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Now, I won't type more because it would get me banned from here but add every single F word, followed by C words by any A@#$@#$@# words you want, in uppercases, a trillion times. Return to the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration portal and in the Bulk Edit dialog box, click Browse. we bought Github. All developers (several hundred) in my company lost access to the new site because it requires logging into which gives access to Outlook 365 and other services that my company can't allow. "This is Jofrey from the Microsoft Subscriptions Team and I'm glad to be the one assisting you with your concern. You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second. I wanted to get my office professional plus 2016 key that I've been using but can't access the subscriptions list and MS Support only knows how to get customers to give feedback Benefits of subscriptions include access to developer tools, cloud services and software, training, and support for your development and testing needs. I have been developing using Microsoft products since the beginning of DOS. provide ISO's which means that Visual Studio 2017 will not install because the online installer (exe) requires access to sites that have been blocked by the company's proxy. MSDN Platforms Azure services, software, and support The most comprehensive set of resources for IT & Operations staff and non-.NET developers to test, deploy, and manage great applications across platforms and devices. Here is the link to download Office Professional Plus 2016. Today I just realized if you type the legacy software that you want to download in the searchbar Some or many users have reported that they are unable to generate product keys. It was therefore reasonable to believe that the 18004195666 number was for the US. Any use cases? Here is the screenshot. So After years and years of MSDN usage... i have like a billion license keys in there from subscriptions, payments, you name it. and reliable. do pass this message to your friends. If my reply is useful please mark it as answered as it help other users with the same query. So, it's just a waste of time waiting for them. Calling the phone number 18004195666 connects you with a scam site offering a $100 coupon for a small delivery fee. Same great benefits – all the tools, services and resources you need for designing, building and managing complex enterprise applications – in a new, improved experience. Visual Studio Subscriber portal is down due to system maintenance. I suppose it is normal due to the migration to new Visual Studio Subscriptions Portal. Depending on which Visual Studio subscription you have, a wide variety of Microsoft software titles may be available to you. Microsoft Store: If you purchased your subscription from the. A search of the new site is difficult to say the least and doesn't yield what I want. If you choose to close your Microsoft Account or Azure AD, your personal data will be anonymized immediately. Count yourself lucky... At least you can connect! Visit our UserVoice Page to submit and vote on ideas! The Visual Studio subscriptions portal brings together all your Visual Studio subscriptions and programs in a single improved portal experience. I am certain that all the MSDN subscribers should have received the following email. I tried to go to: Retail subscriptions can be transferred to another user by contacting Customer Service. It will be fixed soon. Yes, why not to spend more of my time to make Microsoft's business run smoother. If you would like to receive periodic updates about your subscription and benefits, including the monthly Visual Studio Subscriptions newsletter, update your preferences by checking the box for Visual Studio Subscriptions in your Visual Studio profile. Try this, they buried it wayyyyyy in there - Login into your BizSpark account and go to: I am now getting the feeling that Microsoft wants to get rid of developers and they are sure doing the most they can to do that. Volume License: If your company buys subscriptions through a Volume License, your admin should contact a reseller to renew your subscriptions. When you’ve finalized your changes, select, Enter your work/school account email address and select. Remind For groups of users, you have choices for how you assign subscriptions. I am a Microsoft Partner, MVP and MCC and I want to become One Day Microsoft CEO. May be they've just given up. Yes, I am certain about the mail. Learn more about managing Visual Studio subscriptions: Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), Select the drop-down in the top right and choose the subscription from the list, Select the Subscriptions tab and then select the desired subscription. Your subscriber can sign into the Visual Studio Subscribers portal or VS IDE right away, and will receive a welcome email letting them know the subscription has been assigned. Specifically, I need a windows 10 product key for a development VM I am created. calling a scam site. I sent an email to the address included in your post above (iscresc at We will not fully remove all your personal data if you have active subscriptions. portal between 9:00 pm (PST) 3 October and 9:00 pm (PST) 4 October, while we complete the migration. -Amongst other great ideas on the board meeting was to create a Windows Store Skype application and make it the default over the "Desktop" version. Did anyone at Microsoft do any customer analysis before they went to the new "portal"? BTW, I just noticed that the toll free number in the response you posted, 1800 11 11 00, is missing a digit. On the Benefits page, the subscription in use will be prominently displayed in the blue banner. As near as I can tell the response you received was get used to it. Visit our UserVoice Page to submit and vote on ideas! If you sign in to your subscription using a personal Microsoft account (MSA) and have a subscription that includes Azure DevOps Services or Microsoft Azure using a work or school account managed by Azure, you can link the two subscriptions. BizSpark Portal - The board proposed to buy a fully working and popular code-sharing platform and destroy it, a bit like what we did with Skype. I may have to get -- dear I say it -- an iOS or Android phone just to call a Uber cab. I hope to expect an easy browsing like old MSDN portal. Always nice to have your service degraded and told "It's a benefit!". Please Nowhere in the response did it say that the 18004195666

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