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Worst sexist excuses keeping women out of FTSE boardrooms, How to find out your company’s gender pay gap, Global women’s strike: ‘If we stop, the world stops’, UK sees biggest gender pay gap rise in EU, Mark Wahlberg and Emma Stone top Hollywood earners. In London the gap had barely changed from 1997 – having reduced by just 1 per cent to 14.1 per cent. Lifestyle. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. Although the gap has increased, Wokingham is still faring better than Bracknell Forest and West Berkshire who have a difference in pay between men and women of 18.2% and 19.5%, respectively. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. The data shows eight in 10 companies pay … The UK gender pay gap is at its lowest level ever - just over 18 per cent.
Women. Using the figures reported so far, we’ve converted the gap into the number of days women effectively work for free. Stella Creasy discusses the gender pay gap on Sky News. What is the gender pay gap and how is it different from equal pay? A spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission said the government should force employers to publish action plans with specific targets and deadlines alongside their pay gap data. More than a third of young women struggle to make ends meet. Is the pandemic exacerbating the gender pay gap? All rights reserved. Search. "While on the face of it the fall in the gender pay gap is welcome, we are concerned that this data is likely to already be out of date as a result of the devastating impact of the coronavirus crisis – and that's before the impact of a second lockdown, which is likely to hit women employed in retail and hospitality especially hard,” warned Joe Levenson, director of communications and campaigns at Young Women's Trust. It also found that the pay gap was larger among higher earners compared to lower-paid employees. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. Why is the gap in earnings between female and male graduates so stark? Charles Cotton, senior reward and performance adviser at the CIPD, said organisations needed to pay special attention to age disparities.

This shows a concerning lack of commitment to the goal of pay equality but, even more worrying, the responses of those who did comply indicate that it will now take almost 200 years to close the gender gap. Action on wage inequality is 'well overdue', say campaigners, but does it go far enough? Women in mid-30s may never know equal pay in their working lives, Carrie Gracie attacks BBC pay discrimination inquiry 'whitewash', Minority ethnic women are lowest-earning barristers, report shows, Investment industry urged to promote more black women, Federal government funding for care sector would improve gender pay gap and economy, Gender pay gap: what we learned and how to fix it, The UK companies reporting the biggest gender pay gaps. Across the EU, the pay gap differs widely, being the highest in Estonia (25.6%), the Czech Republic (21.1%), Germany (21%), UK (20.8%), Austria (19.9%) and Slovakia (19.8%) in 2017. PRESS ASSOCIATION . Sign up to PM Daily and keep up to date with all the latest HR and business news from, Gender pay reporting in the age of coronavirus, Women could be given right to know male colleagues’ salaries under new bill, Ethnicity pay gap lowest in almost a decade, official figures find, Director of Strategic Organisational & HR Development, UK’s ‘light touch’ gender pay legislation falling behind other countries, report shows, Employers must dismantle barriers to gender equality exacerbated by Covid-19. The gender pay gap fell to an all-time low of 7.4 per cent among full-time employees in April this year, down from 9 per cent in 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Even on the figures we do have, we will need to wait until next year to know if there really has been a significant fall. Government has ‘taken foot off the pedal’ on gender pay gap, MP warns, UK is ‘unique in light-touch approach’ to gender pay gap, study finds, Gary Lineker to take pay cut as he remains BBC’s highest-paid star, Firms should be made to publish their ethnicity pay gap, Labour says, Why being the only woman in the room does nothing for the rest of us, How robots are increasing the gender pay gap, Working from home is easy. The gender pay gap fell to an all-time low of 7.4 per cent among full-time employees in April this year, down from 9 per cent in 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Keir Starmer hit by ‘exodus’ of Labour members led by Jeremy Corbyn supporters. "While life may begin at 40, so too does this gender pay gap,” he said. How does the BBC still have a gender pay gap?

Updated / Monday, 9 Nov 2020 18:20 According to Eurostat, Ireland's GPG has fallen from 17.3% in 2007, to 14.4% in 2017 The report also noted that the gender pay gap “was higher in every English region than in each of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland”. Explore the best of the media in one magazine. The Week™ is a registered trade mark. Women paid £85,000 less than men during their 50s, Women do ask for pay rises but they don't get them, A festive feast: the best Christmas cookbooks, Christmas dinner: food and drink delivered to your door. Gender pay gap could take more than 250 years to close, report warns. The gender pay gap is an equality measure that shows the difference in average earnings between women and men. They should then be developing an action plan, which might, for instance, involve increasing opportunities for flexible working and learning opportunities.". Levenson said the government needed to do more: “To target support where it's most needed, it's essential that the government does more to monitor the real-time impact on the labour market, including through requiring employers to report redundancy and job loss data by protected characteristics, better understanding of how low-income workers are being affected and ensuring gender pay gap reporting is reinstated for April 2021.”. Women in Europe will work for free for the rest of the year. The short-term impact of furlough also makes the figures less clear.”. Top-level gender pay gap ‘won’t close until 2055’ Study reveals 79% of the 860,000 people in the UK earning more than £100,000 a year are men One-Minute Read Five days of Christmas UK Covid plan lets three households mix, 'Drinks on the pavement': UK scientists on their Christmas plans, UK scientists warn of third wave of Covid after Christmas, Coronavirus live news: Germany reports record daily deaths as global cases near 60m, Non-Christian faiths welcome Christmas easing of Covid rules, UK's 'chaotic' PPE procurement cost billions extra. What are the new gender pay gap regulations? That’s Asda price: More than 38,000 workers in equal pay claim, What to do if you’re being paid less than your male colleagues, Covid-19 risks raising the barriers women face in our economy. News Gender pay gap: Women working two months 'for free' By Alex Cutler @dorsetechoalex Reporter. What you need to know about gender pay gap reporting, New Zealand couple shuns developers to give 900 hectares of land to nation, Families bereaved by Covid say UK plan to allow Christmas mixing is ‘sheer madness’, 'Leave Nato': Justin Trudeau pranked by Russian duo posing as Greta Thunberg. Why is Britain failing when it comes to the gender pay gap? We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.

Big companies this year have to report their performance on pay equality. “People professionals should be helping their employers examine their talent pipelines to see what’s stopping more women from progressing into senior roles.

“Mothers are more likely to have had their work disrupted because of unequal caring roles and a lack of childcare.

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