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It’s a massive food trend that hotels really take advantage of. At the Luxor Hotel’s Rice & Company, the chef created specialty sushi using amazingly fresh holiday-appropriate ingredients. Another example is a unique rooftop. Dance! Teams The company is as much known for incredible flavours as it is for its stance on pressing political and social justice issues. The content is highly engaging, powerful and inspires action from readers. The Grand-Scheme-of-Things Should Allow Diversity, but there Must be an Overall Plan to your Hotel Food & Beverage. Themed events 2. Each year Taco Bell serves over 2 billion consumers and has 7,072 restaurants. Cinco de Mayo – Luxor Hotel Las Vegas, USA. 2. Julia Child’s Birthday – The Jefferson Washington D.C., USA. Location and price are the two biggest determining factors in site selection. Seriously, we’re actually asking! The Omni Hotel’s Grand Cafe made moms “Queen for a Day” last year, serving a regal brunch buffet (eggs Benedict, salmon, and the like). Taco Bell is an American company selling Mexican food all over the world. Who doesn’t love Ben & Jerry’s? Venice, an iconic venue with a dependable market, saw more than 70,000 people attend last year’s opening events. Gamify your marketing strategy to boost engagement, reinforce brand awareness and generate leads. That’s because the content on these platforms is heavy on visuals. Consistent and conscious effort towards engaging with the communities. Easter – The Radnor Hotel Philadelphia, USA. So, how has such a vintage food brand managed to maintain growth despite fierce competition? That said, your company must have an overall holiday Hotel Food & Beverage marketing plan where you set specific goals for all of your properties. This would include your name on the recipe and marking material. Top 5 Promotion Ideas to Market a Food and Beverage Business Online Posted in: Ideas for your website Last update: 26/06/20 So, you have the perfect vegan protein bar formula in place, funky packaging that appeals to discerning millennials, interest from noted food industry investors. Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement than those without. Celestial Seasonings makes teas. Invite food bloggers to contribute to your blog or share your social media posts. 2. 6 Innovative Hotel Food & Beverage Ideas That Grow Group Revenue, 59% of F&B revenue at upper-upscale properties, Location and price are the two biggest determining factors in site selection. The culinary color scheme was a fun homage to the holiday’s trademark black and white skulls. In fact, to attract the influencer generation in Hong Kong, KFC recently opened a ‘concept store’ in the city’s centre. We have a few ideas for you. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the moms out there!” Cringey right? Of course, as a marketing campaign, the brand featured exclusive Taco Bell food that no one else has ever tasted before, Taco Bell-inspired nail art and hairstyles and even giant pool floats that look like sauce packets. Last year, 43 million Americans traveled for Thanksgiving. Hotel Matilda brought in Martha Ortiz Chapa (of Dulce Patria) to cook White and Black Dinners to celebrate those who have passed on. The YouTube series “For Here or To Go” is a great example. Takeaway: Ben & Jerry’s are an excellent example of a food brand taking a stand and increasing brand visibility, popularity and loyalty in doing so. While Ben & Jerry’s has a long history of campaigning on everything from climate change to marriage equality, recently it focused on migrant rights working with the Lift the Ban Coalition. They also retweet fan stories knowing that user generated content is incredibly powerful. Embedded Contests In fact, they throw shade on some of the technically bigger fast food giants. Their product, social and economic values are featured on their website and echoed throughout their marketing. Pick Contest Winners There are a few different ways to promote this one as well. The Four Seasons Hotel in Houston celebrated for a cause with its Drink Pink watermelon martinis in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Refer-a-friend Contests News There are 2 different ways you can do this. Fast forward to 2020 and when it comes to marketing to Gen Z and younger millennials, Taco Bell has it nailed. While you might not think that a holiday marked by a month-long fast, Ramadan, would be the time to emphasize your Hotel Food & Beverage programs, guests actually spend 30 percent more on food … The innovative menu was so popular that Foursquare ranked the restaurant as the U.S.’s most popular Thanksgiving dining destination. If you’re looking for food promotion ideas, you’ve come to the right kitchen. Take IHOP on Mother’s Day for example. This one may be a little more difficult. Write search engine optimised descriptions for your website and social media. One of KFC's most creative stunts: a Colonel Sanders bearskin rug given as an award in a creativity contest. This is not to say that such activism will work for all F&B brands. As a bonus, you might save on shipping costs and elevate your hotel’s brand. Moderation 15 Promotions that Caught Our Attention — and Found Success at the Bar. When running a liquor store, it can be vital to market to your customers in different ways. Sweepstakes entries were accepted throughout the 2017/2018 football season (September – February). Think Halloween; think candy. The recipe contest accepted entrants for three weeks and votes for an additional three weeks. Inauguration Day – The Madison Washington D.C., USA. Want to receive ShortStack blog posts straight to your inbox? Liquor Store Promotion Ideas of Travel and Food. COVID-19 Statement For properties that keep operations in-house, hotel food & beverage typically represents 25% of total revenue — and that portion grows year over year. The sweepstakes promotion yielded 35,000 entries from more than 91,000 views. This takes advantage of attendees’ desire to network. Check out how VegaTeam, which makes gluten-free and dairy-free protein powders, associates its brand with ideas about fitness and quick nutrition. F&B revenue refers to all revenue generated from the food and beverage sales in a hotel. Bastille Day – Sofitel Manila, Philippines.

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