disadvantages of coaching and mentoring

Create an action plan: action plans must to create to help the clients understand the situation and also the coach to understand where they want to reach. startxref The superior must change their attitude from controlling to collaborating with the trainees. This supporting group does group mentoring by discussing current issues and challenges. An effective coach is equivalent to a effective trainer in an organisation. The mentor can gain satisfaction from knowing that she is helping an individual and can take a measure of pride in her accomplishments. The employees joining the organisation will be given clearly instruction of being a mentee under a mentor when they join the company so that they will be able to understand the work culture of the organisation. Organization’s development is based on the work of upper management and executives of the organization. As a human resource manager, I will include the coaching and mentoring in the policies of the organisation so that it wouldn’t be avoid by any of the member fro the organisation. He or she must have the knowledge, experience and a successful approach. Therefore some fun factor could be introduced to the relationship. Mentoring is considered to be a form of coaching in which an ongoing relationship is developed between the senior and junior employees. Disadvantages of Coaching A number of articles praise both performance appraisals and coaching as ways to bolster employee engagement. Job mentoring is a process of teaching and learning, like the school’s teacher-student relationship. 0000004460 00000 n In a personal assessment, the employee are guided with a interview questions that brings out the development opportunities or with the personal instruments like Big , Myers-briggs type indicator etc can be used with extensive training and certifications. In that case, finding another mentor may help everyone involved. All these features should be used or employed for effective mentoring: Integration with the career development process. Lack of understanding of the value of coaching, Low levels of skills and experience within the organization, incorrect matching of mentors/coaches and learners, resentment felt by those not involved in the scheme or the perception of favouritism, creation of false promotional expectations. Moreover, the mentor-mentee relationship strengthens the ability of the learner, as a result, the newly hire more confident about their work. They should be able to see possibilities with the result of the assessment. Treating coaching and mentoring as an ‘addition’ rather than integrating into already existing operational approaches and practices. The coach should take care of the emotions of the subordinates. If a mentor is not fully bought into the mission of the company or the role they have been asked to ... 2. The study gave ne a detailed knowledge on the topic and in depth understanding on topic and its usage for the organisation in the future. Moreover, it also provides elasticity in the group i.e. There can be enhanced feelings of resentment. Coaching mostly explains the goals such as assisting an executive to more effectively execute some transition, such as merger integration or downsizing, addressing a performance problem or behavioural skills as a part of leadership development program. An advantage of mentoring is that it helps to acclimate a new worker to the job and organization. Implementing the action plans: the action plans which are developed for the employee are implemented in this stage. Study for free with our range of university lectures! Coaching involves working with organisational members, typically managers and executives, on a regular basis to help them clarify their goals, deal with potential stumbling blocks and improve their performance. Here the organisation seeks the benefit of the employee, which indirectly benefits the organisation. In coaching the superior continues to analyse the performance of the subordinates and together plan for the action which are acceptable to them for the improvement, provides support and motivate the subordinates to progress. Mentored employees are relatively more developed with these skills.

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