huli huli chicken hawaii

Our site is great except that we don‘t support your browser. So we came back on July 6th and the food was not good at all. Love this place; will be  back!! Just like everyone said...the macaroni salad is scrumptious....there is a creaminess that I can't place. The veggies were overcooked but the marinated chicken is the real prize!

Also, on our last order we had a couple of large chunks of chicken bone, gristle and a huge piece of skin in our HuliHuli chicken.

Portions were also rather impressive for the money spent, and it felt like the kind of meal that will be a convenient, fairly tasty, thoroughly filling lunch option down the road.

Rice was without flavor and the macaroni was OK.  Will try again with a different selection. Overall, will definitely be back! Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Photos downloads for a single monthly fee. In Hawaiian parlance, ‘Huli’ means ‘turn’ and this word describes a modified rotisserie BBQ cooking technique that is used to grill the chicken in large batches. Instagram-able.I have had the Huli-Huli Chicken, the Honolulu Chicken and sampled my wife's Molokai Chicken. I think it deserves 2 and a half stars because it wasn't terrible, and it wasn't great. 50M+ authentic stock photos from Twenty20 are now included in Envato Elements subscriptions.

I don't know if it was the workers but it didn't live up to the first time. Omg! We orderEd the Hawaiian chicken and Huli Huli chicken they were both delicious. My suggestion was to have less rice or have it covered in the entire seaweed sheet. Impressive building and the food is legit! Friend ordered Hawaiian Chicken and said it was sweeter than he expected, and rather…

Ideal for any project that requires barbeque, bbq, huli huli chicken. What a great addition to the NKC community. The huli huli chicken with rice, Mac & pineapple is my favorite & probably because I love it so much that I've never tried any other dish. We have literally tried everything this place has to offer and it's hard to pick a favorite! She was great. Aloha! Wasn't sure what to expect.

We're especially fond of the HuliHuli and Honolulu Chicken and their pasta salad. The setting itself is nice and quite a bit larger than I expected. It was crowded and we waited in line.....but it's new and people want it. I had the Huli Huli chicken and my husband had the pork. I ordered take out online twice now! I ordered Huli Huli Chicken and had the same reaction -- rather sweet than savory. The restaurant was cleaned and well organized. I worry that i may become addicted. I will probably find a reason to go again this weekend and I see no reason this won't be my new "when in doubt" restaurant for the foreseeable future.
The macaroni salad is bland to the eye as is the white rice, but liberally sprinkle some of the spice mix at the table over it and you'll never look at macaroni salad the same again. As far as the menu options, since it is a Hawaiian themed restaurant, it would be nice to see an ahi tuna bowl or some sort of traditional poke as an option since we do miss that the most after vacationing in LA and Hawaii. They also offer veggies in  place of the rice.


This was the first time that has happened though. My son had a similar issue with his huli huli chicken except his hair was black and the same length. I ordered a large with huli huli chicken and Honolulu chicken for my daughter & I. I didn't think macaroni salad and rice would mix well together. Overall, great job Hawaiian Bros! Which is the best? Friendly customer service. We ordered the Huli Huli and Honolulu chicken plates. The flavors are great. Nothing overpowering or too salty. Looking forward to trying some of the other options there in the future. The process was simple and I was able to pay online. Ate here for the first time. The veggies are a great side option also and don't forget an order of Pineapple Whip. The huli huli chicken and spicy chicken were dry and cold. Oddly enough, their website mentions small, classic and large sizes but it only gives the pricing for the small and large. When I went, it was super busy but the staff did a great job. If you want something sweet, they also have amazing pineapple dole whips! We marinate boneless skinless chicken in our own teriyaki and grill it fresh throughout the day to offer you tender, juicy, bite size pieces of aloha. I hope they start delivering on Postmates. The line to order was long but it was moving fairly quick. Quite frankly I would go back just for that ! Clean and Spacious. The last two times we ordered veggies instead of macaroni salad in the meal (which you have to pay extra for) they gave us an extra scoop of rice and then just a few veggies. Fully staffed with friendly folks. I put some on my rice and it tasted just like soy sauce. Send me tips, trends, freebies, updates & offers. Also, the menu is small but I kind of liked that, because it keeps it simple. I'll be honest, the chicken and rice were so good that even though I just had it for lunch I'm sort of craving it again for dinner lol. The chicken was outstanding with a great flavor. Such a great option for fast take-out that isn't a burger/taco/pizza/sandwich. Was really looking forward to this, but disappointed. We arrived right up front and someone came out to the car to greet us and get our name. Subscribe and Download now! They thanked ya for supporting their business during Covid 19.This food is amazing! Only complaint on the chicken and WARNING is that there were quite a few chunks with cartilage still attached. Huli huli and Honolulu are burst with flavors. I will return ! Download Huli huli chicken in Hawaii Photos by twenty20photos. The Huli Huli chicken was marinated in their teriyaki sauce. I am teriyaki chicken lover and this was some of the best I've had in a while. It's spacious and beautifully decorated inside. (That get's tiring.) GROSS. I came here about a week ago and was very impressed. Overall I am excited to try some of the other menu items. You cannot go wrong unless you are allergic to sooner of the ingredients I really hope they do well, and I will gWe have tried it again, just as great as before! Try the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. Want to chime in. I also bought the Pineapple Frozen drink and it alone would be worth the drive... reasonably priced meals come in 3 sizes or can get as a sandwich... got my meals curbside because of the Rona thing.. staff was very kind and quick!! Thank you. Would probably have graded this, without the hair 3.5 maybe 4 stars but since 2 of the 4 meals had hair, not acceptable. We now have Huli-Huli Chicken Mondays at our house and always order a little extra for a leftover lunch later in the week. Place was clean and employees were very nice. This stock photo is 4000px by 3000px. I will be going back. While we were sitting there talking a gentleman came by and offered us free samples of the Dole Whip.

See supported browsers. Create professional websites faster than ever. Thank you Hawaiian Bros for coming to my part of town! The choices, the food, the atmosphere! I was disappointed In the teriyaki sauce they have in the bottles. Great location, plenty of parking space. The combos are served with a side of white rice and macaroni salad. It was overwhelmingly covered in mayonnaise. They have been open 10 days and I've already been twice. This place scares me.

How should I know, I can't make those kind of decisions while I'm wide eyed and murmuring repeatedly - Oh Man This Is Good. The restaurant itself is a pretty big area with some games set up like cornhole, so you could definitely hang out for awhile. I think it deserves 2 and a half stars because it wasn't terrible, and it wasn't great. We decided to check our this spot from all of the reviews and the long lines. I can't wait to go back and try out different menu. The rice to meat ratio was off for me.

6/5 It doesn't get better than this.The Huli Huli chicken alone is worth the price of admission, but then they hit you with the macaroni salad and you know you are making many return visits.Then you come back and try the Luau Pig, which is arguably some of the best pulled pork in a BBQ town like KC. Efficient. Brings a Hawaiian vibe to Kc, which is pretty cool. I wish it was light covered. The food portion are huge.

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