little black flakes in bed

We need to get this out! I spend most of my day treating the "bites" on me & one of my dogs. I have been to several doctors and 2 derms and they all think I am crazy! Relentlessly researched these B**tards night and day looking for answers and their archilles heel (its dehumidifiers, iodine, zinc, magnesium, vit b, vit c,spicy foods, sulphur, salt, essential oils and rubbing alcohol/metholated spirits). and that i needed my adhd meds lowered in dose....when i went bak for my follow up to my dotor she said it was body lice after looking at a specimen i brought in myself to prove i wasnt crazy..after about to weeks hd gone by family doctor called me back and said that it was in fact NOT lice, she said the lab had sent back results and said it was a seed of some kind...this didnt look like seed? Also stay away from carbs. Started getting little bumps when bitten thought oh crap I got fleas outside! Seeing how they jump and are so hard to catch it could be some type of "new" flea? We also have the Glittery things which I assume are egg or particles from shell. I need help getting rid of them to. Of Course, it's all in our HEADS! I have been to doctors and dermatologists who treat me for pretty much what all of you have said- scabies, lice, dermatitis, etc., but they don't clear up completely. It has been so warm this year, bird mites and lice have populated, more than usually. I thought finally I was done with this and last weekend at an outside picnic it started up again out of the blue. STILL the same issue. My husband skin is sensitive and they bother him worse. Please message me if you want to talk. You will also need to wash and dry on hot any and all clothing, bed linens etc that the fleas could be living on and begin a regimen of very frequent vacuuming of your whole house, even hardwood floors. Yes a group would be nice but we are all spread out so an online one I guess. I may have put wrong e-mail by mistake. I have got amazing results with bioKleen enzyme cleaners plus they are not toxic and harmless to kids, animals and self. You can call me if you can. Global warming is causing an increase in cases it will just get more and more prevalent. I quickly vacuumed my room praying I got it. These HURT and I have fogged to the point of an emergency room visit. Hope they do not carry disease, cause was feeling rather feverish with them and fatigued. If you are a researcher like me buy a microscope to identify your enemy! My husband thinks i don't have them,he does know i have all the other things...just does'nt understand this. So I have been suffering with all these symptoms like everyone on here. i also have used staph meds on my toes where the pain was greatest and tiney yellow worm like things seaped from my skin,when touched they seem to jump or disopear! I can then pick it from the skin. The only way to get rid of it is go to the DR. and they prescribe a cream that you have to use for a week or so. I do have a dog, but she has had so many baths and treatments for fleas. Look at your hair...You will see strange hairs. items to stay away from i.e.sugar. ) theyve dropped the ball on this and are grossly undereducated on parasites (there seems to be some kind of delusion parasitical infections are 3rd world problems only). Also thinking of getting an apple tree. Went to the ER last night and the dr said it wasnt scabies, he didnt know what it was. Bologny, Bologny! No one knows and its scary and upsetting to feel like no doctor will diagnose what we have...i to see them on my two year old from time to time but i think they are falling off from me and getting on her that way? I've even put a few of the bugs in pill bottles and show them to my doctor my doctors seem like they did not want to have anything to do with them almost as if they were afraid so strange anybody else have anything to compliment about this, Some call what we have morgellons but i can tell you sea salt was working wonders and actually felt healed but my dog and children have this there symptoms my sons hair was glisting silver hairs and white coating on face i been getting silver hairs but there arent mine these things love to make or hid in lint they also mutate and the fibers hairs all over my home hair in dryer o gosh the black shirts out the washer i want to throw away my pillows are in plastics and beds will be soon to since these auckers dont like sea salt hoping to go in ocean with airtank to breath like squba or watever and stay under long but as for my dog and babies still washing in sae salt chnging bedding frequent and sartting to drop clothes for laundry mat to so it my mom wants me to go to labcore am scared to be quarente lol but i have a question for everyone so you have 24/7 aircraft activity randomly or very often where you are and they fly very low and also theres aomething called aquabatrium not sure thats how its speeled but google what causes tumors in plants then you will get the word and the google what happens when found in humans .........dna transfer and yes they are taking over my body hairs that arent mine skin growth on sides and around nails tpes and fingers not mine and when trying to hold my self under in bath these suckers make it hard our skin has like a yeast or some type biofilm of white and our hairs silver yea my 5 year old and my dog is going from golden to white. David Pariser, MD, professor of dermatology, Eastern Virginia Medical School. Hard to make sure I keep my own mind not thinking I am crazy! Also a lot of new freckles (what's that all about?). I recommend everyone experiencing these black specks and lines and bugs in their skin too watch that video atleast. Home | We have been going thru this for a year and a half. First they said it was fleas and came back in 3 weeks as they said that was the cycle. This lasted for weeks. Last time I checked, fleas weren't anthropods. There are no conspiracy theories The government has finally admitted this. You could have lice or fleas. This makes sense for me- I think the black specks are one of the larval stages that burrow Into whatever they can find , including my skin , floor , and countertops! I know how alone this struggle makes u feel and how terribly people, even MDS, can treat u and make things worse. Didn’t count my characters hold on. You can get magnetic wrist bands online,i think my husband used Amazon. Crazy, and about to drive me crazy, I have my house treated it didn't help. Started with what felt like sand fly attack. i get both splinters that seem to be like glass.hurt like hell and when removed leave un healed holes that seem to get deeper sort of like staph infection and if i scratch off the blk spots they become bigger and infectuous with what seems like tiney hairs. They are the feces of the nematode your husband introduced to the attic. I did manage to capture one yesterday. Researchers were on the case then all of a sudden nothing. Then noticed the SILVER not gray but SILVER hair I just figured chemotherapy did it to me then the black hair follicles I was like what in the HELL? Doctor: DrRussMD, Board Certified Physician replied 10 years ago. I am putting out their my phone no.for anyone who is depressed,needs to vent,cry,and yes...laugh.I believe the good Lord by His will,will help us along the way. I thought maybe I had gotten a pubic lice??? Treat your house and outside with insecticide Permethrin. I use it on my skin. That's intriguing. Since then I have been sick every day occupied in remove all fibers that appear on my skin.9 months and going.It grows inside you and damage your organs, tissues, etc. Paula (this is really a short story of what I have experienced), Tiny sparkle dots. SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide) is used in both sporotrichosis and morgellons. . Best of luck! The extra amount of protein has to be removed from the body. Vacum with a vacuum cleaner (a special one, can't think of the name) and I set it outside or in a garbage bag after use. Some are brown, some black. We need to get the ball rolling here since we're all deemed psychotic from the Doctors.We can't wait for this to kill us! I do take an antifungal-Terbinafine my family Dr. gave me, he does help me just does'nt know what is either.It's the Specialists and Dermatologists that say you have psychological parasitoses. That is sort of what this looked like. Everytime i wipe my vagina i see a lot of black specks, sometimes it's a little itching and discharge.. (717) 439-0743aba, JUNE 17,2015. It has a look of black dots in a circle or oval in your scalp. I am going to do a total body cleanse and I am getting rid of all old bedding and replacing it. DON'T BRING THEM IN YOUR DR WILL DIAGNOSE YOU AS DELUSIONAL. I left in tears and went to my primary care doctor. Hi my name is jennifer sorry to post in comments not sure how to start own. Dark colored particles are present in the urine and you might experience certain pain during urination. God Bless. I was just about to turn 30, just got married, was in the process of buying my first home, these should've been the happiest days of my life and all I did was wake up and beg that God would take me because I could not bare the torture of these symptoms any longer.

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