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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . The problem, of course, is that with this focus-on-flavor, you miss out on the important stuff: the electrolytes. Not everyone wants their water to taste sweet. The green tea extract, B-vitamins and the caffeine from the guarana extract combine to give you a real energy boost. Probably best not to use it late in the day if you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep. Electrolytes – what are they and why are they important? If you’re looking to improve the taste of your water but want to avoid all artificial sweeteners, colorants and preservatives then Stur is a great option. Also, don’t go drinking a whole bottle of the stuff in one go like some teenagers have been doing on YouTube. If you suffer from cramps it may be a sign of low electrolytes. The convenience that water enhancers offer is probably their biggest selling point. If you need to jazz up your water’s flavor, then stick to the all-natural options. See our full. Water, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Caffeine, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Sucralose And Acesulfame Potassium (Sweeteners), Natural Flavor, Taurine, Red 40, Niacinamide, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Guarana Extract, Vitamin B6, Ginseng Extract (Panax), Vitamin B12. Nuun hydration tablets are one of the best ways to do this. Should you use a water enhancer? Also, if you’re drinking these while hiking, you’re burning plenty of calories anyway. The bottle is a bit of a funny shape and isn’t the greatest for easy stashing in your pack. They’re really just designed to make water taste better so you’re more likely to drink the amount of water you need. Water enhancers are a great way to add flavor and keep you reaching for that bottle. There are 24, 2ml servings per bottle. Caffeine Informer is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and may receive a portion of revenues if you purchase a product using a link on this site. These won’t impact your blood sugar levels so people with diabetes normally look out for these options. The problem is while some taste great, others can be pretty horrible. Electrolytes are minerals and salts that your body needs in order to function. Maybe you already love the taste of another product that doesn’t contain electrolytes? These, along with the Elete (see below) are what I take on any high-altitude trek (Kilimanjaro!) There are some that do a bit more. Ultimately, the caffeine in Great Value Energy Drink Enhancers is safe; all that matters is how much of it you drink. or tough thru-hike. If you continue to use this site we'll assume that you're happy with it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Will it pack easily? New (12) from $12.49 + FREE Shipping. While we wouldn’t want to mention any names, we’d steer clear of any that use artificial flavoring, artificial sweeteners or propylene glycol. But how does it actually enhance, or make your water better? If you feel thirsty, hydrate! However, it is also important to remember that Great Value Energy Drink Enhancers contains 0.00 grams of sugar. If you love the taste of a slice of lemon in your water then pack of few of these sachets on your next hike. Each tablet will top up your body’s Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium so your muscles work efficiently and don’t cramp up. You’d be safest with flavors that come from real fruit extracts. The foil sachets are single serving portions so you’ll end up carrying the bits with you to dispose of at home. We like that the bottle is refillable but the refill bottles can be a little pricey. Refillable bottles offer the most sustainable packaging but check the price of the refill bottles before committing yourself. The tablets take about 5 minutes to dissolve so you’ll need a little patience. If you get one that replaces your electrolytes and gives you an energy boost, even better. There’s no exact rule and it really depends on the conditions you’re hiking in and your level of exertion. The best water enhancer for hiking and backpacking is the one that gets you drinking enough water without any added artificial chemicals. Also, the sachets may be sealed, but some tend to let moisture in, causing the crystals to clump. Artificial sweeteners have both supporters and detractors in the nutrition world with pretty dogmatic views expressed on both sides. Sodium – An important electrolyte, your body needs sodium, but too much can be bad for you. If you’re hiking at altitude, then you’ll know the need for staying well-hydrated. Stevia is a very popular natural zero-calorie sweetener but not everyone likes the distinct taste. Every 2ml of product contains 50mg of caffeine. The real benefit is that you’re more likely to remain properly hydrated. That means carrying the empty packaging home with you -leave no trace, people. Any liquid in a bottle presents a risk of leaking in your pack. A product with added electrolytes can help with this. These tablets deliver the same electrolytes you get from the regular Nuun tablets but also have caffeine and B-vitamins added. This is a great water enhancer if you need a pick-me-up. Too much sodium, sugar or artificial sweeteners aren’t a good idea. It lubricates your joints, transports nutrients, removes waste, maintains your body temperature and much more. So how much of this stuff can I drink? Adding more will increase the caffeine content. Every 2ml of product contains 50mg of caffeine. If you like the taste of water but still want to replenish your electrolytes then Elete drops offer a convenient solution. If you’re already careful about your sugar intake then the tiny bit in a water enhancer shouldn’t worry you. A good general guide is to take in around 1 liter every two hours. Single-serve portion packaging may be convenient but it creates a lot of waste. Most water flavor drops do little more than improve taste. Some will have a few calories, and it’s mostly those that use natural sweeteners or fruit extracts. When you sweat you lose more than just water. I love these nuun electrolyte tablets. The green tea extract, B-vitamins and the caffeine from the guarana extract combine to give you a real energy boost. Others are little more than colored sugar-water filled with chemicals. I should point out that these ought not to be used at altitude as some studies show that caffeine can contribute to altitude sickness. We also like how easy it is to control how many drops you add to your water for repeatable taste intensity. We like that it has no sugar, aspartame, artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives in it. A little creative repacking or decanting would probably overcome the majority of these issues. They do this either by using natural sweeteners, or artificial ones. The directions state that you are to add 2ml of the Drink Enhancer to 8 fl.oz. If you want to be 100% sure to avoid the chemicals and additives that a lot of manufacturers use then making your own water enhancers is pretty easy. It has a little sodium, calcium and chromium but misses out on other electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. When you are trekking at altitude, staying properly hydrated can reduce your likelihood of contracting altitude sickness, studies have shown. Some do little more than make it taste nice. Check the shape, size and overall weight. When you sweat you’re getting rid of water and those bodily functions will eventually suffer as a result.

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