myzus persicae cabi

Vieraslajiportaalin teknisen toteutuksen tarjoaa: Luonnontieteellinen keskusmuseo • Palaute • Tietosuojaseloste (palaute) • Tietosuojaseloste (havaintojen ilmoitus), Kansallisen vieraslajistrategian laji (2012). 2004. This allows high levels of survival in areas with inclement weather, and favors ready transport on plant material. In tropical countries, males do not exist. Its numerous synonyms are listed by Börner (1952) and Remaudiere and Remaudiere (1997) and taxonomy is reviewed by Blackman and Paterson (1986) and Blackman (1986). CAB Direct is the most thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, Row covers over seedlings can also be tried, depending on the value of the crop. 2004. Photo 3. For this reason, aphids are trapped and tested for viruses. However, in commercial crops, it is the presence of virus that is important, far more than the physical damage of the aphids. The wasp larvae develop in the aphids eating the inside parts and turning the aphids into empty shells called "mummies". Some of the damaging viruses are potato leafroll, potato Y, beet western yellows, beet yellows, cauliflower mosaic, cucumber mosaic, lettuce mosaic, papaya ringspot, turnip mosaic, and watermelon mosaic. If winged, then the head and thorax - i.e., the segment that bears the first pair of legs - is black (Photos 4&5). Adult, winged, green peach aphid, Myzus persicae. Spread also occurs associated with the international movement of plants and plant parts for food and propagation. aluminium foil and white plastic), aphids find it more difficult to distinguish the crop plants from bare ground; this method is expensive, however. Without ants, predators and parasites may bring about natural control. Nymphs of the green peach aphid, Myzus persicae, on capsicum. AUTHOR Grahame Jackson1Information from Swaine G (1971) Agricultural Zoology in Fiji. Muiden Prunus-suvun puiden (esim. Takaruumiin kärki on melko pieni ja sormenmuotoinen. The impact of this aphid is that it spreads many important viruses. This means that populations of aphids need to be kept very low, and that is difficult. M. persicae is the most important aphid virus vector. Koristekasvien kirvat ja jauhiaiset. It is recorded from Australia, Fiji1, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands, Solomon Islands, and Tonga. Females give birth to living young without fertilisation. Remove volunteer plants (i.e., plants unharvested from the previous crop) that might serve as a source of infection for the new crop. Spray the undersides of leaves; the oils must contact the insects. Mulch the crop. UF/IFAS, University of Florida ( Loc. A new distribution map is provided for Myzus persicae (Sulz.) A vector … Persikkakirvat imevät pistävillä suuosillaan kasvinesteitä. Adults may be winged or wingless. Kauppapuutarhaliitto. Photo 2. But note, that this aphid has shown an ability to produce populations tolerant to several insecticide groups, including organophosphates and pyrethroids. Over 40 families are hosts. ... CABI Myzus persicae (green peach aphid) Linnamäki, M & Vänninen, I. The mobile application is available from the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. Inspect crops often and regularly; destroy leaves heavily infested with aphids by hand (or if necessary use insecticides - see below). Photo 1. Kirvojen ravinnonotto voi näkyä kasvin hidastuneena kasvuna, kasvin lehtien, versojen tai kasvupisteiden epämuodostuneena kasvuna, lehtien kellastumisena ja lopulta niiden putoamisena. Abstract Myzus persicae can resist a range of insecticides by over-producing detoxifying esterase and having mutant-insensitive forms of the target proteins, acetylcholinesterase (AChE), and the sodium channel. Persikkakirva voi levittää yli 100 eri virusta, muun muassa kurkun mosaiikkivirusta ja salaatin mosaiikkivirusta, jotka voivat infektoida sekä kasvihuonevihanneksia että koristekasveja. Aikuiset persikkakirvat ovat kooltaan noin 1,2-2,1 mm:ä. Niiden tuntosarvet ovat noin ruumiin mittaiset. The green peach aphid Myzus persicae causes yield losses of diverse crops and vectors more than 100 pathogens. In addition to attacking plants in the field, green peach aphid readily infests vegetables and ornamental plants grown in greenhouses.

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