film production contract template

This website was designed and built by KoKoe   . "Pre-Production" means the overall process of defining the parameters of the desired Finished Product (including but not limited to; meetings with the Client or their representatives, the organising of the Shoot (including assembling of Crew, location sourcing, project planning etc), Casting and any other activities prior to commencement of the Shoot. Every list needs a misc category! Production Agreements can be between large entities, like two big companies, or they can be individual-to-individual (in other words, a small client hiring a small producer).. Production Agreements tend to … Your movie is almost finished. Further that the Client is liable for any additional costs incurred by re-shooting or Additional Shooting caused by the actions or inactions of such artists, performers or extras; 13. agree that the Production Company, before the shoot, will ensure that their equipment and that of any hired in, is in working order and up to standard prior to the shoot however unforeseen technical difficulties can occur unexpectedly and whilst every effort will be made to deal with these on the day they cannot always be dealt with – this includes, but is not limited to batteries dying, camera errors including subsequent discover of dropped frames on the tapes, light bulbs blowing, power supplies failing, digital storage media failing – including but not limited to compact flash cards and SSD cameras; 14. agree that where the Client has the opportunity to attend the Shoot and monitor the aspects of the Shoot which it considers important, but fails to attend or draw attention to matters of concern, that the Production Company shall not be held liable for any perceived deficiencies in the Final Product or scenes in the Project either in part or whole; 15. agree that the Production Company shall be allowed to re-schedule any part of the Shoot where foreseeable adverse weather conditions could impact either the filming schedule or the Finished Product; 16. agree that the Production Company is not liable to bear the cost of any re-shooting where the need for such re-shooting has been caused by adverse weather conditions or such items beyond its control as, but not limited to; failure of the artist or any other performers to attend the shoot in a timely manner or to attend at all, cancellation or postponement by the Filming Location(s) or any other cause/s. This may or may not include expenses. b) The Production Company shall withhold the rights to manage, produce, sell, publicly exhibit, lease, license, hire, market, publicise, distribute, exhibit, diffuse, broadcast, adapt and reproduce mechanically, graphically, electronically or otherwise howsoever by any manner and means (whether now known or hereafter devised) all elements of the Project, extracts of film or songs or music in the Finished Product including any Photography by the Production Company taken during Production or after. At the particular end of typically the day, you conserve considerable time and money you would if you created the themes from scratch. But you do not have the time to meet up in person? Further copies shall be made available to the Client, if desired, at further cost to the Client.

Upon signature of this Contract, the Production Company shall: 1. source a Crew suitable, in the opinion of the Production Company, for the size and scope of the Project. Any additional work not requested, outlined, planned for and paid for before the Shoot commences, will not be undertaken by the Production Company unless additional monies are paid by the Client in advance. If the Client or its nominated Main Client Contact is unavailable for consultation during the Project, or alters the terms of the Project to the extent that the Production Company is unnecessarily inconvenienced, the Production Company reserves the right to levy additional administrational charges, such charges not to exceed the original Remuneration.
Marketing changed my perception of life. In the event that the Project is cancelled after signature of this Contract, after commencement of the Shoot and prior to the commencement of Post-Production at the request of the Client (or for reasons described in clause v. below), the Production Company reserves the right to retain (or be paid, if not already paid) up to 60% of the agreed original Remuneration (the total including any expenses and subcontract costs). The Client’s rights and those of any third parties only apply in the case that the Client has concluded full and any and all additions to payment of Remuneration and only where agreements in writing for the application and use of such rights applies. KOKOE STUDIOS - PRINCIPAL PRODUCTION AGREEMENT - FEATURE FILMS - (Note : eg. Description; Description . 3. Spin-off call sheets when you're done. Such charges are in recompense for any costs or losses incurred by the Production Company including for that of work conducted prior to cancellation including that of time spent on the shoot itself.
Take your production to the next level by creating a professional shooting schedule online using StudioBinder. This … 6. In the cases of a Studio or Performance Video, such location(s) are to be agreed between the Client and the Production Company prior to filming. As such, the Production Company reserves the right to cancel the Shoot without financial penalty to itself, and the Client is liable to bear any costs associated with this cancellation, where such cancellation is a direct result of the Client’s failure to make Remuneration by the deadline specified in this Contract or the Client’s invoice.

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A film budget template tailored to fit your needs. 1.

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