gender pay gap statistics

Wage disparities likely contribute to the following facts: The gender pay gap is likely a major contributing factor to higher rates of female poverty across all age groups. Von den 28 EU-Staaten im Jahr 2018 wies nur Estland mit 23 % einen noch höheren geschlechtsspezifischen Verdienstabstand auf. Among the 115.9 million full-time workers earning wages or a salary in the country, median earnings for women were $857 while median earnings for men totaled $1,066, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The troubling statistics below help to illuminate how extensive and persistent the gender pay gap is, as well as how it affects women, families, and the U.S. and global economies. There are actually two different wage gap numbers: While men earn more on average than women using both metrics, the adjusted wage gap is smaller than the unadjusted one. While there is a wage gap in every U.S. state, the gap isn't uniform.

Women now hold the majority of jobs that require social and fundamental skills and an increasing number of women have moved into jobs requiring substantial analytical skills. The gender pay gap has also resulted in women receiving less in Social Security benefits than men. In Louisiana, the state with the largest gap, they only make $0.69 for every dollar. There is reason for hope, though, as data from Pew Polls shows that women's earnings in high-skill jobs are increasing more rapidly than the earnings of their male counterparts. The U.S. Census Bureau looked at this information in a different way. However, after reporting a slow and steady decline in previous years, a slight increase was found in the size of the maritime gender pay gap in the UK. Für Deutschland wird hierzu die Vierteljährliche Verdienst­erhebung genutzt und es liegen Daten bis 2019 vor. More fathers than mothers are able to remain in the labor force after having children.  Statistisches Bundesamt (Destatis) | 2020. Before you apply for a personal loan, here's what you need to know. The Ascent does not cover all offers on the market. ▸ Blog ▸ Diversity ▸ The impact of COVID on maritime gender pay. However, a number of states throughout the U.S. have tried various approaches to eliminate the gender wage gap, including: Paid leave could also help close the gender wage gap, both by enabling more women to remain in the labor force after having children and by encouraging fathers to take time off to care for children. Those who believe the gender pay gap is a myth often point to adjusted data, which takes some of these other factors into account and shows a narrower gap between men's and women's earnings. Aussagen zum Unterschied in den Verdiensten von weiblichen und männlichen Beschäftigten mit gleichem Beruf, vergleichbarer Tätigkeit und äquivalentem Bildungsabschluss sind damit nicht möglich. If the gender pay gap isn't a myth, why does it exist? The chart below shows the disparities in wages by industry. Another possible explanation put forth for why education hasn't fully closed the wage gap is that women tend to choose college majors that lead to less lucrative career fields. Women have higher rates of poverty throughout their lifetimes. Bei dieser Datengrundlage handelt es sich um eine in vierjährigen Abständen durchgeführte Erhebung.
Check out our top picks of the best online savings accounts for November 2020. However, while the motherhood penalty cannot explain the wage gap, the wage disparity between mothers and fathers is larger than the overall wage gap. Christy Bieber is a personal finance and legal writer with more than a decade of experience.
women taking on more family responsibilities and scaling back work tasks. There have been many attempts to provide an alternative explanation for why women are, on average, paid less than men. For example, research has shown that women ask for raises as often as men but are less likely to receive them. Ultimately, however, true change will come only when the public, private, and social sectors join forces to make women's equality a priority.

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