chemical composition of transformer oil

The sludge of Naphtha oil does not precipitate in the bottom of the transformer and does not disturb the transformer cooling system. These include 2-furfural-eldehyde (2-FAL), 2-acetylfuran (2-ACF), 2-furoic acid, 5-methyl-2-furfural (5-MEF), 2-furfuryl alcohol (2-FOL) and 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural (5-HMF). In this article, we will focus on the chemical-based techniques for condition monitoring available in the industry. 2. Sample has been one of the problem areas for a very long time. We will look at these standards and guidelines and compare them to the standard procedures and guidelines for mineral oils, pointing out some differences and similarities. Immediate online access to all issues from 2019. 0000008387 00000 n These links are weak and rapidly break under thermal stress, which accounts for the first drop in DP value. I Fofana, J.S. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. If the pipe is 27ft long, what is its volume? 0000000776 00000 n H�d�Mo�0���sL�b�|:G���.H��j^״n�$��V��ہ�V0c�;3ϼ��^Mt�F�̀B��hF 0000012132 00000 n Modern technologies allow to make quality transformer oil from any crude oil. When the additive 2, 6-di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol (ionol) is used in a fraction of monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons isolated from a transformer oil distillate, it retards the processes of resin formation and the increase in tan δ. Different limiting values for neutralization values for different types of oil have been proposed. That is why this oil is also known as Mineral Insulating Oil. Non-mineral fluids like natural esters, synthetic ester and silicone fluids are increasingly used due to their environmental friendliness (ester fluids) and low fire hazard. 7 (1961). The cause of neutralization in transformer oil is due to the aging of oxidation. Chemical Name: TRANSFORMER OIL Synonyms OILN11;Ccris 7179;Einecs 265-156-6;Distillates petoroleum;3146 HYDRAULIC OIL BASE;Transformer Oil (PCB Free);Transformer Oil(Technical);HYDROTREATEDLIGHTNAPHTHENICDISTILLATE;hydrotreated(mild)lightnaphthenicdistillate;hydrotreated(severe)lightnaphthenicdistillate CBNumber: CB4500654 Molecular Formula: where we use this oil apart from Transformer? R. A. Lipshtein and E. N. Shtern, Inzhenerno-fizicheskii Zhurnal, No. Decrease of DP values of PB impregnated with mineral oil and NE (left), and 1/DPt'1/DP0 versus ageing time of PB (right), Figure 6. It has been shown experimentally that the hydrocarbons making up petroleum-derived transformer oils (isoparaffinic, naphthenic, naphthenic-aromatic, and aromatic hydrocarbons) are characterized by very low values of tan δ (within the experimental error) at 50 Hz and temperatures from 20 to 125° C. 2. Under the condition of Baader aging, the chemical composition variation and the effect of transformer oil aging on electrical properties such as dielectric loss factor and physic-chemical properties such as kinematic viscosity were studied during aging. If regularly conducted, oil analysis allows identification of specific fault … It creates an acceptable level of insulation in combination with the insulating materials used in the conductors and coils. 64 24 0000002701 00000 n 2.Oxidation Stability: Oxidation Stability is the chemical reaction due to the combination of lubricating oil and oxygen. The fraction of isolated aromatic hydrocarbon has higher conductivity than the Paraffinic and Naphthenic fraction. Part of Springer Nature. By entering your data in the form provided herein and becoming Consultants Corner Member, you are accepting our Privacy Policy available here, while at the same time allowing us to store and use your personal data that you provided for the purpose of publishing it on our Consultants Corner webpages. 64 0 obj <> endobj Because of the nature of hydrogen and carbon monoxide gas, these two gases are lost first from the sample when sampling is done in an improper manner (gas bubble formation or headspace in sampling container). Moisture is the cause of oxidation stability. 0000003273 00000 n Moisture content of the two insulating fluids at RH 50% and variable temperature, Figure 2. An equilibrium chart is available for mineral oil that indicates the moisture content in paper (%) according to the result acquired by the KFT analysis. Ester fluids have been introduced to the transformer sector and are currently used in distribution transformers, bushings and tap-changers regardless of some limitations, such as higher cost, required protection form oil oxidation, very-low temperature operation, and full clean-up required by most national and regulatory bodies in case of a spill.

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