forever evil nightwing death

I realize that every 10-20 years a rejuvenation of sorts needs to happen. Didio has been dying to kill Nightwing, I hope he won't die.I think dick will round up a group of heroes and form a team, I believe since wally is returning he will he chosen, with Raven, Starfire , and a rumored Donna Troy set to appear in SM/WW. I can't see them killing him off. The first Crisis did it right by relaunching from scratch. Forever Evil: Arkham War by Peter Tomasi, Scot Eaton and Jaime Mendoza, focuses on Batman's villains. I like to believe the "Outlaw Justice" rumor where he's leading a team in a post-Forever Evil America where heroes are outlawed. He will effectively be a double agent; he doesn't actually agree with, or trust Owlman, but is working on stopping him from the inside. The DC Universe exists in a multiverse correct? I don't see him going back with Batman though, I remember reading in Forever Evil that Bruce was remorseful over the fact that he screwed up Dick Grayson's life, I find it hard to believe that after that revelation that he would make amends by....bringing him back in as Robin (it's the complete opposite). Also is Nightwing in the Batman Eternal teaser? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Nightwing is taken captive and exposed as Richard Grayson by the evil crime syndicate from a duplicate universe. T for now, could go to M for violence. This story is directly preceded by Trinity War in most of the crossover books. I don’t really care to touch on the speculation, other than to say that I’m not really in favor of either of those things happening. The biggest difference I see between Bruce and Dick is that Batman is the vigilante, Nightwing is the superhero. Now to the deducing! Check out the new sneak peek for Disney’s Maleficent, Major Spoilers Podcast #902: Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods. Of course leave it to DC to majorly drop the ball when it comes to giving one of their legacy heroes a chance to shine. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Bruce is a loner. But, he won't die. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Some have speculated that this is actually Calvin Rose of Talon, but why he’s wearing that mask is very suspect. He loves comic books and the history of the medium. Scott Snyder on Twitter released this image featuring a woman in a Nightwing inspired armor. At all.) There’s another possibility that he could be the Earth 2 Batman. Then on live television for the whole world to see, his mask was ripped off , and his identity was shown to the world. DC was always about their heroes being accepted, being outlawed just seems so Marvelesque. How cool are the camera cars in ‘Need for Speed’? Dan Didio has said repeatedly that he has tried to kill Nightwing in several of the last major DC events. I'm not necessarily against this happening, and i've never really had a problem with the outlawed heroes idea (As long as it's handled tasefully and wrapped up nicely) though it does scream Marvel, with Civil War still being fairly fresh in everyone's minds. They think it's good change but it sucks most of the time because they change the actual things loveable. Someone higher up really needs to knock whoever needs knocking and say the New 52 is lacklustering in many aspects such as continuity and development in their character. I feel like they have dragged this out for so long that no matter the out come I will resent them. I haven't heard of that rumor. Now that’s an event I would read! This New 52 is kinda bunk and just confuses the entire history of the DC super-types. Yes, this theory isn’t as likely, but you still have to consider why there would be a woman in a Nightwing inspired costume in Batman Eternal. Another piece of evidence to support this theory is the fact that Kyle Higgins is not writing this issue.

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