pilot sentence for class 2

Strong arms slipped around her waist, drawing her back against him. You'll find similar explanations and communication examples for almost every conceivable situation throughout the AIM. In June 1916, Mr. Russell, who had taken a strong line against the. Also means to wait as in "stand by for clearance." It was evident that this strange, strong man was under the irresistible influence of the dark, graceful girl who loved another. HAVE NUMBERS—Used by pilots to inform ATC that they have received runway, wind, and altimeter information only. There are strong arguments against Robert Wedderburn's authorship, as maintained by Laing and others. I'm gonna dig further on Monday but just the last name's a mighty strong coincidence, isn't it? EZEKIEL (spin', " God strengthens " or " God is strong "; Sept. The gentleness for which he was already renowned was not that of a weak, but of a strong character. There is a band of thieves in our district who ought to be arrested by a strong force--October 11. Colonel Arimondi, commander of the colonial forces in the absence of the military governor, General Baratieri, attacked and routed a dervish force 10,000 strong on the 21st of December. ACKNOWLEDGE—Let me know that you have received my message. The chief muscular mass, arising from the sternum in the shape of a U, is the pectoralis muscle; its fibres converge into a strong tendon, which is inserted upon the greater tubercle and upper crest of the humerus, which it depresses and slightly rotates forwards during the downstroke. This medieval fortress, strong by art as well as position before the invention of modern artillery, has since undergone numerous sieges. In Ireland the game took root very gradually, but in Ulster, owing doubtless to constant intercourse with Scotland, such clubs as have been founded are strong in numbers and play. The tower is still standing and is remarkable for its increase in size as it rises, which causes it to rock in a strong wind. However, the Wizard went once more to his satchel--which seemed to contain a surprising variety of odds and ends--and brought out a spool of strong wire, by means of which they managed to fasten four of the wings to Jim's harness, two near his head and two near his tail. His voice was clear and strong, and all knew that he, at least, was not afraid. He was essentially a student, with strong leanings towards archaeology and ecclesiology. Leib nitz's Monadology - which has little influence on his theism - may be viewed as a strong recoil from Spinoza's all-swallowing substance. When transmitting such information in response to either a controller question or pilot initiated cautionary advisory to air traffic control, pilots will state the APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF MINUTES the flight can continue with the fuel remaining. Crispi, whose strong anti-clerical convictions did not prevent him from regarding the papacy as preeminently an Italian institution, was determined both to prove to the Catholic world the practical independence of the government of the Church and to retain for Rome so potent a centre of universal attraction as the presence of the future pope. It was strong enough to wipe out anything negative he might feel towards her. I first heard this term on a solo flight, and not knowing exactly what the controller meant made me a little apprehensive. The pilot of a flying machine is usually in charge for the whole trip. Without protections in place, the strong merely prey on the weak. Tendon of the flexor hallucis longus muscle sending a strong vinculum to that of the flexor profundus muscle, the tendon of which goes to the third toe only. The Kalmucks and Circassians of the Kuban attacked it repeatedly in the r 7th century, so that it had to be fortified by a strong earthen and palisaded wall, traces of which are still visible. On the 28th of March 1888 the negus indeed descended from the Abyssinian high plateau in the direction of Saati, but finding the Italian position too strong to be carried by assault, temporized and opened negotiations for peace. Twenty One Pilots(Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun) is a great example of a band using their music to express struggles with mental health. Explore other communications-related resources in the institute’s Radio Communications and ATC Safety Spotlight. The entry of Crispi into the Depretis cabinet (December 1877) placed at the ministry of the interior a strong hand and sure eye at a moment when they were about to become im- CHspi. Fierce is much cross and strong and very hungry. But the national feeling of the Persians remained strong. If you have a question, "verify" is the word you use to ensure you have the right information. The kid tried to get up, but it wasn't strong enough - or was it injured in the fall? The so-called rivers have a strong flow only after heavy rains, and some of them do not ever reach the main drainage line. If he is too busy and refuses your flight following request, don't get mad. Transmissions that are too brief usually result in the controller asking you to provide more detail. In 1868 Denver became the capital, but feeling in the southern counties was then so strong against Denver that provision was made for a popular vote on the situation of the capital five years after Colorado should become a state. Well isn't that a kick in the ass... all right, let's move on… how freaking strong are you? As she sank to the floor, a strong hand gripped her arm. NEGATIVE CONTACT—Used by pilots to inform ATC that the previously issued traffic is not in sight. For a long time the topic of mental health has felt taboo in many situations, but that has slowly been changing and that change extends to musicians as well. From the time of Socrates in unbroken succession up to the reign of Hadrian, the school was represented by men of strong individuality. This loop hung in a very strong magnetic field, and when one junction was heated by radiation and convection from the heating wire the loop was 18 See R. Poulsen immensely improved this process by placing the arc in an atmosphere of hydrogen, coal-gas or some other nonoxidizing gas, and at the same time arranging it in a strong magnetic field.'. Simply call on the frequency you are given, state your call sign and position, and the words "request flight following.". They don't have a strong case, but if I'm the only one they're looking at, someone's going to get away with murder. She tried to push away from him but his embrace was too strong.

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