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YEP! If a partner asked you to have sex in a sex shop booth with others watching, would you? Do you enjoy long camping trips? How would you feel about a significant other. Do you use the word "ain't" in everyday conversation? If you meet someone and they are everything you are looking for, except their body type, do you give them a chance? How organized are the files on your computer? I wouldn't. When shopping, you noticed that wealthy-looking man dropped some money on the floor while paying and didn't notice while leaving. Ex: "How important is religion/God in your life?". 311 Would the world be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce? If you could enjoy a few hours of sex with them and your friend would never find out about it, would you do it? Would you wear your partner's underclothing if they wanted you to? 25% off (6 days ago) The Okcupid Promo Code Reddit page always publish the latest Coupons for {MerDomian} and updates them regularly. Should evolution and creationism be taught side-by-side in school? 352 Are you annoyed by people who are super logical? But within reason, especially from the real life actions of an Internet Troll or Cyber-Bully. Do you believe that wealth in America is fairly distributed? 464 What is next in this series? Do you remember dreams that you had as a child? The women are portrayed in a good photographic light. Do you practice or believe in real magick, not to be confused with stage magic and parlor tricks? My relationship would be open, but I would still feel shock form the surprise. On weekends / days off, do you like to get out and make the most of the day, or do you prefer to sleep late and relax? How do you react? Along the top menu bar in Dev Tools, select the Network tab. A friend has become homeless. Imagine you have a significant other who reveals they have a video of a sexual encounter from a prior relationship and offers to show it to you. How often do you tell your platonic friends that you love them? If you had to pick one of the following types of people for a significant other, which would it be? Adding on to this, I've found a way to search for and answer a specific standard question (albeit it's very technical and roundabout). Would you ever seriously date someone twice your age? If you had to guess, do you think humans will go extinct in the next 1000 years? 362 Do you Google someone before a first date? Is this a problem? What volume level do you usually prefer when listening to music? 270 If it were legal to do so where you live, would you smoke marijuana? (i.e. OkCupid determines match rankings between its users by asking them a series of questions, and determining how they answer. Are you, or have you ever been, in a band? Someone offers to give you $100 if you *don't* vote in the next national election. This: Do you enjoy crossword puzzles or jumbled word puzzles? Would you ever consider a relationship where you would take on an exclusive sexual role as master or slave? The most important question to ask yourself when making a decision is... Would you consider dating someone who plans to remain celibate indefinitely? What would be more likely to bother you in a relationship? If you had to name your greatest motivation in life thus far, what would it be? Have you ever stayed up all night, until dawn, talking with someone you have just met? This is a very small sample of data that I find useful. I wish I could say "always." Do you consider yourself sexually open minded? Would you consider having a serious relationship with an active porn star? It's your first date with someone you recently met. Explore both relationships simultaneously. 302 Have you ever had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex? No, I expect others to speak my native language. business, that I instinctively channel all my energy into indignant, wine-flushed self-defense. How important would it be for you to have a work schedule that is similar to your partner's work schedule? If someone identifies as a feminist, does that raise or lower your opinion of them? Have you ever taken a shower with a partner? How do you dispose of your used chewing gum? Imagine that you live in a place where public nudity is not only legal, but also socially acceptable. If you had a one-night stand DURING a relationship, would you confess to your mate? Sexually explicit art or song lyrics should be. Would you ever date someone that is HIV positive? http://i.imgur.com/GpYhp.png : How are you most likely to show your partner you care? You are more likely to have an orgasm via. Do you believe that some people can see a person's soul, just by staring into their eyes for a few moments? You just don't love your partner anymore. Could you marry someone for a reason other than love (e.g. 254 Do you consider yourself to be an honorable person? The only luxuries would be those you could carry in a pack on your back. How many romantic partners have you lived with? When chatting with a potential friend/significant other online, is use of proper grammar and spelling important to you? Do you laugh when somebody trips and falls? See other people’s answers to questions before you answer. 306 You're dating someone new. If someone asked you, "What's the worst thing you've ever done?" Machine gun / fully automatic / assault weapon. What's your opinion of the phrase "making love" when it refers to sex? Are those apocalyptic dreams I've been having lately trying to tell me something?Â. Turn-off. I have no problem with cheating either way. What’s interesting about this set of questions is that they’re mostly related to relationships—with people, the earth, and higher powers. Or only those prepared for the apocalypse? When you're not in a serious relationship, what do you prefer? I dislike all of the above video game types. Which of the following would be most likely to scare you away? Undressed: What’s the Deal With the Age Gap in Relationships? I never thought so before. Spotless, shiny, germ-free, clean clean clean. Would you consider taking a stay-at-home role? 329 Would you be willing to date someone who plays video games almost every day, for at least 2 hours? 258 Do you believe in the power of prayer? Your date for the evening surprises you with a pair of opera tickets. Maybe, but there is no way to really know. Ideally, what portion of your total hobbies and other recreational activities would you like to share as common with a partner? 573 How important is religion/God in your life? I don't give TMI, I AM TMI. Do you think partial birth abortion should be banned? Chris has answered hundreds of questions over the years on his various profiles. Do you have a favorite sports team that you really like to follow? If things got more serious, the cheating. This is the browser communicating with OKCupid to return a list of questions containing that term. Would you consider dating someone who had spent considerable time in a mental health facility? (e.g., You can't stop until you've answerd a multiple of 5 questions or the total number of questions you've answered ends in 2.). We gathered some information across the web to see if we could determine a tangible outcome from using OkCupid A-List. Dinosaurs though? 460 How important is it to you that your partner smell good? If you were to get married, would you want your partner to change his or her last name to yours? As far as you're concerned, how long will it take before you have sex? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. If we'd just started dating, it would be the spilled wine. When the relationship was not going well. Is this a trick? Your lover doesn't like one of your friends! I would not tell ANYONE else ON THE INTERNET OR ONLINE (Damn Trolls and Bullies; the Rage Comics Troll Face offends me very much). You can mark it "Irrelevant" and set your answer to private (so other members won't be able to see your answer) if you'd prefer. If I saw someone checking out my significant other, I'd feel: Would you ever record a video of yourself having sex? Suppose a close friend's partner is very attractive and thinks you're attractive, too. Answering the questions, you feel as though a strange but benevolent force is guiding you. But if we were serious for a long time, say a decade or so, and we finally felt ready to open our relationship, like we'd been saying we would some day because we're both so chill and our love is so strong and we are so devoted to both each other and the gospel of Dan Savage — never mind. So at least there's that? When someone speaks with a noticeable accent, does that influence your opinion of their intelligence? Do you feel that animals are more important than humans? If you could 'take back' your virginity from you first partner, would you? Have you ever lied to a partner about your sexual history? 487 Do you enjoy finding out what makes things work the way they do? Answering more doesn't necessarily make your matches better. If someone sends you an e-mail (or has a profile) full of spelling and grammatical errors, are you less likely to talk to them?

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