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As the Unification Wars transitioned into the Great Crusade, the IXth Legion was deployed to hellish backwater warzones such as Neptune. The Horus Heresy. Mutants were once rife upon the world, frequently at war with the remaining pure humans for dominance of the planet. Most Space Marines were immune to its effects due to their training and iron-will, leaving those few not driven mad to restrain the crazed crew members and erect psychic baffles. As well as the memories of the Primarch, the Marine is also imbued with a small portion of Sanguinius' unearthly power, boosting the warrior's already prodigious strength and vitality to superhuman levels. Renowned for his martial prowess and adaptable command style. [4c], The Blood Angels were created from the genetic material of their Primarch, Sanguinius. All Blood Angels and their successors may one day suffer the Black Rage. Baal and the bulk of the Blood Angels are left stranded in the Dark Imperium and must face the Tyranids alone. The Daemonically strengthened Horus slew Sanguinius, as the Primarch knew he would. The ones who completely adapt, however, become the newest additions to the chapter. At Anaxis XII, the Blood Angels, Luna Wolves, and Imperial Fists under their respective Primarch's fought against a massive Hrud migration that solidified their new status and bonds with the other top Legion's of the Great Crusade. The Blood Drinkers, a successor chapter of the Blood Angels, have a rite called the Rite of Holos wherein they start by drinking blood donated by their serfs but end with eating a prisoner alive. You can help Lexicanum by fixing it. Those that fail and fall asleep are taken away by the Blood-Servitors; no-one knows what happens to them. to which Ka'Bhanda replied I let you live this time, manling. The Horus Heresy, The Horus Heresy Eye logo, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, 40,000, the ‘Aquila’ Double-headed Eagle logo, and all associated logos, illustrations, images, names, creatures, races, vehicles, locations, weapons, characters, and the distinctive likeness thereof, are either ® or TM, and/or © Games Workshop Limited, variably registered around the world, and used under licence. [54], The Sanguinary Priest can use the Exsanguinator for medical treatment of wounded Space Marines. [40c] However it has since become apparent that Primaris Marines are still vulnerable to the Black Rage and Primaris too have since been placed into the Death Company. Confronted with brain-washed humans on Melchior, the Blood Angels had no choice but to fight them. Its members are often distinguished individuals or the most accomplished Veteran Marines of the Chapter; warriors with full access to the armoury of the Blood Angels. They have no real nutritional need for blood, but when they abstain from drinking it for a long time, they grow weaker and even age. Exacerbating this already terrible threat is a massive daemon army led by the dread bloodthirster Ka'Bandha, which has already struck at Ammonai, the outermost planet of the Baal system. Despite often bearing the marks of mutation they were genetically sculpted into tall and fair elegant specimens. [13], The Blood Angels recruit their Aspirants from the chapter's home planet of Baal and its moons. The current headquarters staff following the Devastation of Baal is as follows:[40b], The current Companies and their Captains post-Devastation of Baal is as follows. Recognising them as one of the greatest threats to his rebellion, Warmaster Horus would send them on an impossible mission to the distant Signus cluster, where a deadly trap awaited. As a result, the Honour Guard are normally well equipped and ably transported. Their designed function was to utterly obliterate the enemy like an inferno, only growing in strength as the wars raged on and leaving nothing in their wake. As they came to victory, their rage and fury subsided, whereupon they became aware of their victory, however they had no reason to celebrate with thousands of their brothers lying amongst the daemon dead, their Primarch cast down and the dark shadow of the rage and fury they had so recently possessed looming upon their souls. Ultimately all but the Lamenters do so, even the renegade Knights of Blood. Those who did not would see the shining countenance of the Angel Sanguinius transformed into savage fury as blinding destruction was delivered from on high. Note: the conflicting sources should be elaborated on. [14b], Confronting the Angel, the Bloodthirster spoke, attempting to sway him to Chaos, Why do you fight us, so called Angel? The contests are held every generation at Angel's Fall (the place where Sangunius was found as an infant) Aspirants (all from the pureblood tribes) must reach the Place of Challenge by journeying through a vast, hostile desert, and a series of canyons, infested with Fire Scorpions and Thirstwater. The following information is not to be regarded as officially sanctioned and/ or is not written from an in-universe point of view. Armed with weapons best suited to the swift culling of those unworthy of a place in the Emperor's bright new Imperium, they descended upon the foe … Some founding’s teeter on the border of full-blown insanity, causing them to be on the verge of destruction, even though the Chapter council thought the flaw was eradicated from the gene-stocks for a while. Sanguinius and the Blood Angels raced directly for Terra, as was their destiny, while Guilliman and Lion El'Jonson led the Ultramarines and Dark Angels in diversionary attacks against Horus' blockade. Take control of the IX Legion and fly into battle! The company is led into battle and directed towards the foe by the Chapters Chaplains. [1a], During the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, the Blood Angels were a Space Marine Legion numbering roughly 120,000 warriors. [14a], When the Blood Angels fleet arrived in system, they were assaulted by Chaos energies, ravaging their Navigators and Astropaths, killing many outright, as well sending mad panic through the Legion's ship serfs and auxiliaries; who until then had never felt the effects of Chaos. A detailed explanation of the term "Trivia" as used in the Lexicanum can be found here. Three collectable Warlords lead the Silver Host as it sails to the Signus system: ● Meros: Young apothecary of peerless loyalty, who would eventually sacrifice his soul to save his Primarch. The three Primarch's led their Legions in an attempt to breach the Ruinstorm and reach Terra. Their Primarch was able to instil a sense of pride in them to replace their desire for carnage and bloodshed. On the moons of Neptune, 12,000 warriors of the IXth disappeared but nonetheless managed to endure and complete their mission. Blood Angels Released – The Horus Heresy Legions. The Blood Angels were the IX Legion of the original Space Marine Legions under their Primarch Sanguinius.

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