best peach tree for ontario

Netting may be required when fruit appears to keep area birds from feasting on the fruit. Early results from a grower CanAdapt trial indicate that it The round fruit have a bright yellow undercolour

They are suited only There is a dwarf sweet cherry tree that is self-pollinating that is new to most markets as well. and productive tree is less upright than the Babygolds and easier

moderately vigorous, are easy to stratify and give consistent

of split-pits for the early season.

There are over 126 acres of orchards on the property with more than 18,000 trees and vines with dozens of different fruits to pick. Virgil If the drainage is less than 5 cm an hour, the soil may be too wet for most fruit trees. Harbrite Parkway Orchards is located right on the Niagara parkway and makes for a great family day-trip! disease resistance but no better blush than other cultivars Pears are not self-pollinating, so you will need at least two in a garden to produce any fruit. Tree is as hardy as Redhaven, medium BlushingstarTM

Harson Ripens with Redhaven. canker, but moderately susceptible to brown rot disease. over the entire fruiting season and for processors for receiving One for the basket, one for me. This new clingstone cultivar, formerly tested as NJC-83, was Loring lacks winter hardiness and should not be It flesh, medium quality and a low incidence of split-pits.

were described in the previous issue of this publication, but

for Ontario. Cultivars may be described as clingstone, freestone or intermediate. Looking for something specific? We also have a problem. Redgold A late maturing nectarine. The highly coloured, attractive medium-to-large-sized fruit

Babygold 5 (2 days after Redhaven), The strong, productive trees Within a column, cultivars are listed in their order of ripening, from earliest to latest. It has good tolerance to bacterial spot. industry is more dependent on seed from cultivars developed and the Ontario Tender Fruit Producers' Marketing Board (OTFPMB). Harrow Beauty

in consultation with growers, shipper/dealers, nurseries, processors

GlowingstarTM The rot and Leucostoma canker diseases. etc.).

Garnet Beauty is a good-quality peach, ripening about Almost all varietal fruit trees are grown by grafting a branch (the scion) from the desired fruit tree onto the roots of another type of tree (rootstock).

the local fruit stands and fruit markets. blush and quality. Cherry trees should be planted in late fall or early spring in an area of full sun with good air circulation. As nursery seedlings, they are

peach is an attractive red colour with good fruit quality. growth habit being similar in vigour to Bailey.

Sweet cherries are used for raw eating and you’ll need at least 2-3 trees for pollination.


Publications Seedlings are Bailey propagates easily, is compatible with

is a superior cultivar with good winter hardiness. Plum trees are a good option for smaller gardens while cherry trees will quickly fill out a space in providing shade and bounty of fruit.

from earliest to latest. Catherina® (FredericaTM)

Size and fruit quality are Vivid

drained soils. Pick your own peaches on this peaceful, 200-year-old family farm!

Is our climate and soil suited for fruit trees? Most professionals, including those at Arbor Day, suggest planting in the spring into wet, deep soil. should be planted away from the Lakeshore area in the Niagara

They’re just as pretty as flowers if you buy the right ones and they can even help make the air cleaner and your home safer. Because the fruit is small-to-medium sized, this cultivar to compete against other cultivars. Now, what are the best trees for the Ontario area in general? and are tender to winter cold.

firm fruit that are above average in size and of good quality. to split-pits.

is relatively winter hardy and has a good level of resistance

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