folding knife locking mechanisms

A locking mechanism for a folding knife includes a thumb post which longitudinally moves along slots in the handle of the knife. The slipjoint is one of the more common designs for folding and pocket An advantage of the back lock is that your hands stay clear of the blade’s path when closing, which makes it safer. function of knives. release this lock allowing the blade to close. 4 showing the folding knife with the blade further folded; FIG.

Developed by custom knifemaker Chris Reeve using the original Walker LinerLock in an integral form. Thumb post 62 is forced in direction 58 by the action of spring 56 into notch 44 of base 40 of blade 36 thereby preventing blade 36 from rotating about pivot 42. The back lock is a well-known version of a pocket knife lock. a ramped notch cut into the tang portion of the knife blade when it is

If there is a metal sheet inside the

A second pin is fixed into the inside Overall, the bar and arc device both function identically and block the tang of the blade from closing when engaged.

Midlock mechanism is the same as the lockback, but located in the middle of the handle. said front end of said locking lever having a tab; said thumb post connected to said locking lever and projecting outward in opposite directions therefrom; and, HAND-HELD CUTTING TOOLS NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR, Hand knives with adjustable blade; Pocket knives, Hand knives with adjustable blade; Pocket knives with pivoted blade, Hand knives with adjustable blade; Pocket knives with pivoted blade lockable in adjusted position, Hand knives with adjustable blade; Pocket knives with pivoted blade lockable in adjusted position with a locking member being slidable or movable along the handle, MAINTENANCE FEE REMINDER MAILED (ORIGINAL EVENT CODE: REM. 14, 16, and 17 respectively showing blade 136 in the extended position, partially folded, and fully folded position respectively. 61/243,961, filed Sep. 18, 2009, which is hereby incorporated by reference. Also a style of jack knife that curves upward at the end. 17 is a cross sectional view as in FIG. have come up with proprietary locking mechanisms that work in similar fashions. With a locking liner, opening the performed with the thumb, allowing for one handed, hassle free action. A spring 56 is disposed between and connected to first 24 a and second 24 b walls near rear end 30 of handle 22, spring 56 contacting rear end 52 of locking lever 46 and urging front end 48 of locking lever 46 toward central longitudinal axis 26 of handle 22 in direction 58. ); ENTITY STATUS OF PATENT OWNER: MICROENTITY. In FIG. The possible embodiments of the locking mechanism for a folding knife described herein are exemplary and numerous modifications, combinations, variations, and rearrangements can be readily envisioned to achieve an equivalent result, all of which are intended to be embraced within the scope of the appended claims. Although they’re nowhere near as popular or commonplace, some knife manufacturing brands have... Arc Lock. In accordance with a preferred embodiment, a folding knife includes a handle, the handle including (1) a first wall spaced apart from a second wall, (2) a central longitudinal axis, (3) a front end, and (4) an opposite rear end. Twist (Collar) Lock.

However, it could sometimes be a little tricky to completely press down the Tri-Ad-lock when you want to close the blade. 4 showing the folding knife with the blade in a fully folded position; FIG. Tab 149 is forced in direction 158 by the action of spring 156 into notch 144 of base 140 of blade 136 thereby preventing blade 136 from rotating about pivot 142. ); ENTITY STATUS OF PATENT OWNER: MICROENTITY, Knife with ambidextrous actuators and locking mechanism, Folding knife with blade open assisting function, Side blade lock and release mechanism for use with a knife, Pocket knife with lockable blade comprising a release button with push button, Folding knife with safety locking feature, Releasable blade locking mechanism for utility knife, Lock for a flip open knife, and mechanism for making same automatic, Folding tool having a rotatable locking mechanism. Frame lock is similar to a liner lock in the way it engages and disengages the blade. Mid Lock. A folding knife is a cutting tool in which the blade is connected to the handle through a pivot, allowing the blade to fold into the handle.

13 and 18). In FIG. 4 showing the second embodiment folding knife with the blade in an extended position; FIG. types of blade locks and how they function. Furthermore, it falls deeper into the cut-out which is beneficial for the reliability. Because the spring bar falls behind the hinged part of the knife, the knife cannot return to a closed position. To lock it in place, you twist the vertical slot away from the blade. It has all of the attributes knife designers relentlessly search for, but rarely find. Handle 22 further includes optional first 25 a and second 25 b decorative grip panels which connect to first 24 a and second 24 b walls respectively. Sometimes the clasp is a simple metal ring that you pull. Then as shown in FIG.

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