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… But that shouldn't take away from 99.99 percent of the time that officers are doing great things in this community, are making great cases and great arrests and basically being good police officers.". Officer William Escobar, 26, also was captured on video kicking and hitting a handcuffed suspect who already was on the ground. They also injured more than 1,900 people during that five-year period, with 1,200 of them requiring medical care, the Sentinel found. He was sentenced to five years of probation and stripped of his police credentials. Mina said it would be a mistake to compare Orlando's use-of-force numbers to any other department's because OPD counts things that some agencies do not. The Sentinel found Orlando officers used force more often than cops in several other cities with police departments, populations and minority communities of similar size. Richmond, Va., paid $750,000 and Baton Rouge, La., roughly $1.4 million. Officer used force on drunken 84-year-old World War II veteran. OPD officers used force more frequently on black suspects: 55 percent in a city where 28 percent of the population is black. The most common injuries: cuts, wounds from stun-gun probes and bruises. A Sentinel review of evidence indicates six of the suspects were armed. Sometimes that's the bad guy. You can report these calls to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). It is unfair, Mina said, to compare OPD's force numbers to any other department's, in part because Orlando has such a heavy concentration of bars and nightclubs downtown and at Universal Orlando, locations where many of the confrontations happen. 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During those five years, the city and its officers prevailed in two excessive-force jury trials and one bench trial, cases filed by suspects who had been shot and bitten by dogs. "No one is thinking about race," he said. Officers entered home with guns drawn where kids were playing. "Anyone can sue anybody for anything," Mina said. The people subjected to force included a woman pulled from her car by the hair, an 11-year-old girl shocked by a stun gun and a 12-year-old boy whose skull was fractured by a police dog set loose by its handler. Pre–post comparisons within groups demonstrated that the reduction in the prevalence of R2R incidents (53.4% reduction) and external complaints (65.4% reduction) were statistically significant for the officers who wore the BWCs, and significant reductions in the frequency of these outcomes were detected as well. Officer entered woman's home without consent and used force on her. "You can't compare our agency to their agency [the Orange County Sheriff's Office], or really our agency to another agency … unless you're going to give me an area that has the same population, that has 80 bars, nightclubs and restaurants in 1 square mile and also has Universal Studios and also has our same reporting requirements," Mina said. Dyer defended the way the department's officers use force. OPD does not. “BWCs will also improve accountability and transparency, protect our officers from false complaints, and provide valuable evidence for prosecutors,” said Mina in a … "You never want that to be your city," Fagan said. Read the follow-up to our award-winning investigation, By Rene Stutzman and Charles Minshew, Orlando Sentinel. Officer Peter Delio, 31, was captured on video kneeing a suspect in a holding cell — a move that ruptured the man's spleen and caused other internal injuries. Officer used forced on woman sitting on her porch during a suspect chase. Otto's version of what happened that night, March 29, 2010, is very different from what Alban wrote in his arrest report. Jerry Girley, an Orlando civil-rights attorney, is suing the department on behalf of two clients. Officers used forced on man leaving nightclub. "Ofc. ", Some OPD excessive-force cases appear to have "undertones" of racial bias, he said. The Orlando Police Department arrested Benjamin Holmes in connection with the death of Christine Franke, Nov. 5, 2018. Otto was drunk and belligerent, Alban wrote. OPD reported using force in 5.6 percent of its arrests from 2010 to 2014, based on FBI arrest numbers. The city has about 740 officers and a population of 238,000. "Unfortunately, due to socioeconomic circumstances, a larger percentage of crimes today — and this is not an Orlando issue, it's a national issue — are being committed by young African-American males," Dyer said. Tampa has a department of more than 950 officers and a population of nearly 360,000. Evaluating the impact of police officer body-worn cameras (BWCs) on response-to-resistance and serious external complaints: Evidence from the Orlando police department (OPD) experience utilizing a randomized controlled experiment. The total payout for Baton Rouge does not include those that were less than $10,000, information that officials would not provide to the Sentinel. Officer used force on man waiting for girlfriend outside restaurant at Universal. The city settled for $6,000. For example, some count handcuffing a suspect as an act of force. "It's more an abuse-of-power thing. Officer responding to family dispute at a home used forced on man. Marcus Cull talks about being shot by an OPD officer. Officers used force on people ranging in age from 11 to 84. Incomplete data were supplemented with other public data sets from the Orlando Police Department, Orange County Clerk of Courts and Orange County Jail records. Andrew Gibson designed the web presentation and built the interactive map and database. I quite honestly would not want to be one of the officers on Saturday night or Sunday night, dealing with all of the people that they do downtown.". Officers accused Cull of trying to kill Officer Mathew Fleury by repeatedly ramming his car as he fled, and that's why they chased him. Officer used force on man during an incident at Universal. "They hurt people for no reason. That has led to a decline in suspect injuries, Dyer said. (May 26, 2015) Credit: Rich Pope/Orlando Sentinel. Officers used physical force and stun guns less than they did five years ago, while use of chemical spray doubled. "They have a very dangerous job to do," he said, "a job that I would not want to do. OPD officers shot and killed 10 people from 2010 to 2014. Attorney Frank T. Allen, who negotiated a $3,000 settlement in an excessive-force lawsuit against the city on behalf of a 62-year-old retired police officer, agreed with Laurent that it's not a race issue.

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