mci 500 console

Soundcraft made some excellent desks in the 1980’s (not to be confused with later downmarket Ghost style consoles) including the 2400, the 16 buss 1600 (as owned by Bob Dylan and Dave Stewart) and the Sapphyre (beloved of Reggae producers and Adrian Sherwood amongst others). While I understand the desire to return to the golden age of sonic splendour, I am concerned at the misconceptions and poor advice promulgated by the internet. The JH-400 offered an affordable pro console to the burgeoning studio industry and five years later, a 1977 Billboard poll gave MCI the leading share (14.3 percent) among studios. Every time we shipped an AutoLocator out, $700 or $800 was going out the door but recording engineers wanted it. The Vintage BBC Console Audio Plug-In. There are consoles that sound great but require too much and require obsolete parts so we avoid them (and urge extreme caution to clients who ask our advice). Many thanks to Phil from Eastcote for his generous advice and the loan of some rare, rare parts. Any RF, hum, or noise pickup in the bus structure is seen as COMMON MODE by the summing op-amp and is therefore rejected. By continuing to use Reverb, you agree to these updates, and to our cookie policy. MCI 528 28-input in-line console in 32-channel frame. Now available for peanuts, these superbly designed desks remain as relevant to the modern recording suite as ever, despite being trashed in bone-headed recording chatrooms and forums by ignoramuses who’ve never been within a mile of using one and who rave about shoddy modern travesties that rely on big knobs and hype to generate sales. cheers! MCl's precision EQ circuits may be used either in the Channel or in the Monitor. Recording engineers found that the preamps in their bespoke consoles would lend a particular character to the audio, due to the unique components and circuitry that gave each console (and therefore each studio) a unique sound. That same year, MCI unveiled the updated JH-500 series, which offered a four-band EQ, more sends/returns and plasma VU … Great! This scale has the familiar logarithmic markings. Trident (which is still in existence) made a name for itself with their iconic A-Range desks. All of the Patch Points except the Microphone Preamp output are at the standard level of +4db. Which brings us to the 1960s — and Abbey Road. Other companies of the era that achieved varying degrees of commercial success with their consoles included Studer (known primarily for their tape machines), Harrison (whose owner, Dave Harrison, designed the world’s first in-line console for MCI), Olive (whose claim to fame was the LED bar-graph meter), Altec (famous for their 604-variant studio monitors), Langevin (with their AM4A), Auditronics (selling their Grandson), and Allen & Heath (with the first generation of their famous Mini-Mixers). And so, MCI played an important role in the advancement of multitrack recording, allowing demo studios to charge low rates that were affordable to aspiring musicians in an era before the democratization of recording technology allowed those musicians to record at home. The JH-16 designation encompassed three models of tape recorders from MCI with three different transport series, all known as JH-16 series tape recorders: JH-10 (1971-1973), JH-100 (1973-1975), and JH-114 (1975-1979). Hey! The MCI JH 536 Console Audio Plug-In. MCI JH-528C Recording Console at Silo Sound Studios. Since the scale is divided into 100 divisions, it is possible to achieve remarkable resolution in the upper, expanded portion of the scales. Usually a bit of a project, though, to be honest. Trident also made other good sounding desks – the A range and B range were fully discrete and preceded the Series 80 though can require a lot of work; but the more budget TS24, Series 75 and Series 65 offer fully professional consoles in an affordable and extremely useable format (VU meters, plenty of aux’s, musical swept EQ and low maintenance). The MCI 500 was one of the best sounding desks ever made, and is still prized in certain quarters. In the early 1980s Sony wanted to extend its business operations into the US manufacturing sector and approached Harned with a buyout offer. (132 lines in the standard JH-536 Console). MCl's PLASMA DISPLAY system provides a new dimension in audio metering. The transformer-balanced Neve 80 Series consoles had a huge, punchy, and authoritative sound that defined the sound of ’70s rock. The MCI JH-500 Series Console is the "treasure" …,  Return from MCI JH-500 Series Console to History of Recording - HomepageÂ, Upload 1-4 Pictures or Graphics (optional). I had built a console for Sidney (Sy) Nathan, owner of King Records in Cincinnati. If you find one in good condition, you won’t be disappointed. 21. In the 1970s, just about every major pop music act recorded at Trident Studios London. The first console you could order by picking up the phone or visiting the factory was made by a California company called Electrodyne. As the sound Engineer adjusts channel levels to achieve the best MIX, the Automation faithfully follows each change. From London to New York to Los Angeles and beyond, top studios were installing Neve boards as fast as they could. These desks will start to gain a reputation of affordable classics as the better known vintage desk rocket in value. Cadac made classic consoles in the 1970’s but moved into theatre desks in the early 80s. An identical set of buttons is available for controlling each Group when a change is to be made on a Group of modules. Accordingly, I’ve jotted down a VERY BASIC guide about what to avoid, what to look for and what to bear in mind when considering a new or used analogue desk. The list of potentially serviceable desks is getting shorter by the year and by and large, those worth considering tend to be high-end, although they may now be available for bargain prices. amplitude is adjusted. Harned's growing list of record industry contacts led in time to regular referrals, and then to long term service contracts. Entering your story is easy to do. Europe's Largest Stockists of New and Used Professional Audio Equipment. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. All sets of buttons work alike, so the Engineer has to learn to operate ONLY THREE BUTTONS. The MCI 500 was one of the best sounding desks ever made, and is still prized in certain quarters. And it worked, they are ordering other MCI products". The TG12345 was put to the test in Studio Two the following year on the Beatles’ Abbey Road album. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Driven by transistors rather than tubes, its sound was dramatically richer and more highly detailed. I like my clients to sleep well at night because that means I sleep well too. [7] Unlike split mixing console models, the in-line JH-400 series consoles offered the user a choice of options and incorporated Harris 911 IC op-amps, at a lower cost than its competitors.[8]. Despite this, they’re fantastically well-made and reliable, so offer those on budget prepared to work round the broadcastiness of the design a very high quality desk at a very affordable price. Thus, if you ever wish to UNMUTE the channel, the Fader will return to the level it had before the channel was MUTED. Schematic. The best known console is the Series 80 (available in four flavours: Series 80, early 80B, later 80B and 80C) which have musical swept EQ, four mono and a stereo aux send (like the SSL), 24 monitors (with filters/EQ and aux on later versions) and VU metering. A "normalized" microphone input patch point is installed for each I/0 module. "I got into the tape recorder business in an interesting way. TIE LINES This proved to be a great time saver during the overdubbing process. As with the JH-16, the JH-24 came in three configurations: 1-inch, 8-track; 2-inch, 16- track; and 2-inch, 24-track. (Turntable not provided by MCI). Spectra Sonics boards found a home in New York’s Record Plant and several other high-end American studios. Many recording studios retooled to support end to end digital production. (84 lines in the standard JH-528 Console). These systems may be fed from the Stereo Mix buses, the Sends, the Echo Returns, from any external source, or from a combination of any of these sources. (160 lines in the standard JH-532 Console). EQ - AUX Module. When a MUTE is recorded, the Fader level is stored and kept as part of the recorded Data track. Good quality components were used and most are still available (faders being the biggest issue). Choosing the Best Thunderbolt Audio Interface on Any Budget, How to Metal Scream Without Hurting Your Voice. The range of adjustment possible in this mode is: Rise Time — 2ms to 20ms Fall Time — 0.5 sec. The PLASMA DISPLAY offers three modes of operation, VU, PEAK, and DC. The average sales price has been $7500-$10,500. Lots of cabling is intact on the board including over 48 channels of outboard, and 24 channels of I/O not to mention cabling for 2 track, alt speakers, and AUX sends. The MCI 600 was built to more of a budget and suffers from module connector problems, capacitor issues and other faults.

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