cyberpunk 2020 character creation

But on top of that, you also get a language based on your cultural origin, so in the Africa example, the character is fluent in Amharic. 53 - 54 : No-Ahme Caldwell Genetic Engineering & Biochemicals (NO) Danger SenseCost : 2, 4, 6 SPsFor each level of Danger Sense bought, the character will gain a +1 on awareness checks when his life is on the line (up to a maximum of +3).
Advantages cannot normally be bought after character creation unless an act of God permits it. 65 - 68 : Stole Money (1D10 x 10 Euro Value) When attempting to get in touch with a contact, or see if he's available, roll 1D10 and compare to the "Must Roll" number. The Netrunner example defines how the character works, and what their environment is like. For more information, see the cost charts in the appendix. 41 - 50 : Employee Skills are also a table, based on your role, giving you the skills that you should need to do your job.

5 : Avoid him like the plague.

Any cybernetic options that alter or replace the specified sensory organs (replacing eyes with cyberoptics, for example) will nullify this advantage in regards to that sense. 16 - 20 : Addiction; INT, REF, BODY, or EMP Reduced by 1 CompetentCost : 4 SPsA Competent character rarely screws up.

After your general lifepath, you get to pick a Role-based lifepath. Note that the NPCs who owe these favors must be relatively anonymous (for example, a mid-level executive of Militech might owe you a favor, but not a member of the board of directors). 97 - 00 : Foiled Plan, 01 - 25 : You're Angry 42 - 46 : Riot Section Domineering people are typically disliked by their underlings. Double-JointedCost : 2 SPsThe character's body has more flexibility than average.

The cost for buying off a disadvantage is the point cost times 10. 08 - 14 : Your Lover's Friends Hate You 5 - 7 : The Mafia (primarily Italian) Thriving and prosperous companies are more likely to open new offices, expand their current product lines, and hire new employees. 3 : Beat the son of a bitch to within an inch of his life. Sometimes, contacts are just untrustworthy bastards, and they won't go out of their way to protect the PC.
57 - 60 : Refused Romantic Advances 81 - 84 : Met Through A Common Lover If the medication is not taken, symptoms will manifest within 1d3 hours, giving the character a -4 to all skill rolls. Cyber-AffinityCost : 10 SPsThis rare and extremely valuable advantage grants a character 15 points of Humanity Cost (HC) per Empathy point versus the normal 10.

This will continue while the character is unconscious, as well. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.

A narrator recounts the three Lifepaths of Nomad, Streetkid, and Corpo. 78 - 79 : Sungan Industries (PRS) 97 - 00 : You Did Him A Favor.

This grants an automatic +2 to his Human Perception rolls and +1 to other Empathy-related skills. Professional contacts are masters of their occupations, and could make a comfortable living doing whatever it is they do. The big kahuna. Follow the instructions, and proceed to the appropriate sub-charts. 61 - 77 : Navy, Enlisted 0 : Combat Correspondent, 1 : Administration Yes, we know.

When faced with an opportunity for thievery, the player (or the GM, secretly) must make a Save vs. Below, you will find a sample character, the first made with standard CP2020 rules, and the second with the modifications.

If it becomes an issue of concern, the player must make an Average save versus Cool to resist the impulse to indulge in his compulsion.At -4 points, the compulsion is a serious psychological flaw. This is it. OverconfidenceCost : -4 SPsThe character sees himself as better than he truly is. At -6, the character is an escaped convict, likely to be gunned down on sight by any police that recognize him. This disadvantage can be "bought off" with IPs if psychological counseling is sought by the character. FastCost : 2 SPsQuick characters add 3 points to their effective Run score. 06 - 10 : In Debt (1d10 x 100 Euro - Pay Now, or Pay Later!) However, no matter how highly people think of you, there is always someone willing to put a cold piece of steel between your shoulder blades.

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