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If the bidder and a defender reach 1000 or more on the same deal, the bidder wins even if the defender's score is higher. Having looked at the talon the declarer may choose to give up, scoring minus 100 points and giving the opponents 50 each.

They can then score points only if they are the bidder. The high bidder leads to the first trick.

For example if your score is (say) 845 and you score 155 points or more, you win the game. The high bidder takes the talon, discards two cards face down, which count for him and leads to the first trick. To announce a king-queen you must have both cards in your hand at the time of the announcement and you must lead one of them. The cards are dealt one at a time: seven cards to each of the three active players and three cards face down to the centre of the table.

So the possibilities for a player on a barrel are as follows. If you are the declarer and score at least 120 points on a hand, you win the game. The following sites provide on-line 1000 games: 1001 (Tausendeins) is a simpler variation of 1000 played in Germany.

(A declarer with a good hand should therefore be careful to avoid passing a nine to an opponent who might already have three of them.). If the bidder wins, he scores all the points he takes; if he loses he scores minus his bid.

Players must follow suit if they can, and if unable may play any card.

Before leading a player may declare a marriage, scoring the points for it and making that suit trumps. Some play instead that the inactive player scores the point value of any cards in the talon, plus the value of any king-queen pairs. There are three active players, but as with many three-player games it is possible for four people to take part, with one player sitting out of each hand. When scoring the hand, the talons count for neither player, with one exception: if the winning bid was 120 and the bidder won all 10 tricks but declared no king-queen pair, then the bidder gets both talons for a total score of 120, so that the bid succeeds. In Poland, the following variations of three-player Tysiąc licytowany (Auction 1000) are found.

Popular card game Burkozel. After each trick the trick winner draws the top cards of the stock and the other player draws the next card, so that each player has six cards at the start of each trick. When four play, there are only three active players in each deal. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. * Play only with RELIABLE players - those who play through to the end. If the two defenders reach 1000 or more in the same deal but the bidder does not, then the player with the higher score wins.

If you take just 2 points, your only trick consisting of a jack and two nines, this does not count towards your quota of zeroes, even though your 2 points are rounded down and you get nothing added to your cumulative score. In this version, from a barrel of 880 at least 125 points would be required. If you are on the barrel, you have three chances to be the declarer and score at least 120 points on a hand to win the game. If this is your first or second hand on the barrel, then your cumulative score stays at 880 and you are still on the barrel.

Some only allow this provided that the player has not bid above the minimum 100 points. If an opponent of the bidder takes no points at all in tricks, a horizontal line "" is marked in the player's score column. Some allow a player to bid "blind" - that is, without looking at his hand. Players must follow suit and subject to this must beat the highest card so far played to the trick if possible. Can you reach 1000 and prove your mathematical skill? A 24-card pack is used. In some regions, players impose silence below -120 or -100. If the declarer takes 215 points including announcements, he will add 160 to his cumulative score; if he takes 155 points including announcements, he will subtract 160 points from his cumulative score. Players on the barrel bid and score normally, except that there is no point bonus for a marriage. The game is then properly known as 1001 (Тысяча Одно).

Each of the three players Some (for example in South Ukraine) only allow the bidder to declare Rospisat' on two occasions during a game. Therefore a silenced player can only score points in other player's games until he emerges again from the silent zone; the only exception is when his compulsory bid of 100 is not overcalled. The cards are dealt in pairs. If both reach 1000 or more points in the same hand, the player with the higher score wins; if the scores are equal another hand is played. If the winner of the bidding has bid blind, he then looks at his hand, adds the talon cards to it without showing them, gives a card face up to each opponent, and play then proceeds in the usual way.

Some allow the bidder to demand a fresh deal if there are at least two nines in the talon. If two (or all three) players reach or pass 880 in the same deal, all players trying to jump on the barrel are fined 120 points - their scores become 760. Some play that any player may demand a fresh deal if the total value of the cards in his hand, after the bidder has passed cards to the opponents, is less than 14 points. Bidding begins at dealer's left and is in multiples of 10 with no minimum. The player to dealer's left must therefore bid at least this amount. Thousand LiveGames - free online card game 1000, Cookies help us deliver our services. The first player to 1000 points wins. The high bidder exposes one of the two talons, adds the two cards to his hand and discards two cards, after which he can then increase the bid. If it is a jack, he reshuffles and the cards are cut again. 1000 is a point-trick game: the aim is to win tricks containing valuable cards. Some require a player to score more than 1000 points to win. If you declare further Rospisats, you lose 120 points every third time that you do so. There are several exceptions to the above method of scoring. If a player whose score was previously below 880 scores enough points to take it to 880 or more (but less than 1000), the player's score becomes 880 and a box is drawn around it or a symbol is drawn in the player's column on the score sheet to show that the player is on the barrel - in Russian Бочка (bochka). When there are no trumps, a player who is unable to follow suit may play any card. The highest bidder undertakes to win at least this number of points from cards in tricks plus declarations. Some allow each player just one Rospisat' per game (declarer scores 0 and oppoinents 60 each) and one Spisat', in which the declarer loses the value of the bid but the opponents score no points. One may occasionally meet players who allow a king-queen pair to be announced by the bidder on the first trick, thus establishing a trump suit from the outset. A king-queen pair can be announced by the player leading to any trick, even the first trick, provided that you lead one of the cards of the pair and have the other in your hand. This player is not allowed to bid, except for the compulsory bid of 100 when he is to the left of dealer. There is no penalty for scoring zero on three occasions.

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