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Before that it looked as if the mouth was just “pasted onto the face” and did not really “belong”. Draw, erase, draw, erase, draw, erase ….. until you are satisfied. 10-13-2004”. Then, draw 2 lines extending into a point for the chin, and draw a curved line around this point to round out the jaw. I don’t know. (To avoid smearing I always use a paper under my hand over the areas I have already drawn.) For me they are still and might be forever necessary. There are so many tremdously more talented people in this forum, bla, bla, bla. This helps me in difficult areas. All my life I have been convinced that I can’t draw. //-->. (Not to the complete satisfaction of the WC community, but this is one of the areas in which I, as a beginner, have serious problems. In the Properties panel, she chose Unite from the Pathfinder options and changed the fill to a warm brown color with no stroke. Somehow I still draw “eyes” and not the shapes I see. Using a graphite block, begin to block in the value around and behind the figure. The only lines I see on my photo are from the glasses and even these are a little bit fuzzy at the edges. 5) Build up the dark areas slowly. You will have heard and read this before, so I won’t get into this. They say this prevents, or at least reduces, smearing. Note: Project files included with this tutorial are for practice purposes only. Prepare your grids; one for the original photo or printout and one for the paper where you will draw on. Now where to start? I mostly start with the eyes and then jump around from there. What I really wanted to do was watercolours, but realized very quickly that watercolour requires a good drawing and so I ended up in this forum. Post questions and get answers from experts. These shapes are the building blocks of a structurally sound and “sculptural” drawing. When I showed this stage to our daughter she told me exactly where to put more shadowing: In the areas on both sides of the mouth and the forehead. When you are good then the scanner is your friend because you can quickly see if you have achieved the likeness you wanted. You will use contour and cross contour to describe form. Vector portrait illustration of a woman with wavy hair in dark blue, pink, purple layers against a pink background. Why did I do this? I take it that you all have erased carefully the grid lines from the drawing and you look at your masterpiece as if you had drawn it freehand (which you did – with just a little help). I can’t do that. If the Curvature tool inadvertently interacts with other shapes, locking the paths within the layer can help to prevent undesired results. As well I have made the dark areas already very dark to give me a better impression of how the face will stand out. By using LiveAbout, you accept our, Sculpting Planes of the Face With Light and Shadow. I use/need a grid size of 1cm (1 inch = 2.5 cm). I just draw the negative space between the upper teeth and the lower teeth. In shading I am learning as I do this project, it works for me to draw the shading not in cross hatching strokes but in small circular motion. However, setting the figure in a dark environment like in the photo may make the rest of the values fall into place. So this will be FROB-FORB (From Beginner – For Beginners). Still, I always doodled but never drew. Look in magazines etc. This is the result of having tranferred the photo using primarily the grid to the drawing paper and many, many, many corrections. Draw the planes as shapes and you are well on your way to understanding figurative form. This part is very important! We'll get started by roughing out the basic shapes of the head - two overlapping ovals. And yes, try to get rid of the grid lines now, since they will bother us later on when we are going to shade. For me it was a shock to see on the screen what looked acceptable on the drawing, but was obviously off. Being at this point we are happy with the outlines (I presume) and now the fun part begins, the real drawing. To create a shadow, Plant used the Curvature Tool to draw a crescent shape, filled it with black, and reduced the opacity. So I bought books and still didn’t find what I was looking for. I have worked in pharmaceutical marketing and loved it. Now some value can be added. Add shapes, trim, and embellish to make your portraits stand out on a solid color background. Try 2 or 3 layers vs on which might come out too dark. Since I do have to do a lot of erasing the better the paper the more often you can erase what you have been doing and start all over again {and, if the drawing turns out to be really nice you can frame it and proudly look at it for years and you don’t have to say; ..” I wish I had used better paper so I didn’t have to draw the picture again which didn’t turn out as nicely as the first {experience!!!} For the corrections of size and positioning I have used 2 grids printed on an acetate. – patience (they say practise makes perfect, I learned that patience is as important) – ruler (you will want to measure and measure and measure, and …) – circle template for the eyes (it helps to have a round iris [ I read in one in the books that the iris and the pupil of the human eye are the perfect circles in nature – how true !!!) But be beware of shading circles on shading. It allows your artistic personality, as well as the subject's personality, to shine through in your sketch. Easier to draw and more natural. I want always to check if the outline of the face is correct, if the eyes, mouth and nose are placed correctly and have the correct shape. I finally did and got much help but I wanted a foolproof “cook-book” for drawing portraits from photos. I often forgot that and ended up with the feeling that something was wrong. So here I am trying to do this cookbook. Select the tools you are going to work with. Faces are a favorite subject for artists, but our desire for realism means that too often we resort to tracing or we get obsessive about photo-realist details. Artist's pencils are not all the same and there are many to choose from. As said above, do I frame it and hang it? Next, she selected the Curvature tool and clicked to create anchor points to draw an outline around the left side of the model’s face.

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