is the snoo worth it

Or maybe you have other children to care for who also need your attention. This fancy bassinet is over $1,200! Should I buy or rent? Plus, so many Snoo bassinet reviews sang its praises. The Snoo attempts to alleviate this sudden and disorienting change that can deny your baby of peaceful sleep. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Both my kids slept in … Do you recommend any more such products that might make life easier as a new parent? This was easier than trying to rock her one-handed while helping an older child. It has a built in white noise that turns on simultaneously while it rocks your baby. There they offer great customer service and if you have any problems, they'll take care of it. We have two sets of sleep sacks and two sets of sheets (because #laundry). If I know Ryland is having a particularly tough day, sometimes I will lock him on a level 1 or 2 rocking motions, so he’s rocking a bit faster! A coworker of his was selling a gently used one, so he figured it was worth the cost. I do know some people who it didn’t work for, and others who rave about it, so I think it’s like most baby products and what works for your kiddo, but we definitely plan on getting it again for baby boy this time around (we get it through my husbands work). When you purchase the Snoo Smart Sleeper, you also receive a few of their useful accessories. It’s pricey, but I think it will be worth it. Austin, TX resident, foodie, and travel book author. I knew I could put baby in a safe space where she felt happy and calm while I helped them. Ideally, your baby will fall back to sleep, and the SNOO will gradually decrease the rocking and volume. Finally, the Snoo is also a “smart sleeper,” meaning you can connect to it through an app and track wakeups, hours slept, or manually turn the white noise/swinging effects on and off. My honest Snoo review hast to acknowledge that’s not that long. Note that some moms were saying the sheet shrunk too much in the washer, so be sure to be aware of that ahead of time. So right away, this was the first thing I noticed and loved about our SNOO, especially as a second time mom! So overall, while she DID sleep very well, I don’t know that it was all because of the Snoo. The Snoo also facilitates extended swaddling. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. My friend has one for her second and raves about it ( her first was a horrible sleeper). I think it helped along an already good sleeper. "I love knowing my baby is beside me at night because I fall asleep with more confidence knowing I can hear her cry. You can rent the Snoo here. In the end, the biggest question for me was whether the Snoo actually helped with our baby’s sleep. Sleep is vital for a baby, I suppose that's the case for adults too It's important for brain activity, growth, and development. There are two options to get the Snoo which we think are totally brilliant. GRAB YOUR COPY! It's great that it's waterproof because more than likely you'll have some occasional leaky diapers or baby spit up. Friends who have loved it have babies who just sleep very well in general ‍♀️, My first wasn’t a great sleeper (super gassy). It’s actually ranked the safest sleeping device on the market right now, and that’s because the zip-up swaddle (called a SNOO sack – you can see them here) hooks into the sides of the bassinet, preventing your baby from rolling over onto his side or stomach. Also the cleaning process they go through for rental is extreme and makes me comfortable with doing that vs buying. It ALSO leads me to believe that the Snoo is not the only factor in her sleeping well. He wants to eat every 3 hours on the dot. He seems to really like the SNOO and it has become a solid part of our bed time routine. (Literally the app tells you to pick up your baby… haha) The Snoo is fascinating, changing sounds and motions according to the baby’s cry. I will say, I have traveled with the SNOO – I love it that much. They come in small, medium, and large to grow along with your baby and provide a comfortable swaddle. We went through all three sizes (small, medium, and large) before weaning him out off the SNOO. Our next step is to move him into the crib. How many sleep sacks did you get? Will you be ok without it? One of the reasons I was so excited about using a SNOO this time around was because it was created by renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp from Happiest Baby. The SNOO was developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, the author of The Happiest Baby on the Block. I’m trying to figure out where we would set ours up, if it’s too loud to be in our bedroom. I read once that Milo slept in the closet ( judgement). The Snoo can provide peace of mind by keeping baby securely swaddled and unable to roll over, it has airflow, etc. So if you travel frequently, know that it’s doable to bring the SNOO but not ideal. But developmental (not weight) milestones meant we still needed to take her out by 9 months for sure. That’s a BIG difference when you’re severely sleep deprived. That seems like such a short time when you can use a crib and transition to a toddler bed, etc. I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse and fellow mom of two! Today I’m doing a complete SNOO review to help you decide if it’s worth it for you.This was a baby product I was SO excited about trying after the birth of my second baby – and it did NOT disappoint. Required fields are marked *. I plan on buying new, then selling. We've found that many parents these days prefer their baby to be in the same room, but understand that co-sleeping can be an unsafe option for the child. In this book, Dr. Karp explains that all babies are born 3 months early (hence the term 4th trimester), and they crave the womb-like sensations that they left behind. I’ve heard very mixed reviews on it. My guess is that she’s a naturally good sleeper and the Snoo helped her figure out how to get into a good rhythm of putting herself to sleep. A critical 6 months, but still only 6 months. He didn’t sleep well without it! ), but he convinced me the resale value was extremely high (which is true). Will the Snoo Cause Poor Sleep Associations or Habits? IF YOU LIKED THIS POST IS THE SNOO WORTH IT? « The Eternal Infant Car Seat Head Support Safety Debate—and the ANSWER, What is Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: An L&D Nurse Explains ». Rory: CLOCK WORK. So keep reading to get my full review: A rough start… To be fully transparent, Ollie didn’t love the Snoo right off the bat. This is problematic because it can take 3, 4, 5 or more tries just to transfer baby to their sleep space! In wondering is the Snoo worth it, I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t have a negative impact on my baby by supposedly magically helping her sleep. With 4 other kids (especially this year when we’ve spent a lot of time at home), someone always needs something. It's pricy, although most parents say it's worth every penny despite the cost; Difficult to thoroughly clean if your child pees, poops, or vomits, which is highly likely! The result? I plan on buying. For us at this time, it was the best bassinet for baby. *Updated: I wrote this article when Milo was 5-months-old. Your email address will not be published. According to Sleep.Org, the number varies based on a few factors so there isn't necessarily just one answer to match every baby. Still, she wanted to be able to move more. So we feel confident she was just uncomfortable in the Snoo and with being strapped down by that age. Unfortunately, some dreams aren’t cheap. Rory sleeps in the Snoo at night and occasionally for a day time nap if we know he needs to but isn’t falling asleep. How loud is the SNOO? All in all, the Snoo is a baby bed upgrade that brings more sleep, better rest, and peace of mind in your home for everybody. They do occasionally have sales. Milo’s First Birthday And Thoughts On My First Year Of Motherhood, Being A New Mom In The Pandemic Is Lonely, you can have it delivered based on your due date, We’re Moving In Austin For The Next Chapter Of Life, Eat Outdoors At The 20 Best Austin Patios. Another reason most parents prefer to have the baby sleep in their room is so that they can reach the child without shuffling around too much in the middle of the night. Visiting Austin? Mostly, I think it helped her FALL asleep, rather than stay asleep longer. What if my baby keeps crying? CATEGORIES ~ Blog, Life, Mommy & Me Leave a Comment, Your email address will not be published. Hi Mama! I did not care about the aesthetics at all (safety first folks!

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