electronic engineering vs electrical engineering

I would just suggest a young student to try out a few electives and pick the direction of the classes he or she likes best! I did my diploma and bachelors in electronics and then masters in electrical with the specialization in control systems. Yet there are significant differences in the work of electronics engineers and electrical engineers. The degree spans for four years, designated as Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology at undergraduate level and with specialization in the subject domain at Post graduate and Doctorate level. To non-engineers, the distinction between electrical and electronic engineering can be very confusing as both involve electricity and are often grouped under the same university department. Cite The Question containing Inaapropriate or Abusive Words, Question lacks the basic details making it difficult to answer, Topic Tagged to the Question are not relevant to Question, Question drives traffic to external sites for promotional or commercial purposes, Regular exam updates, QnA, Predictors, College Applications & E-books now on your Mobile. Now I work in power controls, so I naturally gravitate to the macro. We have EECS, which is Electrical, Computer Engineering and Computer science. This approach also guides the design of our online M.S. 10 Jan, 2020 While knowledge of networks and power systems can be valuable, these are not as commonly areas of focus for electronics engineers. To put it plainly, electrical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with production and distribution of electricity, either on a large-scale or in delivering power to a specific site or equipment. Electrical engineering technicians are responsible for assembling electrical and electronic systems and prototypes prior to use on the market. Electronics, I really like programming and making new things, plus I could not like power "stuff". Electronics engineering came much later, when electronics like vacuum tubes began to come out and has flourished with the emergence of semiconductors and integrated circuits. But I’m free to take classes in any as I like. Employers also value practical experience, such as internships or participation in cooperative engineering programs, in which students earn academic credit for structured work experience. What are the Fastest Schools for a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering? I’m just trying to weight which side has better opportunities because I’m really interested in electronics and software but I feel like it’ll be too competitive to get jobs etc. Ben Joan. The federal government employs 13 percent of electronics engineers, while the semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing industry employs 12 percent, engineering services employs nine percent and navigational and control instruments manufacturing employs 7 percent. Electrical Engineering may include Electronics Engineering as well. However, it’s also important to note that these programs can vary widely in regard to the material covered, especially at the graduate level. Electrical engineer pay is a bit lower on average to computer engineer pay, though. This includes the parts and systems used in music players, broadcast systems, and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and computer hardware, according to the BLS. Tech.) That is why safety measures are used to protect the person dealing with the equipment. Temperature control system suits outdoor enclosures, kiosks. I turned down offers for $150k+ AUD, to work in an RnD roll in electronics for 80k a year. Working for any of the many manufacturers supplying the industry. Related Content: Top Skills for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. With every major technological advance come new professions that deal with the aforementioned, Difference Between Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering, Difference Between Sony Cybershot S Series and W Series, Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S2 (Galaxy S II) and Galaxy S 4G, Difference Between Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Difference between Electrical and Electronics, Difference Between Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Difference Between Software Engineer and Software Developer, Difference Between Social Worker and Human Services, Difference Between a Counselor and Social Worker, Difference Between Landlord and Property Manager, Difference Between Security Officer and Security Guard, Difference Between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3, Difference Between LCD and LED Televisions, Difference Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Difference Between Civil War and Revolution, Electronics engineering is an off-shoot of electrical engineering, Electrical engineers typically work in power generation and distribution while  electronics engineers typically work with information, Electrical engineering is primarily concerned with high power applications while electronics engineering is concerned with low power applications.

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