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They should be stored in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. 3. Chopstick and Push– insert the pointy end of a chopstick through the cherry where the stem was. To remove the core, simply push and twist the section of straw through the bottom end of the strawberry, being careful to aim at the center of the top end. My kids love cherries and we eat them like they’re going out of style but when I want to bring them somewhere like the beach or drive in I hesitate because of the mess withthe pits and all! There are a wide variety of cherry pitters out there that will help you get the job of pitting cherries done smoothly and quickly. […] the cherries. (Oh but I do love my cherry pitter! Tipple Tuesday: Maraschino Cherries / Cook Like Chuck. I enjoy making family friendly recipes while sharing cooking tips and knowledge of food science. Cut the cherry vertically all the way around. Admittedly I also had nice neat halves for my dessert but this would have been much quicker! Be careful your shirt doesn’t get covered with cherry stains. With some kitchen supplies, you can make a makeshift cherry pitter. I also use this technique with avocados and other firm stone fruit, but with avocados I take the blade of the knive and give the pit one good whack so that the blade sinks into the pit. I am going to try this technique over the weekend! 1. If you are planning to use the cherries for something like fruit salad, you might want to take your time with a paring knife to more carefully remove the pits to keep the cherries as pristine as possible. I am not someone who likes to buy gadgets that are for doing just one thing. Continue this process with the remaining cherries. This time, keep pushing and twisting, and the pit loosens and can be pushed out the stem end along with the stem. What does it mean when an ingredient is “divided”? After washing the fruit, center a 2″ section of straw over the stem and twist and push until the end of the straw hits the pit.. Now turn the fruit over and push the straw through the blossom end. WOW! You’ll feel the straw hit the pit and you’ll just push it right out with the stem. Poke a chopstick through the cherry and voila! Joan. You made my weekend. Free plastic straws are a lot more economical than buying a cherry pitter. You could buy a fancy contraption like a cherry pitter, but you can be more resourceful with tools you already have in your kitchen gadget drawer. Thank You for this post!! Simply remove the stem and pierce the cherry with the straw head-on. You can pit cherries with a straw, cherry pitter, icing tip, or a funnel. Cherries are in season from about late May until early August. But it can remove the pit of a cherry in seconds! Copyrights © 2017 Baking Bites &trade. When you are through pitting all your cherries, rinse off the pitter and dry it with a dish towel. 7. Make double sure the pit actually did pop out! Those nice strong ones from a cold-cup-tumbler work really well! Looking forward to cherry season , Hnnnnm. “Bing” cherries are the most popular kind on the market. I used to do the same thing! If you’re using chopsticks or wooden skewers poke it through the cherries to remove the pit. I bit into one and like I said, it was not only very hard, but very tart, not tasty at all. The rather sharp and sturdy star shaped opening at its tip is just about the size of a cherry pit and will push it through to the back side of the fruit. When you buy them, be sure that they are firm, a deep, dark red in color, and still have the stem attached. Thicker plastic straws, like the reusable straws that come with insulated mugs, are usually the best choice since they are sturdier and more durable than your average plastic straw and will make the process go very smoothly. Remove the stems and press the end of the straw straight down into the cherry until it comes out of the opposite side – with the pit at the end. Use one to crown the end of your index finger. (More About Me). Slice the cherry in half. That’s great that you have a cherry pitter on hand Bonnie! This is how I pit cherries without a pitter. A thinner pastry tip works best, since thicker pastry tips, straws, and chopsticks end up taking a fair amount of fruit along with the pit. This post may contain affiliate links. Awww, thanks Cindy, I’m so glad I made this post especially since it helped you . How do you pit cherries with a pastry tip? My all-time, number-one, favorite fruit is the cherry! Use a plastic drink straw from a local fast food outlet. To pit a cherry with a knife: Remove the stem. I like to use a thick plastic straw or the end of a small funnel to remove cherry pits when I’m not using a pitter. poke into the stem end of the cherry with the straw Push the straw horizontally through the cherry, pushing the pit out the bottom of the cherry as the straw goes through. How To Remove Pits From Cherries in 3 Steps: 1. Becky. I will have to give it a try. Also when I was pushing the straw threw the cherry I didn’t have to turn the cherry around for the pit to fall out it just popped out. A quick and easy guide for how to remove pits from cherries for all of your baking, cooking, and snacking needs. OMG this so much better than what figured out a couple of years go when i was determined to use fresh cherries for a clafoutis i made. Great tip. Hi Becky, last week my grocery store, here in Boston was selling imported cherries for only $4 per pound! Chopsticks aren’t just good for devouring some yummy beef with broccoli, they can also be used to quickly and easily remove cherry pits! Insert one end into the cherry and dig around until you are able to pop out the pit. ), After several attempts,I used the straw method with a bamboo skewer inserted rounded side first to reinforce the straw,blossom end first through the stem end and it worked like a charm. How cleaver. I found that trying to remove cherry pits with a straw was really frustrating and did not work for me! Cherry season is from June to July. I have a spoon with a hole in the handle that is used to hang the spoon on a hook. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Also used the back end of a wood skewer but THIS IS BRILLIANT and have some cherries to pit and found your site. all done. The cherries will end up with two holes in them, but you won’t see them if you’re planning to bake with the cherries. Paper Clip. This is brilliant! Cherries will keep for about a week in the refrigerator, but it’s better to buy small amounts and eat them within a day or two of purchase. Funny, I was stocking up on baking supplies today and kept seeing cherry corers. Modern marvels. Remove the stem and simple push the straw through the cherry giving it a slight twist back and forth. You can also place these delicious fruits on top of a Coke bottle or an aluminum can, this helps sturdy the cherry before pushing the pit through. Thanks for the great hint. The pitter, the strange-looking gadget pictured above next to the knife, supposedly can remove the pit from olives as well, but I have never been able to make it work with olives. Just insert a drinking straw in one end of a cherry and the pit comes out the other. You could probably use this idea for taking pits out of olives too. If you don’t have a cherry pitter, there are a few tools you can use to pit cherries more easily. I would have to buy online. I found that trying to remove cherry pits with a straw was really frustrating and did not work for me! Judith , I expect you could pit olives using this method, too, although I haven’t tried it. CCan’t wait to try this out! Voila! There are a few things you need to be careful of, however. The manager says I can pick all I want, but I don’t know what kind of cherry these are! In a perfect world, the tip or straw hit the pits and pushes them clear through. I final,y am feeding my kids cherries, serving them at dinner, etc, because I can do it so much quicker! Cherry season is from June to July. Remove stem and firmly hold the sides of the cherry at a 90-degree angle sitting on top of a flat surface like a cutting board. After practice, this method is almost as fast as using a pitter, and the used straw section can just be discarded.

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