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By profession, I'm a college lecturer and language trainer, and by passion, I'm still a learner. The apps like Memrise won’t get you anywhere close to fluency. As with everything, nothing is quintessential. And like other language learning apps and resources, it has its own shortcomings. be careful what you do with the Memrise app. Choose one of our Spanish courses to start learning how to order tapas, get top tips from locals, make new friends and chat away with them while you enjoy the simple pleasures of life like a Spaniard does. Forget textbooks. Whatever your next adventure is, one of our courses will teach you all the real-life language you need to get out there and meet the world. You know what’s weird, though? The app is absolutely free to download and sign-up. Choose one of our Simplified Chinese courses to start learning how to order food, get around, strike up a friendly chat or get into business talk just like a Chinese local does. Not all the activities are available on all courses. As per their sale page, once you take the premium subscription, you get to try a few more distinct types of activities like (i) Learn as fast as humanly possible (ii) Get a personalized learning experience (iii) Learn from real locals. Nailed. And that is the one reason I had to quit midway. I just straight out refuse to believe that the Memrise Premium version adds more value than the free version. There are two kinds of courses on Memrise — the official curated programs created by the Memrise staff and the user-created content developed by the Memrise community members from all over the world. It is free and will take only a short amount of time, but you will be able to see if you like the interface if it has any courses that interest you and if you find the activities offered quite helpful. You may not be able to travel anywhere at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t study a foreign language. Forget textbooks. Forget textbooks. While it depends on the language, the audio quality of the words’ pronunciation can vary with strange voices, and that can be confusing for many. That’s what probably scared you away when you last tried... You probably tried learning a new language before and gave up. In the end, it’s a wastage of precious time. It’s important to note that these are all-time total registered users since inception. Forget textbooks. It helps you gain a basic knowledge of a foreign language. When it comes to speaking a language it’s more important to have the confidence to speak and be understood than worrying about accuracy. Memrise uses spaced repetition for language learning through daily lessons and quizzes. The user interference design and features all look the same. However, it is a negative for someone who needs a more comprehensive plan. Choose one of our Russian courses to start learning how to greet people, get around, strike up a chat and become friends over a shot or two, just like a native Russian does. Choose one of our French courses to start learning how to order food at the restaurant, get top tips from locals, and strike up a friendly chat while you enjoy an apéritif at the terrace of a charming bistro, just like the French do. Thus, the entire languages it supports are available for no cost from beginning to end. The interface of both the website and the app is fairly intuitive. There is no authenticity and quality check. Choose one of our German courses to start learning how to order a beer, find your way to the best döner kebab in town, strike up a chat while waiting in line to get into a club or complain about work just like the Germans do. Learn real-life words and phrases with help from our super-smart learning engine. Build your ability to actually understand a new language in real-world contexts. It’s mainly focused on studying languages online, but you can also use the app to memorize and practice words from other subjects and fields. Over the last decade or so, language apps have been getting more and more popular, and for genuine reasons. The app is reviewed fairly low. Forget textbooks. On the other hand, the free version of the Memrise is not too limited: you get access to all the courses in full, just not all the activities. The critical updates are still missing. Quality of user-created contents vary a lot, Free Vs. And that results in too much content – you can quickly lose yourself in the sea of courses. It was hard or boring...or both. Let us begin the Memrise Review! If you wish to learn Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin, you won’t be happy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It enables you to memorize language material more effectively. You will see unlearned vocabularies as seeds. Regardless of whether the number is exaggerated or fact, the current monthly active users (MAU) would be significantly low. Required fields are marked *. Choose one of our Italian courses to start learning how to order a cappuccino at the "bar", discover Rome without getting lost in the alleyways, strike up a friendly chat or talk about politics just like the Italians do. Similar to Duolingo, Memrise makes language studying a game through plenty of fun activities. Discover the richness of another culture through its language. One thing I don’t like about Memrise is that it’s confusing to follow what you’re doing. It helps you focus more on the complicated words that need more repetition and move the terms you have learned well ‘out of the way.’. Paid — The Pro Version is not worth it. Forget textbooks. Any little bit of spare time is an opportunity for progress.

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