how to install commercial wallpaper

In the event that the corners of your paper’s adhesive have started to wear with time, an industrial grade double-sided tape is recommended to prolong the life of the wallpaper. To ensure consistent color output for your project, we suggest ordering an extra roll from the same batch. Thank you for ordering Wallscape Wallcoverings! What You'll Need. (Type I) and 20 oz. If you order more than one single roll we will bundle and ship together on 1 larger roll to consolidate for shipping. We highly recommend utilizing a protective topcoat during the installation process to prevent any stains. At this spot, measure out the width of the wallcovering minus 1/2" and tack a plumb bob at the ceiling line. Please see the following links to approved adhesives, and R-35 primers that meet our specifications. Accordion-fold loosely, paste to paste, avoiding creasing, Preparation and and application are the same as for walls, with these differences: Cover ceilings first, then walls. Thoroughly cure new plaster walls and seam-tape and prime new drywall. All walls should be sized. Cut each wallcovering strip this length after matching the pattern. Trim at edges. Most wallpaper comes pre-pasted and is easily installed. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Commercial wallpaper orders are great for offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, department stores and more. Buy an extra roll of wallcovering to keep in case an area is ever damaged. Copyright 2016 by Light Consultants LLC. Start the first panel using a 4 foot level for a plumb vertical start. Wallcovering Installation . A qualified, professional commercial wallcovering installer is recommended for the following applications-, Examine all wallcovering to assure that pattern, color, and quantity is as ordered, Organize job-site placement in roll number sequence, In cold weather climates, allow a day or two for interior temperature acclimation, Install wallcovering from the lowest roll number, to the highest- in each dye lot, Number and book each sheet to customer satisfaction, in reverse panel, or straight panel patterns, Install the first 5 sheets of wallcovering for approval to commence from ownership, Approved Commercial Wallcovering Adhesive. Commercial Wallpaper. Drop it MODERN® cannot re responsible for damage done to paper due to washing attempts of any kind. (DreamGuard is suggested). - Care of our Removable Paper: In the event that the corners of your paper’s adhesive have started to wear with time, an industrial grade double-sided tape is recommended to prolong the life of the wallpaper. For all Wallscape Brand Wallcovering patterns we recommend a clear heavy duty commercial wallcovering type adhesive. Charles Ramos, Jr. on Dec 30, 2019. Suite 101 Chattanooga, TN 37421 wet border. These wallpapers look great on the wall and can add spark to the room right after they are installed. We highly recommend ordering a swatch of your wallpaper before placing the full order to ensure you’re happy with the color. Commercial Wallpaper. Smooth the rest of the strip up to the edge of the molding. Please note that all computer screens register colors differently. Wallscapedoes notrecommend this practice. Anyone can hang wallpaper, but it takes a little know-how to hang it straight and with tight, nearly invisible seams. dba Best Blinds and Wallpaper / Wallpaper Wholesaler / Blindsmax. Do not “score” the substrate beneath, when double cutting the new wallcovering seam. Once trimmed our papers provide 28”W nominal use. Apply adhesive to top half of strip with a wide brush or roller, working from end to center. Layout 54 inch wide wallcovering panels starting from the middle, Install next panel from left or right, avoiding seams that land on an outside corner, Layout seams 6” away from inside corners for a uniform pattern repeat, Characteristics and Variables of Wallscape Brand Commercial Wallcoverings, Install wall coverings at an interior temperature above 55°F, Maintain 55F in both areas of installation and storage, Permanent lighting should be in place for installation, Temporary lighting may alter the overall appearance, depending on the patterns texture, After applying three to five strips of wallcovering, obtain customer satisfaction to proceed, Contact uswith any questions, if your project includes non-standard conditions. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup. Finish by carefully cutting along the molding edge with snap blade or razor using a putty knife as the guide.,,*, Consult a Benjamin Moore Dealer nearest you for project advice-, Surfaces to receive wallcovering must be clean, smooth, dry and structurally sound, Loose material must be removed, and prepared to a smooth clean freshly primed surface, Fill in all indentations, and smooth down all bumpy surface conditions, Remove any existing mildew from walls prior to installation of new wallcovering, Prime walls with appropriate primers to seal a new fresh surface to receive wallcovering, Use a pencil to mark any wallcovering or wall surface, as pencil will not bleed through the surface, Use of ink based markers, and pens are prohibited, and should be spot primed prior to install, Walls should have less than 5% contained moisture saturation prior to installation, For reversible wallcovering pattern type installation. - Wallpaper runs are subject to vary slightly in color depending on when the job is ran. Textured Wallpaper Storage; Commercial wallcoverings; Contact us; Environment; Select Page. Installing Wall Covering Over Painted Wall covering: Wallscape prohibits painting over vinyl wall covering, Wallscape prohibits installation of new wall covering over existing vinyl wall coverings, Contact us for specifications of each wall covering type, Specifications Link for Architects, and Interior Designer applications, How to install wallcovering, techniques from professionals. Start at the bottom of the strip so the top (which goes at the ceiling) is the outer flap (Figure B).

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