep fryer that the oil is only reusable for a short time and you will see the fried items taking on a darker and more unappealing appearance. also easy clean. I returned it.No thermostat so it will get too hot or not hot enough and Plasttic cheap lid that will melt if mistakenly put on while hot so why is this any better than a pot on the stove.Good I guess for camping but there are much better small fryers with a thermostat a basket and good lid. The inside is not that difficult either. They both cook equally as well but the "Elite" is harder to clean. Probably 6 or so. Gently pour into a clean container using a fine mesh strainer so to catch any solids. It was a bad choice! I would say yes, it is good for tailgating, however, the lid is NOT designed to be used when oil is hot; it is just to close the fryer when you are done and when you want to store the oil until the next time. Fry until golden brown, approximately 1 minute. yes you can save the oil...I save mine, but not over and over again...maybe just a couple of cycles. It works decent like this though. FREE Shipping. I think its a great little fryer and I`m no chief!! IS THE LID A TIGHT SEAL TO KEEP THE OIL FROM SPILLING? nope, no will use the big spoon to get your fried food. Maintains perfect frying temperature automatically.

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