how to submit a demo to blue label records

No need in sending a hardcore track to a progressive label, or to send the latest electro floor filler to a lounge orientated label. There is no need to send them a link to a track with a million likes and plays. If it is an MP3 or posted online to a streaming service the same rules apply. Design like a professional without Photoshop. First thing you want to be sure of is that the tracks are finished! – Tech House, House, & Tech-Funk Include how you would be a good fit for their label, include a link to the track, thank them for their time and you are done. Do not send a demo submission to their social media accounts. var abkw = window.abkw || ''; When you demo goes into the CD player, if the song doesn't grab the listener out of the gate, then the listener is likely to press "next." – 14.7K Soundcloud Listeners Keep it on the subject and to the point. Classic Rock What Happens to a Demo at a Record Label? To: label@label.comFrom: You@gmail.comSubject: Demo Submission Follow Up for (Insert Label Name). To: From: Subject: Demo Submission Follow Up for (Insert Label Name) Hello (Insert Contact Name) or (Insert Label Name Staff), My name is (Insert name). Really helpful for sparking inspiration or adding variety to your music!". Getting people to know your name is half the battle. FAQ. Sending your demo can be frustrating at times, especially if your inbox is dryer than the Sahara! Full access pass. – 53.1K Soundcloud Listeners With these samples it immediately makes your productions sound more clean and professional! A mood-board helps build the narrative and makes the listening experience memorable. Lead discussions. – 27K Soundcloud Listeners Do your homework. Most known for their massive EDC festival, Insomniac Events will typically book artists who release tracks on their label for many of their upcoming festivals. ", "We love how much variety and diversity WA Production samples bring to our projects, we have found much inspiration from the packs. And that is ok. Some labels, especially larger labels, will not accept unsolicited demos for legal reasons - they worry about people sending them demos, and then later suing them, claiming their songs have been stolen. Show signs of creative life when it comes to the visual representation of your work. To assist search to find a record label to call your track home, here at compiled a list of the top 5 EDM record labels to send your demo to in 2019. ", "I used WA Production sounds in almost every 22Bullets production, where my creativity starts". So, it's time to upload the music to the internet. Again, you won't get this advice from everyone, but asking never hurts, and you may end up with the piece of advice that turns everything around for you. Above all,  don't guilt-trip the A&R staff because they haven't yet listened. Think you have what it takes to be the next great artist on Atlantic Records? Remember labels receive hundreds of demo submissions every day. A good time to wait would be 2 weeks. First and foremost do not send a WIP (work in progress). Acoustic There are way too many labels in the world that promise you all the gold in the world but never pay. You never know who will be able to help you sometime down the line. Find out: Remember, even small labels are inundated with demos, and many labels do listen to everything they get. Now it's time to send it out right? = || []; – Release are predominantly up-and-coming artists. – Trap, House, Melodic (Anything that is downtempo) Include labels you like on your emailing list, which should include an "opt-out" option, to let them know what is happening with your band. Are you ready for it? Below you will find examples from actual labels websites about how they accept demo submissions.If you do not include all of the information they are looking for, your demo goes in the pile of stuff that will never get listened to.

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